Thursday, July 31, 2008


We ask that you please keep JR's family in your thoughts and prayers, as his NaNa is in the hospital after a bad fall, and surgery for a broken hip. This is a lengthy and painful recovery, but fortunately she has been blessed to have round-the-clock care from so many of her children and grand-children...please pray for them too as they stay by her side, as she recovers--they need the strength as well.

thank you, thank you.



Wednesday, July 30, 2008

my practice

thank you

I have to give Sarah, a "blog shout out", for giving me tips for my Photoshop and graphics!! She alwaysss has the cutest stuff on hers, and so THANK YOU for helping me out! Now I can't stop playing!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

sweet sweet norman

Last Friday I got the chance to meet Julie in Norman! Any chance I get to see her, I take! We spent our time up there talking about the "glory days", driving by our old places, and feeling old! We just like to let loooooose!

We stayed at her parent's house, and her mom indulged us with fresh fruit in the morning and then we lunched at Ted's!!! My husband was super super jealous! He may love Ted's as much as he does me :) I understand, it is that good...

I think we almost cried when we were saying goodbye. We are kindred spirits, and I love her love her, and soon we will live closer when she moves back to Norman! yay!!!

Here's to Norman, and the glory days!

another past due

Last Thursday was Rachel's birthday, Alex's girlfriend! Here is a snapshot at Cafe Izmir!

Monday, July 28, 2008

way way behind

I apologize for my delay in posting, especially this one.

Friday was Nancy's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a wonderful mom and ma-in-law!

Why we love her:

1) She can throw down some home-cookin' like no one can! Homemade anything! She can do it...I'm envious to the millionth degree. We have our own Paula Deen.

2) Within 3 years of knowing her, she's accomplished much in the world of communications---texting and emailing! I still need to teach her how to comment on the blog :)

3) She is there for us, no matter what.

4) Her flowers always look pretty and alive. Mine, never.

5) She makes me country-style ribs. That is love.

6) JR is her baby, always and forever. She shares with me now...I am grateful.

7) She taught my husband to be clean and orderly. For this I am eternally thankful, for I am a true slob. For this my husband, frets.

8) Her spontaneity is one to admire. It makes it really fun to be around her...

9) Her cooking. Did I say that?

10) Because she is husband's mother, and my ma-in-law.

Happy Birthday Nancy, we love you, love you.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

do the shuffle

I've decided to downsize. It was time.

My pink iPod of two years long, has a)gone missing--b/c my husband organizes things and then I don't know where they are, so instead of searching, I just go buy a new one b)it's too big for my always consistent and extreme levels of exercise that I do c)b is partially a lie, I'll let you figure out which part.

It was time to upgrade my iPod. It's been weighing heavy on my mind, as I make decisons very slowly...let me start out by saying that I am "old-fashioned" and Apple just hasn't swayed me over to the white side. It's all so clean, and simple, so they say. Simple, whateverrrrr. I'm not ashamed to say that all things Apple confuse me, and I'm lazy, and I stick to what I know.

The iPod however is fool-proof. Even I can manage. This past week though they came out with the mega iPhone or something insane like that, there were lines. Lines, people. For days. What??? Not to mention I am a die-hard Blackberry fan, only recently realizing that I can't type for the life of me on the beloved iPhone.

So, I walk into the Apple store and it's buzzing with Apple go'ers---I feel lost and confused and make a bee-line to what I know, the iPod's. I want to make it over there quickly before they realize I'm not one of them.

Alas, I find the teeniest-tiniest cutest sweetest little iPod in silver nonetheless, and I ask an orange-shirted Apple'r and she gives me the look and quickly brings me back my treasured new piece of technology. As I'm walking to the register, she stops me and says that'll be $53.05 and I respond with, "Uh, yeah I'm going to pay over there", no no. She whips out this device, asks for my card and I pay her. Genius, really. That's how they avoid lines at the register, just pay one of the Apple'rs. I'm overwhelmed at this point.

I make it outside, and a guy stops and asks me with unusual excitement if I got MY phone. He just assumed that's what I was there for. I said the wrong thing clearly, by telling him I actually am a BB user, and that I was only there for the pod. He called me a traitor. Yes, yes he did.

Judging me, he then looks down at my feet (I'm wearing my cute OU polka-dot flops) and calls me again a traitor, pointing so stupidly to his hat that bears a giant longhorn. yuckkkk.

I chuckled, and said, Boomer Sooner. Enjoy your iPhone, you dirty Longhorn you.


the home land

I come from the beautiful land of Argentina. You wouldn't necessarily know, because my past bleach blonde 'do doesn't necessarily scream out Buenos Aires. Fortunately for you, my new darkness will help you more easily associate me with my people.

Anytime, I or my family come across an Argentine it's instant gratification. Much like when JR runs into a fellow Okie and exchange stories of.....what could possibly have brought you here away from the most fabulous and glorious state in all of land...that's my take on their love of Norman, need not be discussed.

We've found 99% of all Argentine restaurants, seen most of the Argentine movies played at the Angelica so when we meet a fellow A, it's very exciting.

So my Dallas Find! An Argentinean couple met and married here, and long story short, have opened a company called Estilo Argento. They import all of their product from Argentina, and they seem to have kept things very rustic (which JR and I love) and very Argentine. duh.

A few pieces I have my eye on:

Monday, July 21, 2008

night blogger

I never blog at night. I just don't. My creative juices don't flow until my morning cup o' joe. This however, is night blogger worthy. I share...

We went out tonight for a few and some din din with the Ayres', nothing fancy. Watched a little evening news, and lights out by 10:15, the norm. At around 11:30, per my internal clock, I wake up feeling toasty and warm. Not a good feeling when it's July in Texas. In my absolute slumber/sleep I make my way to JR's trusty Oklahoma tornadic-style wind tunnel/fan we sleep with every night and realize it's not on. (Which means one of two things---a)my husband has been kidnapped or the fan ran away, due to excessive use) Still not putting two and two together, I make my way to the kitchen, eyes closed, to get a fresh drink of water.

I find a glass, eyes closed, and open the fridge to get the filtered water. After aiming, or not, I pour ice cold water all over my feet, which in turn wakes me from my precious slumber and I realize there is no light coming from the fridge. I flip on every light switch I can make it to, and yeahhhhh no power. WHAT?!?!??!?????? My heart starts beating faster, the walls are caving in, and I'm HOT. HOT. HOT. JR somehow, stays sort of asleep/grumbling nonsense to me in loud voices.

I see mom called, and when I call her back she tells me the same, that they too are in the dark and that dad's home poker game has been called off due to lack of light. Poor dad :) Second night in a row his beloved has been cut short......sorry dad! ha!

I walk outside, still numb from my rude awakening thinking/not thinking that anyone would be like me and go outside in the very minimal clothing I have on. My t-shirt only goes so far.....make my way out, start dialing TXU to leave an angry residential outburst and neighbors and more. Neat, hey. I'm not wearing much. So neat. So embarrassing. What do I do? run? I "turtle" into my shirt, trying to hide the fact that I came out in public in a t-shirt and we start to hear the utility workers outside, ugh. LIGHT. ahhhhhhhh. a/c. my husband grumbling nonsense in loud voices.

See why this post was night-blogger worthy? Insane. Texas in July. no a/c. Thanks, TXU. Really, thanksss.

-disgruntled overcharged resident :)

oh the joy

monogramming fills my heart with pure unsolicited joy and glee. really.

i'm on to this little i really need it....i already have my phenomenal monogrammed waffle spa robe, but i think this a must.

so cute towel wrap! love, love. the colors are perfect tooo! my initials would make it even that much more perfect. yessssss.

i have a problem.

the darkness

It was time for a change-------------------------------
Not quite dark enough, so I'm going back on Wednesday for some more color but you get the idea :) I'm never one to shy away from the coloring of the hairrrrrr!

p.s. nor am I a fan of the self-portrait but I had to, please forgive.


We had another PNB (the now shortened version of Pettijohn-Neaves-Brock, we hang out too much to always have to spell it out) day this weekend! Sunday Funday!

The Brock's invited us all over again for a pool party! We are alwaysss down for a pool party! It most definately is our turn next, to host :) This time we did a BYOM (copied you Lu) M=meat! The Neaves' did chicken (duh, Lu loves her chicken) and hot dogs, the Brock's did chicken and steak, and JR made us his fabulous burgers, bratwurst and roasted corn! yummmm!

Lauren topped it off with homemade chocolate chip cookies!! I'm starting to realize our gatherings are centered around food....hmmm. We spent the rest of the afternoon laying out (me) and in the pool! Sunday Funday, folks!

news worthy

My birthday: 10 days!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

brock wing stop

Chef's Clint and Lauren Brock, delighted us with some homemade chicken wings and homemade fries! ummmmm, amazing. It was a Brock-Neaves-Pettijohn night, and we got to see the Brock's new apt that is so lovely and spacious! We envy their big closets and big bathrooms :)

They even had a spread of three different kinds! No joke! Garlic Parmesan, BBQ Sauce with Honey, and a spicier version of the previous...we ended up with 2 left. When JR and I finished, our plates looked like we had devoured an entire chicken. We all looked like carnivores eating.

A few pics to show off Brock Family Dining!

Lu, you don't like raw chicken???

Inhaling Clint's famous can't eat just one.

see?????!!!!! This may have been our 3rd bowl.

homemade, people. homemade.

We brought Society Bakery cupcakes for dessert! Perfect way to end the night! Thank you Brock's for having us all over! What a treat! It was so yummmmm.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


very imporant notice:

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


the mirror face, there ya go

family to us

the lovebirds

my peonies, had to have it. and my grandmother's hankie.

their baby boy

alex in charge of the bling----eek
mom hand tied each ribbon
a sneak kiss from daddy
a moment alone

thank you carole, it was incredible

today I become your aunt


related, nooooooo

no need for words

a fairytale

good-looking family :)

OU, baby

an angel

wow, this is for real

emma, for you.

emma, i will forever be there to give you a helping hand.
your aunt nat
there are no words to say how much we love you both

she is our princess, our niece


my big boy, a giver of hugs

a love to admire, it's unbreakable--i am so lucky