Thursday, October 15, 2009

the fill

Before the holidays/packing/trips/babies grab a hold of me...and don't let go...I'll fill you in on the latest at our house.

My boys are my true loves in life, but they also do share my heart with Oklahoma, THE University of Oklahoma. This year, I'm taking my wee tot down to Dallas for a week with his abuelos so that means momma gets to have some OU/tx FUN. I cannot convey the tremendous joy I have via blogger. It's big. REALLY big. Hudson can already sing Boomer Sooner.

Daddy will be joining us a few days later, so we are going to have all this OU/tx fun on his behalf---and more so because my husband turns 29 on Tuesday. I hope I've made him a happy almost-29 year old :) It will be his first birthday spent as a daddy, and I'm sure Hudson has some sweet baby kisses in store for him.

We finally have some pictures showing that we are indeed a family of 3---I always joke with JR that in our pics he looks like a single dad! Haha. Momma is always behind the camera. I can get this boy to flirt with his momma all the day long. I'm madly in love...with both of these handsome boys.

In other news, creature news. I'll spare you the images, but our big kitty has taken it upon himself to go burrow out moles from our backyard/patio area and bring them to our door. Yesterday, he brought me a half-dead one. I frantically ran downstairs for a broom and dustpan in an effort to save the teeny, fluffy mole. I put him back in the PA wildnerness, hoping my cat's ill attempts at ending his mole days proved unsuccessful. I'm too scared/emotional to go out and see if he survived the night.

After our Texas trip, we're headed north to the Homeland. My first stop post-airport is a stop for some Oklahoma BBQ. Ribs. I'm already making room.

Hudson got his 2-month shots this week, and ended up with a fever. We're going on day 3 now, and I can honestly say I'm suffering with him. It's true when "they" say you hurt for your babies.

He's feeling much better today, even with a dull fever so that makes momma feel better too.

In the last couple of days I've made two cobblers. Peach and cherry. A Paula Deen recipe. Do you want the recipe? They're delicious and all sorts of buttery. A true depiction of our family life below ♥

I've likely bored you to bloggie tears, so I leave you with a few more pictures of the love affair I have with my son to round out this spectaular post full of nothing.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

a full heart

Aunt Lu and Uncle Rico paid us a visit a couple of weekends ago, and it was one of those laugh so hard, you pee yourself kind of trips. You have friends like that, I know. We even got to go pumpkin patch'ing, apple cider-drinking, and out for a few scenic drives...oh, and 2 flat tires.

I've offered them residence in PA, they have yet to accept my offer. No takers? No. Anyone?

Shenot Farm Pumpkin Patch---Hudson is hung there in the middle. Bjorn'ing it. Cool cat.

Aunt Lu and Uncle Rico

We were lucky enough to end our weekend with a trip up to a friend's cabin for some smores, beautiful trees, and of course skeletal remains of some poor creature. A good photo op, nonetheless.

JR, Hudson, and I cannot thank you enough for making the eastern trek to come spend some time with us. You made our October :)

Forever thankful we are, for the friends we have in you.

Monday, October 12, 2009


We had over 100 entries---WOW!!! Thank you all SO much for participating, I know Ashley is truly honored to be able to send some out to you for your babes to enjoy :)

The winners are:

The Lanyon's

Luke and his Mommy

The Shearer's

Winners, please email Ashley at:



Size of your babe's head {if you have it}, design choice, and your mailing address.

If you are still in need of a bean for your sweet tiny, you can also order with Ashley by emailing your design choice, size desired, and mailing address.

Prices are:

$18 for the Bitty Pumps {Holiday}
$15 for all other assorted designs

Payment can be sent by either check or money order to the following address:

1315 W. 9th Street
Austin, Texas 78703

You can also be invoiced through your PayPal account if you would rather, by emailing Ashley at tricoteallday(at)gmail(dot)com.

If you have any questions please email me!!!

Congratulations to all WINNERS!!!!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

last chance

Okay, last chance to enter for the baby beans GIVEAWAY!! Winners announced MONDAY NIGHT!! to only be fair to those girl momma's out there, Baby Hudson begrudgingly agreed to show off some of Ashley's more feminine choices :) There are a few more boy options below, along with their more girly counterparts. I'll have to delete this post as he grows older, and makes friends...

Sooner Baby {can be customized for YOUR university of choice}

we of course are partial to the crimson and cream.


Miami MiMi


Momma Puff

Hershey's Kissers

Baby Toad {we had to show all 3 shots}

Sky Bumble


...and we saved the best for last. Please. Meet Bebe Flamingo.

Thursday, October 08, 2009


I am SO glad you all loved the baby beans----in FACT, you loved them SO much we have decided to EXTEND the giveaway thru Monday, and not only that!

Ashley has added some MORE designs to choose from {will post momentarily}, eeeeek! AND there will be....


....I'll announce the THREE winners on Monday!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

the white

I transformed this room all for under $100.

If I have a minute, you'll find me gazing at my finished project, the white room. I posted the other day about being inspired by a fellow blogger who does the most spectacular work in all white.

The project began with a stop at Lowe's for some white paint. It was a dizzying experience, as there are roughly 786 shades of white. I was just short of asking my two month old son for advice because the sea of white was overwhelming. Alas, chosen.

I started first with the two metal nightstands that have a woven wooden top---mistake. I will never paint metal again. It does not absorb the paint like wood does, and it took me FO-EVA to cover the brushed metal color. They did turn out lovely in white though, so I must say I am pleased with the results.

I've had these two antique prints from my mom, framed rather gargantuously with an ancient gold color. The frames though, divine and perfect. Immediately I saw white. and I looooooooove them.

Mentioning before in previous posts, my obsession with a nice bed. My latest tackle is to make all beds in our house "hotel" style. All white, with comfy sheets, a light king-size blanket all tucked in. Somebody else thought I was making it for him.

The fabric for the curtains I got at Joanne's for $40, and made them with a no-sew approach. Success.

$35 for paint/brushes/etc...
$40 curtains
$15 hardware
TOTAL: $90

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


It's the holiday season, isn't it? Some may argue that Halloween marks the start of the finest months of the year, but I say that's silly.

Silly, because I would stretch it out to begin in early August...or even July 31st. My birthday. I'll let the holidays start on my birthday :)

The holidays are a time of GIVING, thus I feel like giving to YOU. Below is the first of my holiday season giveaways. It is also one very dear to my heart, because the following is made by Hudson's Aunt Sissy and she wants you to join in.

Ashley is the knitting hands behind tricotè all day, French for "knit all day". Up for grabs is your pick of one of her precious baby beanies! You can choose any of the ones posted or she can even do a custom order for you!! I have a strong liking for the model she chose, in fact I do LOVE him.

To win:

1 entry: Comment and tell me which one you'd like to win!

2 entries: Comment AND join The Pettijohns as a follower!

3 entries: Comment, Follow, and Post about the giveaway on YOUR blog!

bitty pumps

rainbows and baby toes

baby blues

puffy fluff


snuggle bear

dolphin baby

chickadee fluff
I'll close the giveaway on Thursday and announce the winner on FRIDAY!!!! Good luck!

Friday, October 02, 2009

his aunt lu

He woke up and got to meet his Aunt Lu for the very first time.

She flew 16 1/2 hours to see his tiny face.

They fell in love.

He gave her all kinds of smiles and decided to chat some Baby Crab talk.

We've shared wedding days and a childhood friendship but I now get to watch my Lu be Aunt Lu to my baby boy.