Friday, June 29, 2012


to me, every hour of the day and night is an unspeakably perfect miracle.

-walt whitman

Last night, the four of us were in Hudson's room watching Charlotte's Web. Our babies stay up late. Something I said I'd never allow for. It's a terrible habit we've allowed during these long summer days. Hudson has always liked to wind down by watching a movie. Something I said I'd never allow for. He snuggles into my lap, and will switch back and forth between JR and I. An image came up of Charlotte spinning her web - and Hudson quietly said,"It's a miracle."

I asked JR if he had just heard that, and he nodded yes. He's never said that word - much less, had an association with it. My eyes welled up. They see miracles where we don't. We protect them from spiders and webs, so they don't have to see the fear in them. We protect them, in life, until they are ready to face webs and such on their own. They see miracles where we fail to do so - out of fear, distraction, laziness, and so on. My two year old gave me an unexpected look at my faith. Little does he know what a miracle, his tiny heart is...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

all because...

Two people fell in love. No, for real. I'm a sap. Puppies, rainbows, babies, love stories, and babies. I fall for those previously listed things, in particular. I've recently been blessed with the opportunity to photograph friends, and friends of friends, and so's a treat, really. I am SO thankful to get behind the camera and capture some really, really unbelievably neat people on camera. 'Tis true, that every photograph has its story. That's why I love it so.

Oh, and I have lots of favorites. Of all sorts of things. So, if we are ever having coffee or eating fried chicken together, and I tell you that 'such and such' is my favorite...keep in mind that it could be one of 77 favorites. Nonetheless, a favorite. So, what I show you next is a favorite morning in my journey into photography.

This family chose to be photographed, in a town I love dearly.  It is where my husband grew up, and its a special place. Surreal. Its happy, green, and full of Jesus. That's where I came to know Him, actually. Another day, another story.

This photograph shows each couple and their years of marriage. This photograph is 199.5 years of marriage combined. It gives me goosebumps when I see them all compiled. In fact, while editing, it made me think of how my grandchildren and great-grands will one day think of JR and I. May we ever grow a family like this...

Friday, June 15, 2012

such a tease

I left and then came back, and then left again. You probably haven't been teased like that since college. If you're still in college, then you're likely way too cool for this blog. There is envy in my words, too - if you are indeed in your college daze.

Don't fault me for missing the boundless freedom that exists only within those fast and furious years post-high school. I remember my Dad telling me shortly before my departure for OU, that the best days of my life were ahead of me. Like all things my parents told me, I believed it to be hog wash.

He was right. So right. I attended a few social gatherings :) that's what I told my parents they were. Gatherings. When they saw my grades, I had to renegotiate the word 'gatherings'. My cover was blown.

I loved college. Seriously. This is a ramble. You must have left by now. Don't leave. I promise good things.

Things are changing in my tiny 'ol space on the internets. Please, join me.

Oh, and I missed you. I did. I said it.

           {this is me, on my college football field, with small children running around me - one of them pictured is a child of mine - totally normal picture}

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

and...I'm back. Please, contain all that excitement.

I was asked a couple of times during my self-imposed blogging hiatus, if it was because we were just 'too busy' that I stopped. Yes, but yes and no. I got quite lazy. It's not that I didn't miss the sound of the keyboard and such, but what little time I have left in the day for me - tends to end with me watching my murder mysteries. That's totally embarrassing to admit, but honest nonetheless.

Confession above, I can tell you that there are things in our life that are for certain:

That my Bear and my Cupcake have grown. Immensely. He now a full TWO years old. He's a sweet little muffin. Still a lover of 'lammy', his bff - and his 'bopper' the pacifier that we've finally started to wean him of. We didn't even know the mouth full of humongous toofies he was hiding in there....and that smile. Oh, that smile. It's rare to catch him with a big grin, but when you get it, it's quite possibly as pretty as sunshine. He's a handsome little soul. There are favorites of his - his grandparents and Daddy, take precedence over just about everyone but Lammy. It is an adoration worth sitting back and watching. Babies can love completely uninhibited, and his big heart sure knows how.

Cupcake is a week away from her very first birthday. There are days I'm still in disbelief that she is mine. It may have something to do with the silliness that I always 'knew' I'd have three boys. I don't. We were blessed with her tiny little self. So generous, joyous, gorgeous, and feisty. All girl, she is. Every morning, when I get her from bed she squeezes my neck as hard as she possibly can and hugs me until one of us eventually has to let go. She loves her momma something fierce, and the love I have for her and for what she's brought to our family is totally and absolutely inexplicable.

There are days when I have to laugh out loud, because I'll catch myself telling someone that 'I've finally got it!'. That I've mastered motherhood. Oh, the LIES. I do believe it sometimes, that I at last got the hang of it. Quickly though, I am humbled when Cupcake has a new 'thing' where when you change a dirty diaper she tries to snatch it and throw it before you've even cleaned her up. Seriously. Or, when the two year old fits seem like they last all day - or sometimes even for an entire week. I find myself in prayer often, hoping to make it thru nap time or that I get dinner on the table before 9pm. I've learned in my journey of having two babies of the ages of two and under - that motherhood has mastered me. It will on certain days, swallow me whole, but on most - it is a swell in my heart so full and overwhelming that above all...I know of the utmost certainty that I am blessed in ways I know, I do not deserve. That I was given the babies to be mine, and to have the responsibility of showing them the good, preparing them for the bad, and protecting their innocence for as long as is possible, is the greatest honor there ever was.

My favorite time of year is shortly upon us, and with mine and Bear's birthday's behind us - we now begin the celebrations of Belle, JR, and of course the holidays. I go a bit overboard with pumpkin spice syrup in my coffee, we play tirelessly outside, and I plan on a new recipe 3-4 nights a week. These are a few of the things that dominate our 'fall'. I started and took Hudson out of a mother's day out program. A wonderful one, actually. It seems though, that neither of us was quite ready to be away from the other. I missed him. He cried for me. We were just a mess. So, we wait until next year. By far, my hardest 'parenting' moment thus far.


After a much needed blogging break, I happily invite you back into our home as we enter the very best time of year. I must go for the day, as I have grocery shopping {ugh} and Pinterest :) to do. Happy Wednesday, friend.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

in preparation

there is no such thing as too early, for them to know. for my babies to know that Jesus died on the cross for them. he loves them more than they can understand. i'm preparing a few crafts for Hudson to do this year. projects that reflect the reason why we celebrate Easter. He is the Reason.

this is the jellybean cross activity. my preparation of it.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

life via the iPhone

If it weren't for iPhone evidence that we're alive and well, then you'd think we ran off to Miami and never returned :) not true, well atleast not yet!

Here is proof we've just been busy and busy and even a little more busy than that.

Monday, February 21, 2011

giveaway winner!

The winner of the Opolis Clothing Giveaway is...............

Danielle L of The L Family!

She said: I'd love a sooners shirt for my little guy. super cute.

Danielle, please email me {natalie(dot)pettijohn(at)gmail(dot)com} your choice of shirt for you, choice of shirt for your baby boy, and your address please :)