Tuesday, December 30, 2008

how awesome

In my post below I mention one of the awesome gifts given to us by JR's mom...a handwoven basket from Bolgatanga, a town in Ghana.

I found a website that supplies these, Basket Africa, in case any of you were interested in one of these beautiful baskets.

Per the website: "Proceeds from the sale of our baskets help to provide healthcare, school fees, and community buildings for the weavers and their children."

They truly are a work of art, and like anything handmade, I LOVE it!! We've already used ours and I think it will be perfect to go to the Farmer's Market in the Spring!! How awesome that by purchasing one, we help others! I encourage you to check them out...


A random posting of updates from The Pettijohn Household:

Husband vetoed this bed, because of the buttons:

so I compromised with this, the same version minus the buttons:

*I may still make a last push for the buttons at a later date

Christmas was lovely and perfect this year. Our first as married's. I got truly spoiled by my husband and we were ever so thankful to enjoy a very sweet Christmas, just the two of us.

The big family Christmas in OK was excellent and topped off with a whole lot of food, just how I like to enjoy my holidays...

a very neat gift we all got from Nancy and Ronnie, were some handwoven baskets made in Africa. They are beautiful and there is a story to them, but I can't quite remember it---either way they are special and quite a work of art. So, I'm on some website yesterday, and LOOK who has our very same baskets!!!!!

Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhall! wowsers! way to go ma-in-law!

We had plans of going to the Christmas Eve service at The Village, and after a warning from the Brock's to get there early...we showed up 10 mins early and it had already been filled up for 30 mins...boo. Next year, we may just camp out. Tents and all. YAY though, for finding a church we really really like very close to our new house!! How awesome!!!

My family is here, right now:

Punta del Este, Uruguay...I have never missed a NYE with my family, this will be my first, and JR and I both, are sad to miss the annual trip. Next year, for SURE though! They are having a wonderful time, and I'm jealous of all the fresh fruit, good food, and beautiful beach we are missing out on :(

We do have a big YAY though! We're getting to spend NYE with The Brock's and The Neaves'!! The festivities begin with dinner at Taverna!!

I absolutely cannot believe 2008 is coming to an end, tomorrow. What a year it has been for us, and we are both so so excited to see what 2009 has in store for us!! We'll start first with building our first home!! hoooooooray :)

On to the New Year......wishing you all a spectacular, fabulous, and joyous 2009!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


The house won't be ready, much less started on, for some time. That gives me though, a few months to start "planning" my decorating...

I just ordered 10 fabric swatches from Ballard Designs, because I have visions of this headboard for our master.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I have 40% of my Christmas shopping done. I'm running on percentages at this point.

My stress level is at 76%, last I checked.

All of the wrapping paper I bought is green. I think I have a problem with green this year...so weird.

I feel like typing large, to make a more impactful post.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Eventful news lacking at The Pettijohns, other than the fact that we've managed to keep our house completely spotless the last 3 days because it has been shown every single day since it was put on the market!! I'm proud of us :)

In needing a good post, I figured I'd post some random facts you may not know about yours truly...and I now encourage you to do the same.

1) Growing up I thought I'd be a jet-setting, NYC bound, high-rise living, lawyer with blonde hair and a limo driver :) yeah, really. Instead, I have trouble leaving my Ok-Tx bubble, half my heart lives at The Farm, we're building a house in the sticks, 5 minutes from the lake. I wouldn't have it any other way.

2) I love music so much, and could not be more musically challenged. If I'm driving somewhere and listening to a song I like (song du jour), I'll purposely take the long way to said destination, just so I can play that song again. Over and over and over...

3) I would rather listen to music on a road trip than talk. My husband on the other hand is the opposite...and I listen to it loud, very loud. Usually to drown out my beautiful voice...

4) There is not a day I don't shave my legs---if I miss a day I feel truly guilty, how weird is that?

5) I'm not full of fears and phobias, thank goodness. Although, I do have one insatiable fear of which I just cannot reveal "publicly". It paralyzes me, and no--it's not snakes, heights, or spiders (I do actually fear spiders but this is worse), and it's likely one, you thankfully will never guess. A tiny handful of you know it, and I plan on keeping it that way :)

Your turn!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

the 'burbs

Today is the day-------eek. Our beautiful condo is up for sale! wow!


PLEASE help me in welcoming some of our very very dearest and best, to blog world!!

Stop by and say hi, here!!

YAY, Blake and Jenn!!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

snail mail

The very BEST kind of mail comes right to your mailbox....emails are fun, text msgs---even quicker!! There is nothing though, like getting a letter or card in the mail.

The holiday's are my favorite especially because of the "extra" mail you get this time of year!! I found these wonderful letterboxes at Marye-Kelley, and thought I'd share.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

the beginnings

Here's a look at the color scheme we've chosen for the interior of our future HOME!

A mid-toned rustic cabinet with dark accents, 5" dark espresso brown hardwoods, and a light grainy granite----add to it, stainless appliances and brushed nickel fixtures!!!

The kitchen is the highlight of this house, so I fret daily about the color combos, etc...

Tomorrow the realtors are coming to take pictures of our condo :( I am a little sad...it's our first "home" together...eager though to have a HOUSE!!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

to do, to do

I have an ENDLESS list of things to-do before Christmas!! ahhhhh!!

1) I have done NONE of our Christmas shopping, NONE.

2) Our condo is about to go on the market, so they have to come take pics---which means it must look spotless at all times....eeeek.

3) We STILL haven't had a chance to put up our Christmas decorations (we are doing that tonight, yay)

So, it's only 3 things! ha! all very time consuming though! We're hoping to knock much of it out this weekend....

Doesn't it always seem to get SUPER busy this time of year?!?!

Monday, December 01, 2008

sneak peek

Can you guess what this is?? Another new treat over at Homemade & Handpainted!!


oh-so-cute picture of ma and pa in-law from our OK Thanksgiving

new york, new york

Some of our NYC snapshots! We are home safe and sound from a TRULY WONDERFUL family Thanksgiving trip! These are in no particular order, as Blogger jumbles them---grr.

Beautiful, grand church in Harlem---they even bless animals here. Next time I'm bringing the boys...

The dinosaur exhibit at The American Museum of Natural History, my must-stop!

amazing to see
Dad surprised us with another limo ride after a trip up to The Empire State Building! We were blaring some Beyonce!! Love mom in this pic! Apparently she's a fan :)
The lights and glory of Times Square

The Pettijohns :)

My favorite picture, I think...the view of Saks from Rockefeller Center

Alex and Rachel, the architects :) Great pic!
Snowflakes coordinated to Christmas music, divine.

Max, Nat, and JR--Thanksgiving dinner at The Helmsley Park Place

Husband outside of Carnegie Hall

Thank you so much mom and dad for the SPECIAL trip, yet again! We had so much fun, and it is always a blessing to get family time like that! Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving!


Dreary looking I know, middle of fall/winter does nothing for OUR LOT!!! Yep! That's our lot! and OUR, SOLD sign! You can kind of see the greenbelt in the background! No one can ever build behind us! yesssss!

Obviously, not our home...but it is the layout and model of the one we are having built! minus the pink brick--ew, and we chose a bigger stone! ohhh yeahhh!