Wednesday, June 30, 2010

i'm a fan

Anything that has fast and FREE shipping, I'm a huge fan of. Zappos in particular is a favorite of mine - their service is a 10 and as we approach the walking days for Hudson, they had the best selection of wear for those fat Bear feet of his. I ordered him these two pair to start off our summer, and to say that I'm excited to squish those chubby toes into some shoes that look just like Daddy's would be a bold faced understatement.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

for me.

these two are mine. and i'm dang proud to be theirs.

Monday, June 28, 2010

in the meantime...we dance

...we are in anticipation of meeting our TinkerBelle and spend most of our days at the pool and playing outside, but in the meantime we find time to dance.

{we were watching Glee, and 'single ladies' came on, and the boy broke it down - long before I could run and grab the camera, but this snippet nonetheless made us laugh for days and you can even witness his mooching for ice}

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

'IT'S A ________'


We are thrilled beyond words I can type, read, think, or say that we are adding a baby girl to our family. I've long delayed the announcement due to not having nailed down her name but alas, she, our daughter, is...

{we made it official when picking out paint colors for her nursery}

So without further wait, we would like to 'introduce' you to our angel baby,
Belle Monroe Pettijohn

Our Belle Monroe ♥

Monday, June 07, 2010

first this - and then an announcement...

My blog feels like a perpetual announcement. Thus, so does my life ♥

I know all you're really waiting for is for me to tell you that we're having a _______!!!!!!! and this is _______ name!!!!

First, I must fill you in on a few happenings surrounding our reveal. A month ago we made a Pitt stop, and let these two babes reunite after some long lost time.

Those leg rolls are dang cute, and is quite similar to how I feel when I look down these days. Sigh.

After a couple of days with our beloved Braly's, we headed down to Miami for a week for our very first family vacation {alone} and our very last as a family of three.

We did this all in the middle of moving. Yes, yes. We moved again. However, this is a permanent stay and one we are over the moon about.

Back in my college town, this is a dream come true for me especially - in our dream home, with my Sooner baby (ies) and all the memories that come with being back in the land of crimson and cream :) truly, one of my favorite places on earth.

After being moved quite frantically to PA last year, in the middle of building what we thought was our dream home in TX - I can now look back knowing this was all very much out of our hands because in the end if I had been patient enough to see {which I was very much not}, He was bringing us back home right where we wanted to be - under even better circumstances.

I don't know that I have a patient bone in my body, and with that I struggle. Everyday though, I wake up pinching myself that we are moved in and busy everyday decorating, yard workin', grilling, and only five minutes from our friends, and The Mont.

Pictures of our house, to come soon - are you still my friend for making you wait to find out who Pettijohn #4 is?

okay, okay. that's next ♥