Monday, November 15, 2010

giving thanks

It's so easy to pass the days and not once stop to be thankful--although, Thanksgiving is the 'assigned' day to appreciate and be grateful for that which we have been given, when I shut my big mouth full of gripes, complaints, and naughty words long enough and get a smile from my babies or a hug from family and friends...I am thankful.

Thankful for those around me that make this life so worth living. Thankful, just really really really thankful that I'm surrounded by some of the very best people. Some new, some old, some states away, some only weeks old--but all such a huge part of our life.

so many more thanks to come.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

the lion, the brunette, and the baby

I fully believe now that what 'everyone' says about the holidays being more fun when you have babies is the truth. They speak no lies.

This year, our babies had a full entourage of grandparents, strollers, and a very excited set of parents to share in this candy filled day.

We may have had too many with us, when a few of the houses we stopped at commented on our large numbers. They were then briefed on the fact that this was Bear's first Halloween to actually 'trick or treat'. If you'll recall, this was our Bear on this day last year--the cute is overwhelming.

This year, Bear was a lion. Our lion Bear.

He didn't fully understand the concept of course, but at just shy of 15 months, he made it down four streets before we called it a night and headed back to our camp.

We bjorn'd our Belle and she was pre-partied so hard, that she slept the whole trick or treat'ing way.

In all honesty, Hudson had way more fun greeting fellow costumed children at our house than he did getting the goods at theirs...he's social like that. Really, he is.

Worry not about what we handed candy out of, nor that Hudson's custom was a whole size too small, or that I disguised myself as a brunette :) --we all had so much fun celebrating our first Halloween with Belle Monroe and our second with Bear.