Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the 'do

Hudson has rockstar tendencies, thus it was crucial, he have hair to match.

Monday, July 26, 2010

she get it from her momma

I've got some raging heartburn.

@*#$@*)())**@#& - FIRE.

It's not stopping me though, from giving you a womb-peek at Princess Belle Monroe. By the looks of it, her 4-d face is showing an exact replica of her momma! Wow-ie.

Hudson quite obviously is a JR clone {energy levels and all}, and it appears that our baby girl will be a Nat-clone. If this really is the case, and she ends up with my personality too, then we'll have a baby who likes a constant cycle of eat, sleep, cupcakes, eat, sleep, eat, sleep, and repeat {for life}. We obviously won't know for sure, for sure until the BIG day, but from what we can gather we are fairly certain she's my mini. Momma and mini.

-momma's big lips made the cut {side profile, identical}

she better sleep more out here than she does in there, yikes.

um, really. cutest womb picture, puppy-faced baby I've ever seen. squish ball.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

oh my, walker

It's official, 5 days after Hudson turned 11 months - he took off. My bear is now a walker. It is the most bizarre/fascinating thing to see my tiny, vertical. My two-toothed wonder is up on two feet making his way all over the place and it overwhelms me with joy to see such a huge milestone develop right before my very momma eyes.

{a very short snippet for the grandparents, the very first day he became truly mobile at his aunt and uncle's house}:

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Belle'y pics, alas.

It's 12 weeks now, until our Belle'y Belle makes her princess debut. She currently resides in my womb, making herself very very known. Very.

She is not a quiet one, this Belle Monroe. Neither is her big brother, but he waited until birth day to let us know. She though, is giving us advance warning of such. It is easy to tell where her head and legs are positioned because she goes 'alien' on us and attempts escape. Shame they can't enter the world, via belly button, like a laparoscopic surgery. Last I recall, there was a lot of nasty words spewing from my mouth and a glorious amount of epidural involved. No laparscopy birth, here.

12 weeks-away pictures of Mommy and Belle ♥

magically delicious

...or totally ridiculous.

I have done away with an entire box of Lucky Charms within 24 hours. It's so embarrassing and disgusting all the same, that I just had to tell you.

I'm a sucker for marketing. I always fall for the bright colors and shiny boxes. Really, anything shiny....nonetheless...

As soon as I saw the new swirl marshmallows advertised, I had an in-the-moment craving and have since polished off the entire box in a day. One day. I don't even like cereal.

Here's to you Belle, and the 40 pounds worth of magically delicious marshmallows added to my thighs {face, arms, teets, etc...}

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

the first fourth

The fourth this year, was Hudson's last day as a 10 month old. We are now officially in the one year old countdown. I lack literary emotion in this, because until the big day comes and the party is partied - I'm not sure that I can quite wrap my mind around the fact that I have been a mommy to my Bear for almost an entire year.

We spent our red, white, and blue day consuming mass amounts of food {huge plus}, playing, and of course introducing our son to the amazement of fireworks. It is quite clear from the evidence I captured, that he's a fan. Go figure! JR's son, a fan of something loud and fire filled.