Thursday, August 28, 2008

hello, perfect

i'm in love. got these beauties in brown, black is now a necessity. can't breathe.


This is what we'll be waking up to...

See you next week!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Friday, August 22, 2008


We're going to the Cowboys game tonight!!!!!!!!! yeee-hawwww.

Thanks to USS, JR won 2 tickets to the game and we are so super pumped!! We've been ready for some football!! oh happy day :)

Happy Friday y'all!

p.s. Mom and Dad are off to Miami today, we wish them a safe flight---and we'll meet them there in 6 days!

p.s. again. Good Luck to Holly who had 4 interviews today back to back, for a new teaching job!!!

p.s. last time. Pics coming soon of my fabulous new pair of shoes. They deserve an entire post.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

oh my. WITH EXCITEMENT! We finally got our car last night! JR came home and surprised me with it!!! We had been waiting a week to get it, so my level of patience was slowly deteriorating (it didn't annoy my husband) can only imagine :)

I feel whole again. Really, I just want to sit outside with "him", and look at "him", and pet "him". He is gorgeous and perfect. I'm talking about both my husband and the Yukon, ofcourse.

Pics coming soon.....YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! oh happy day!!!!!!!

Thanks, babe!!!!!!!!

oh! and my sweet husband brought me home some Chinese takeout for din din! love that!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

in the last 3 days...

I've managed to self-inflict the following injuries:

Scene 1: Emma and I had a slumber party with the kitties in the guest room. Our guest room has our computer desk, and the obvious chair--Charlie was sleeping on me, and in his sleep fell off the bed (which is quite high) the second time he has done this...I'm paranoid and decide I need to get up and make sure he didn't die or break a leg from the fall (we have hardwoods). Once up, and on my way down to look under the bed, I slam my whole face onto the backside of the chair---yes. It slit my eyelid open. Really. My browbone, gashed my eyelid open.

I didn't want to scare Emma, so I ran to the bathroom only to find my bloody eye. Ugh. I wake up JR, and the first thing he says is, "OH MY, that looks horrible!!!!"...I feel faint, and he doctors me up insisting that I need stitches while repeatedly telling me how dumb of an accident that was! I'm a mommy to some kitties, and I will always check on them!! While trying to defend myself, I realized that I don't want someone sewing my eye, and he patches me up and I head back to bed.

It is healing nicely, minus the black eyelid I'm sporting.

Scene 2: I'm making a nice dinner for my husband last night--Cajun Chicken and Shrimp pasta--stove top. The beautiful pie dish, filled with my cherry pie gets too close to a burner, and cracks, and catches on "fire" and starts smoking---and I grab it with my bare hands to quickly get it off the hot surface and I singe my finger. It burnt so bad, it cut it. Insane. I start screaming for JR, freaking out, because I'm fearful the tip of my finger is going to ash off and our kitchen looks like it exploded. Ugh. There is no remedy for the pain of a burn I have learned...I had my finger dunked in ice water for three hours, and I type now without the use of this one.

I now have a giant blistered finger, with a 2nd degree burn, and a blacked out eyelid with a healing gash. I cried for a solid hour last night, tucked into my husband--while letting him tell me that I could very well be the biggest clumsy fool of all time, while realizing that I beat my own self up.


I end this post with embarrasment...

Monday, August 18, 2008

dallas finds

Best Sunday Brunch/Lunch: Celebration, 3 old houses put together, the best fried-chicken in town, a chalkboard up front indicating where the veggies came from that week (we had cucumbers from Terrell, OK and squash from Canton, TX) a freshly squeezed mimosa, and be sure you make reservations or you'll be waiting atleast an hour on a Sunday.

the good times

Our weekend was lovely, it just was. We had the Victery's with us, and we managed to just enjoy our time together, ate some great food, and watched the Phelps mania with a glass of Malbec.

Friday night, we dined in with Campania--two large Margherita's with extra cheese and two Caprese salads. The babies loved it...well, Emma didn't like the basil--cutie.

That evening we watched some Olympics, and our sleeping arrangements allowed for Emma to spend both nights with Aunt Nat--we snuggled. I would wake up and she would be holding my hand in her sleep, precious.

Saturday was a beautiful day with mild temperatures, so we headed for a picnic at the pool and some swim time. The babies, after having spent a few days in a pool, have become little fishies! By the end of the afternoon they were both kicking their feet and swimming with their heads under water!!! Our mini-Phelps'!

Dinner Saturday night, was another local favorite! Taverna! Countryside Italian menu, always consistent. K & J, split Halibut with a side of Polenta--JR did his favorite, Gorgonzola and Pear Pasta--myself, baked lasagna. The babies did pizza, again :)

We ended the weekend right, with lunch at Celebration. The most perfectly fried-chicken, homemade sides, and a mimosa to top.

The boys got to golf Sunday morning, 14 holes :) while Kourtney and the babies taught me how to make Ann's Cherry Pie, in my new pie dish! Thank you Victery's for my sweet gift, I love it!

JR and I ended our weekend at Jake's in Addison with a couple of friends and some live music!

What an awesome weekend....

dallas finds

Best Sunday Hang-out: Jake's Hamburgers in Addison, live music, $3 margaritas, "bottlecaps" (i.e. fried jalapenos) so so yum.

Friday, August 15, 2008


channeling my inner minnetonka


A perk of working for your dad:

Calling him to kill a cricket for you that sneaks into your office, yuck!!! Thanks, dad :)

the victery's

Kourtney, Joe and family are in town this week and we got a chance to spend some time with them Wednesday night! Tonight they're headed to our house for the wknd!! yay!!! A couple of snapshots from Wednesday...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

lie tellers

The Olympics are incredible. No way around it----but for someone, such as myself, with such an immense lack of athleticism and intense clumisness, the Olympics to me are astounding and I end up wanting to hug the t.v. in awe of such able-bodied people.

I won't even go to Phelps, no need. You know. If you don't, go turn on a t.v., check online, or come out of your cave.

Watching the swimming, makes me want to get back in the pool, away from Family Guy and swim again. I love it. Have I ever mentioned that I'm afraid of pool drains?

The gymnastics has always been a favorite of mine. They flip, fly, tumble, do things that I couldn't do it if you drugged me, spun me, or turned me into Gumby. I just don't have the ability to do such things. Men's gymnastics is fascinating to watch for their strength...I had several gymnast friends at OU (they have a spectacular program there, ofcourse) in fact, this year's Jonathon Horton is a Sooner! YESSSS!

Now, the women. Poor USA girls. They got cheated, and to prove it read this article. They did falter, but come on. The Chinese girls looked to be 9, 10, and 11 years old. If I weighed 67 lbs at age "16", I can see how flipping on bars would be alot easier. Bad, Chinese gov't, bad. That is naughty. Just because all of my stuff reads "Made in China", doesn't mean I have to believe your lies. One was maybe missing a tooth.....really? reallllly? In said, article, I quote..."The Olympics is, above all else, based on the principles of fair competition, and the promotion of healthy bodies through sport. There is something mildly discomfiting about the sight of such tiny youngsters weighed down by the hopes of a nation, even after the gold medals are hanging around their feathery necks."....

and there you have it, feathery necks.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

do share

Reading is a favorite of mine, one of which, I seem to do less and less of as life gets busier and busier. (I guess I could stop watching as much Family Guy) It's something I would like to do more of now, and was hoping you would share any book recommendations you may have...

thank you!



oh happy day

It's a fantassstic day at the Pettijohn house!! With the ever gracious gift of mom and dad, we will be spending Labor Day wknd in Miami :)

oh yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay. It is where we fell in love, it's a place we love, and we love to get away. Perfection. It's a must every year...

Also!!!!! JR and I purchased a new vehicle!! our very first together!! my G is gone :( but we were ready to let her go, and we got an '06 Yukon!!!

He is my new baby, all black! He's almost like my old Tahoe, well newer, but Yukon's are a fancier version of the T! I like the fancy. He's fancy and pretty, and has a DVD player---we sat in it and watched part of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, hahaha! It is amazing! It's like watching it with surround sound! It has bucket seats, and is simply gorgeous! oh, and 20" wheels! I've missed my Tahoe ever since, I got rid of her---and now I get to ride in this hottie.

I'm so so happy and excited. My husband has made me promise I'll be good to it. I promise...

Bye G, I loved you. We enjoyed you for 50,000 great miles.

Pics to come soon.....yessssss.

Monday, August 11, 2008

dallas finds

To add to my list of delicious Dallas finds:

  • Best Burger: Who's Who Burger's in Highland Park Village, a little on the pricey side but they serve a juicy and delicious Kobe beef burger, I prefer medium, with a side of onion rings---they have shakes for dessert too. Patio seating is the best...
  • Best Quesadillas: Cafe San Miguel at Henderson and McMillan, I've tried quesadill's everywhere and these are no-grease, crisp, small, and come with a side of buttery rice. Highly, highly, recommend....

Thursday, August 07, 2008


I have a weakness, and it's name is-----Family Guy.

My husband thinks I'm elementary for not. I "tivo" the whole season, and I plan on collecting the whole series.

Please note Stewie's outfit :) Boomer Sooner, baby!

I win.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


JR and I want to wish a very very very dear friend a HAPPY HAPPY 27th Birthday!!

Ricardo, we hope you have a wonderful, super, amazing, spectacular, and grand day! We are very blessed to call you a friend---one of our very best. Happy Birthday, Rico!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I got a special ticket to tag along as "the wife" to the USS suite tonight at the Rangers/Yankee game!!!!!!!!! did anyone watch last night?? GRAND SLAM!

I'm super proud of my husband, and it will be lots'a fun to meet so many people I hear about through our respective jobs. Pipe, pipe, baby!

To top it all off, I will likely consume several hot dogs and a beer or two--we'll keep the beer'ing (short for *beer drinking*, I shorten everything) to a minimum tonight...

Must go get pretty-----bye!

Monday, August 04, 2008


It's as hot as ______.

Fill in the blank.


When I step outside it feels like a shower of molten hot lava.

big timer

I got to babysit Luke this wknd for a few hours while mom and dad were at work! I'll take any chance I get with baby! We did nap time, bottle, diaper, an outfit change and even some walking!!! soooo I got a video to share...hope you all had a good wknd!

Friday, August 01, 2008

it's my party

Thank you to everyone for allll of my birthday wishes, calls, and messages!! I had the most wonderful birthday and I got to top it all off with my family birthday celebration!! YAY! I love parties!!

We started out with dinner at my favorite, Texas de Brazil. We all anticipate the meal, so we eat lightly all day in preparation for the feast. Lu, recognize my dress?? I got compliments at the restaurant :) Thanks, Lu.

This picture is to show my husband's, "I don't want to take pictures, Nat" face....

After the great feast, we headed back to mom and dad's for a little after party! After party=presents!! yessssssss.

You all know about my love of all things homemade...well I got a treasure. My brother, the artist, has been painting as of recent and I casually threw it out there, that I would like a painting one day with OU colors :) boomer sooner.

Casually, I said it.

I GOT ONE!!! Painted by my sweet baby brother! It is an abstract of an OU football game, the crimson and cream obviously, the green for the field, and the white for the's perfect.

You must see it in person, to see the dimension he gave it, and to see the size! We are having it framed for our house. Thank you Alex, what an amazing gift! and what an amazing gift you have.

What's next? Cake!!! and more presents!

Alex and Rachel also gave me The Lady and Sons cookbook, and a Paula Deen Christmas recipe book! I may have to share with my ma-in-law!

oh! and a little champagne!

a birthday kiss from my husband!!!

We then went home, so I could get my present from JR and the boys :) I even got my own card from Biggin', Beanie, and Daddy!

thanks beanie, for my gift....

no birthday kisses for mommy

I was very very spoiled this birthday! Who better to spoil you, than your husband?! I also got an 80 minute Swedish massage at The Riviera from my husband (my very favorite thing in the whole wide world), and some more very gracious spa treatments from mom and dad ;)

Thank you so much to all of my friends and family for the spectacular day, and an awesome way to start the next 25 years of my life!!!