Thursday, November 30, 2006

All credit to Ashlee-One holiday later!

The way Ashlee does her pictures is she waits for the next , you know, "Big" holiday to post the ones from the previous "Big" holiday. That way I guess she's always giving you something to look forward to?! Um, sure......haha! Kidding, Ash! Still funny though----

So, I've decided to post some of Ashlee's pics from our Halloween Escapade in Dallas, b/c there were some neat ones that I didn't have!

The lovey-we-just-got-our-first-tree couple! (I'm just as excited about ours, can't make fun of others, te-he!)

JR looks like he's a part of the crew for the Haunted Houses with this creepy face he's sportin'! (I'm gonna get in trouble for this one)

Group shot :)

You see, Scott still looks composed in this one, it was before the tragic fall...just sit's coming----->

I couldn't help myself--small disclaimer: had he have really gotten hurt I would not be posting these--but since he didn't--Scott, I love you! You'll get me back one day! Here I'll post a pic of my latest and greatest fall to make you feel better---->

Lovely pic of the primos (cousins in Spanish)

Isn't he precious?? Haunted Houses make JR very excited!

We love you and we miss you Miss In-love! Wait! I'm in love too! Can that be nickname too?!

Here's us all creepin'! Weirdos!

In front of our very first house together! Awwww, I love you JR! Woo-hoo!

You can clearly see the progression of the night--how much I strongly dislike being scared. My eye makeup smeared, scared out of my mind.

The brothers and Brandon!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

In response to Joe...

**Read Joe's comment on the last post before you read this**

Dear Joe,

Please do not impose the "oops-got-a-pet-here-comes-baby" thing on us!! HAHAHAHA, we laughed so hard when we read that. Well, I did atleast...not sure that JR did. He may have let out a small chuckle/sigh. If the pet thing works out for us like it did for you and Kourtney, we may have to take one back, just in case. Ha! You know--precautionary measures.


JR & Nat

In honor of Christmas and missing family I thought I'd post JR and I's favorite picture of the Victery's. It's one that's up in our house!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Naughty Boys!

So, I've been slacking here lately. I know, I know! As everyone already knows, we got two new babies in the house! Introducing...drumroll...SAM & CHARLIE!!!

They are an early Christmas present! Let me just say, how much easier it is to have 2 instead of 1. All they do is play, play, play! They are some naughty boys with two very different personalities. Charlie, the mama's boy of the two is so sweet and loving, and constantly demands attention. Where you go, he will usually follow. Sam, on the other hand is our Mr. Independent, and only wants to be loved when he's ready! It's so neat to have them both be so different. They were raised in a kennel for basically their 4 months of life, so everything is new to them. It's fun to watch them discover the ceiling fan (which they think they can somehow get to), Sam has found that the toilet has water in it (therefore bypassing his water bowl), and ohhhh the Christmas tree. Nancy had the clever idea of probably anchoring it down, because our boys love them some tree!! haha!

This is them watching me while I mop!
Charlie sleeping on his mama!

Okay, so now backtrack a little to Thanksgiving! We had one T-giving at the farm with the whole fam and lots of food! We had a great weekend up there, and I had some time to play around with the babies!

Gosh, how much cuter can they be???!

Now, here's my baby with our sweet puppy! Okie loves, loves the 4-wheeler and will go anywhere with JR!

Our other Thanksgiving was one of the most amazing things that anyone has ever done for me or my family. Lauren, Ricardo and Carole surprised us Wednesday night with the complete Thanksgiving meal--Lauren's first turkey, dressing, gravy, mashed pots, sweet pots, apple pie, pumpkin pie, green beans...I'm even probably forgetting something. They made all of this food for us so that we could celebrate Thanksgiving since our trip to New York got cancelled. You honestly don't find friends like that everyday, or ever for that matter. We are still so in shock by everything they did, and it meant so much to me to be able to celebrate the holidays with my family, and with a sense of normalcy and peace that we needed so much. They are so much more like family to us than friends, and there aren't words to express how much they mean to us and how much we love them.

Okay, no more sappy stuff...after they surprised us with the food for Thanksgiving the next day we all went out to dinner at Grotto, a really neat Italian restaurant. We spent almost two hours there, just laughing at old memories, some of which include horribly embarrasing moments of mine that Lauren and Ricardo love to mention! It was such a fun, neat night spent with family and friends! Just how Thanksgiving should be!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Our First Christmas

JR surprised me today with our very first tree!! I've had kind of a down week, and he knew this would help cheer me up! We spent the night with our Christmas CD's playing, in our sweats, drinking hot chocolate, candles lit, decorating our enormous and beautiful tree. It has been so special to enjoy this time of year together, and we just keep looking at each other and saying, "Wow! We have a Christmas tree together!" Haha, we still laugh sometimes! I hope you all like what we've done, because we LOVE it! Merry early Christmas!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

We have fans!

There is no slacking when it comes to the world of "blogging". Atleast, not for JR and I! If I do not update on a consistent basis, Lauren and Ashlee never fail to remind me of my laziness. Lauren will start on Monday, and Ashlee will usually start in around here's Wednesday! haha!
I must start out this post by telling all about the most ridiculous cooking experience of my life. JR and I wanted to finally make the pork chops that we'd had in the freezer for awhile, and we decided that fried potatoes would go lovely along with some corn. Sounds fantastic right? No. It wasn't. My first problem was that I cut up potatoes for about 746 people. Second, I didn't let the grease get hot enough. When I told my mom about this devastating night, she asked me, "Now did you heat up the grease then drop one in to see if it was ready?". That is verbatim what Nancy asked me the very first time I made fried potatoes (or as I call them, little slices of fried heaven) When JR finally got tired of waiting for them to cook, we set them out and he said, "Um, they smell kind of starchy!" Well, YEAH! Okay, so now on to the pork chops that turned out like leathery patches of meat sprinkled with cinnamon sugar because JR accidentally grabbed the wrong spice. So, there you all go. That was probably somewhat boring to you, but I feel better now that I've gotten that out. I whole-heartedly disgraced Nancy's fried potatoes. It happens, I know. Oh, okay so that's not quite it! The corn! Remember the corn?? Well, it was one of those bagged corns, and I overcooked those, and they shrunk up into little tiny shriveled corn nuggets. JR's patience was done after hour 2 of our cooking night, that he ate waffles, and I ate a handful of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. The End.

In honor of Thanksgiving I will post some of the things I am thankful for. Some funny, some nice. I want you all to comment on what you all are thankful for. Then I'll add to the next post!! Do it! It will be fun to see what we all say.

1. My family, they are my heroes.
2. JR. He is my whole heart.
3. That it's raining and cold right now. I can finally breathe some Fall air.
4. The combination of mine and JR's family and friends. We've all made such a neat connection, that I think only happens when it's just right.
5. The babies. There's not a day that goes by that we don't miss their tiny hugs and kisses.
6. Life.

Please "comment" on anything you are thankful for. I would love to repost with everyone's included. I can't wait to come up this weekend for the Thanksgiving Farm Feast and hope you all have a great week!

JR and Nat

Monday, November 06, 2006

It must be fate...

Who would have ever thought that a little girl from Texas and a handsome boy from Oklahoma would one day fall in love?? and then live happily ever be continued...

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Okay babe, here are the pics...

JR is in OK right now and he wanted me to post some pics since he's not here today to see them. If it wasn't for him I prob wouldn't have put them up just yet! Oh my.
FYI, the flash helps hide them some, so when I take them without flash you can see them a whole lot more--they're not invisible. Still can't believe I did this...

Brace Face

In only a few short hours I will be officially considered a "metal mouth", "brace face", or any other clever names you all will probably come up with over the next 9 months. Feel free to submit any of your new names to me and we'll pick a winner at the end for the most creative name! Ha! Please think of me from 1:30-4:30. Holly was my morning pep talk! Okay, it's GO time!