Wednesday, January 26, 2011

long distance love

They haven't met yet, but between families we've arranged a baby love for these two...

meet Porter Knight Braly {how many kinds of cute/precious/omgaw is he??}

He's the newest babe in a family so so so very dear to us, these folk. 'These folk' happen to be the kind of friends that are family, you have some like that. We don't share them, though. Mine. Porter was born only two weeks after our Belle Monroe, and they share a baby love they are just not quite aware of yet.

You see, shortly after Belle made her grand debut we received a package in the mail from Pittsburgh. Inside, was a sweet little dress for our baby doll and we told her it was from Porter. So, this is her personal thank you to her baby boyfriend. Don't think we haven't been way presumptuous and envisioned these babies to be roaming Soonerland one day with their older brothers...Belle Braly? How CUTE is that? omgaw. They're sweet, smart, handsome, and DANG cute. She can date a Braly.

She was so excited to send her message to Porter, that she forgot her BOW! We quickly corrected that situation and she was ready for her shot.

Dearest Braly's, if relaying messages via our babies/phone calls/texts is how we stay connected we'll take it. Counting down the days. We love you! all FOUR of you!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

want to come over?

My most precious Bear is very very sick with an ear infection and sat with a 102.9 degree fever in my arms all day yesterday :( break my heart. eesh. to shreds. I can say now that it is fact that seeing your children sick or suffer is the worst thing ever.

JR is home too, today with a stomach bug--so I'm playing nurse to both of my boys today. I sent JR upstairs in hopes that the wicked bug stays clear of me and my babies. I've been whipping up some rice the way my mama makes it for me when I'm sick, and loaded up a tray with some crackers and a big glass of 7up in hopes that I can nurse JR back to health, soon...

Doesn't my house sound SO fun and SO germy. Ick.

----on a happy note, I could dedicate an entire post to my love of Bruno Mars' voice. It makes me happy, and this song I leave you with I cannot stop playing over and over and over and over. Since you can't come over and play today, I'll share the song with you.

Friday, January 21, 2011

house shuts down

If it weren't for my ma-in-law, our house seriously would have shut completely down. I have been out of commission since last Sunday. I had an epic night last Saturday, having been within 5 feet of Sam Bradford (whom we named our pup after). If you aren't in the world of Sooner, I'll inform you that he is my athletic crush-- a former OU quarterback and currently the Rams' QB. He is dang cute, and I about lost my marbles when I came upon him. Here's phone evidence of this epic moment in my life.

I think the intensity of that situation shot my immune system, and I've been sick now since last Sunday. Fail. I then passed it on to my both of my babies. JR woke up sneezing today, and I know he's next...JR's mom has rescued us all and helped me care for my babies. Thankthestarryheavensforher.

Upon return of my healthy self, I'll be back to catch up on blog life with you. Hope your house is virus-free...

Thursday, January 06, 2011

it's a new year

It's two thousand eleven. Wow. It's so hard to believe that 2010, came and went. That fast. I can barely keep up.

I'm sure you were awake last night in the wee hours of the morn' wondering what my New Year's Resolution was...

Worry not, I'll tell you. There is no appropriate way that you can keep me accountable so you'll just have to take my word for it, that I vow to hold true to my resolution this year.

I resolute to not get pregnant in 2011. I do remember that I previously gave you permission to slap my face if I did in fact bear another child anytime in the near future. I'm not quite sure that resolute is the correct word, but you catch my drift. No babies. I'm going to raise and thoroughly enjoy the tiny tots I've got currently roaming my house. All bets are against me.

What's your resolution? Do share.