Friday, May 30, 2008


Wishing you all a HAPPY FRIDAY! and a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

our memorial wknd

The wedding is over (wow), and we have somewhat returned to normal life and normal weekends, ahh.

In true form, we headed up to the farm this past weekend for some R & R, some very much needed R & R. My vicious virus finally subsided, and I was able to enjoy our relaxing wknd at Central. We didn't rush on Saturday to get up there, instead did some stuff around the house and said goodbye to my Aunt and Uncle from Santa Fe, Argentina who were still visiting from the wedding and we got up there Saturday evening.

Sunday, we had the Thrasher's over and it ended up being an all-day event :) We sat out on the porch after lunch and had some good chat time before the boys headed out for their boy stuff (fishing, 4-wheeler, etc...) while the girls stayed in and played with babies! Well, one really! I also got a really sweet picture of Luke's teeny boy feet...

and ofcourse some pictures of the big boys too!

Monday, we went out and saw NaNa and PaPa and then headed out to the mountain's with Rick, Jodie, Ashlee and kids...and before heading home, a treat!! Nancy, Ronnie, JR and I went and had dinner at The Old Plantation in Medicine Park before heading back! We went home with full a full tummy :) Just how we like it!

We hope you all had a safe and wonderful weekend too!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

a CONGRATS is in order

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS is in order for my brother Alex, who just found out today that he has been accepted to the OSU School of Architecture!!

He has worked very very hard, is an excellent student, and we are all so so so proud of him!! All of his projects are so unique and brilliantly creative! I have no creativity in me whatsoever, so it's nice to witness talent like that.

Good job brother, you always make me such a proud sister!!

JR and I both love you, and truly enjoy watching what a wonderful and successful person you are!! (you have big shoes to fill, hahahah joooooke)


family to the rescue

Everyone has gotten a huge kick out of the fact that the week we get back from our honeymoon, JR has to go out of town, and I become so disgustingly sick that I need my mommy and daddy to take care of me....

I have yet to find humor in my situation, although good news finally today--sort of--this morning was the first day I woke up without a fever.

A huge thank you to my mom who spent the night with me Monday night (no, I'm not embarrassed). The next day she brought me her homemade chicken/angel hair soup, my favorite.

My dad who took me to the doctor on Tuesday. He and mom, stopped by last night to watch the AI finale with me.

and last but most certainly not least, my baby brother who picked up my third medication (my nightstand looks like the warehouse to Walgreens) and brought me back some Flintstone's chewables, and some ICE CREAM! I've been cooped up so long, ice cream is a huge treat!! I can barely swallow, but what I can get down is pleasant and perfect. Thank you Alex, for being such an awesome brother!

oh! and he also changed my light bulb outside! ha!

As we were heading up the elevator on the Sunday we got back, mom told JR they'd take good care of his wife! Little did we all know how much care I would need :) yuckkkkkk.

Thanks family, for taking such good care of me! I love you, love you!

(We must communicate via internet, because no one really wants to get close to me)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Babe, I'm so ready to have you home.

I miss you so much :( it makes me want to cry. (the virus that attacked me makes me vulnerable to said emotion)

Can't wait to see you tomorrow.

your wife

last but not least...

a perfect way to start our new life together
again, typical nat
our view from dinner on our last night
sad about leaving our honeymoon
out of order, but our house was decorated when we got back :) thanks ma and pa pettijohn! it was so cute!
what we ate the whole entire week
a mexi sunset
posing :)
not tooo crazy about the lobster
heading out for our last dinner in mexi
water pic

the sand dollar he found, that he later sat on and broke :(
our footprints in the sand
our last day at the beach
thug husband
warning jr about any iguana threats

sunbathing iguana, jr was terrified!
mr. and mrs. pettijohn!
kissing at the cove
watch your step...iguanas out!
please notice "baby swan", what are the Mexican's trying to tell us??
dinner at Tratto
describing how he would "catch" our first child in the delivery room, no joke
hot hot hot
typical me, this is my normal
a honeymoon snapshot of the wifey
JR looks manly, I look like a beached whale...
mastering the waves
accidental cool pic
my morning dip

look closely, you see a wedding ring :)
i had the best view in Cancun
afternoon walk to the cove
sweet kisses
i'm not much for bikes, but i do let him sit on immobile ones

love this pic
weathered and hot from our mid-afternoon journey to Playa

wow. mine. our Argentine spread at Sur in Playa

missing my husband

JR's been on a business trip since Monday to Birmingham (he gets home tomorrow), and I've been at home deathly ill.

Some strange virus attacked me, and I've been in bed, missing my husband...with a high fever, sore throat, and missing my husband. I'm ready for him to be home, but I'm trying to get better so I don't pass on my vicious virus.


To make myself feel better, I have found my way to the computer and looked at our honeymoon pictures in hopes of easing my pain :) I now continue with the rest of our Mexico pics....

Monday, May 19, 2008

luna de miel cont....

after our dinner, awwww.
hmmm, what's that babe?
steak and shrimp, yummmmm
our amazing honeymoon dinner
millions of hand pictures :)
I am so lucky.
Husband, I love you.
Mr. and Mrs. P
a Mexican sunset
Heading to our Honeymoon dinner!
I got him to use sunscreen, once.

ahhhh, Mexico
Wife sunbathing :)
He now has a +1
My new name!!