Tuesday, June 30, 2009

mommy help

Had my 35 week appt yesterday {even though 35 isn't really until Thursday}...Hudson is still measuring exactly his "age", head down, and it's low low low.

The nurse told me that 37 weeks is considered full term so to be prepared two weeks from now, because he could come at any time. OH MY. We will meet our sweet tiny for sure in the next month or so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess it's bag-packin' time, and I really don't know what the essentials are! Do any of you mommies have suggestions for me or know of any other mommy posts about this that I haven't read?!?!? PLEASE HELP!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

nanny, grandpa, and the countdown

My blogging is sparce, I know...and I feel a blog backlash if I don't get with it----eeek!

This past week we were very blessed to have Nanny and Grandpa Pettijohn in town, and what better welcome to PA than some homemade bread. {homemade as in from the farm market down the road, not me, silly}. It is baked and delivered fresh Tuesday's and Friday's, therefore relinquishing our need for store bought bread. Heaven.
If you come visit, I'll greet you with the best sandwich of your life. That's my PA promise to you. This bread melts in your mouth...
As all good trips go, we started off our week with dinner on top of Mt. Washington---a very touristy dining spot filled with some yummmo steak houses {the kind that make you later want to roll down the hill, post dinner}...I'll take you there too, only if you're not afraid of the incline.
Nanny and Grandpa with their last visit before their baby boy has his own baby boy.
If I could say thank you a million, trillion different ways I would because all week long they both helped us get SO many projects done around the house in preparation for the arrival of our sweet tiny. One of my favorites, being this one...Hudson's armoire. Stained just for him by his Grandpa ♥
I'll post the final result along with nursery pics when it's done :)
My love for cheap finds I have made no secret, and I think I reached my pinnacle of frugal finds with this purchase.
A brand new $100 dining room set off of Craiglist that Nanny and Grandpa helped me pick up {while I jammed them in JR's single cab truck with me, we looked like some OK hillbillies all squished in a truck with some table and chairs roped in the back, it was awesome}. I feel like we got closer after that experience.
To make our table feel at home, Nanny whipped up one of her famous Farm meals, and it worked. A little side of fried squash and zucchini {fresh from the farm market} and fresh green beans, corn bread and pork chops.
Grandpa's Father's Day present was front row seats at a Pirate's game, but the one who came home really a winner was Nanny. Turns out the Pirate was a fan of HER! oh, and it was $1 hot dog night....can you beat that? no. You can't. Atleast not in my pregnant world.
We worked all week long, between washing alllll of Hudson's clothes/baby wardrobe which amounted to 3 days non-stop of laundrydoing. Good grief!! Nursery set up, we got his rocker in, and some more spectacular frugal finds-----I could not have survived this week without Nancy and Ronnie. Really. We packed so so much in one week, that it would be hard to write about all of our amazing food experiences, farm market adventures, and flower buying. So you'll just have to believe me when I say it's been one of our best weeks in PA yet!
To top it all off, we treated them with a trip up to Volant, PA. Home to an Amish community known for it's scenic drive and of course, good food.
And since you've been patient, I leave you with some Mommy/Daddy pics ♥
34 1/2 weeks
Only 5 weeks left, wow.
Nancy and Ronnie, we both thank you thank you thank you from the very bottom of our hearts for all of your help. There is no way we could have been able to accomplish so much without you, and to share the baby stuff with you are memories we will cherish. We loved so much, being able to drive you around PA and to show you all of our neat finds up in the land of the north :) It is a true joy to spend time with you both, and we certainly do not take for granted our late night chats and early morning breakfasts with you guys. We love you, and can't wait to see you again in just a few short weeks.

Thank you for loving us so much...

Monday, June 22, 2009


While my husband reorganizes the closet I spent three hours on this afternoon {OCD} I sit here with the pathetic realization that I can longer cross my legs comfortably...



bye, i have to go pick up my belly and walk away now.

Monday, June 15, 2009

8 weeks LEFT

Yes'm! You read right! Only 8 weeks until our rib-kicking, tummy-rolling, sweet tiny makes his appearance into this world! Into our world

I have failed you tragically in posts lately, and I do apologize...want to hear my excuses? because I have plenty :)

-We're still in between the temp housing downtown and unpacking our 376 boxes at the townhouse.
-Hudson's furniture gets delivered TOMORROW!
-I have doctor appts every two weeks now {all is well per the docs, his head is down in the "go" position and he is measuring exactly at 32 weeks--no more, no less! PTL!}
-Have I mentioned I'm 32 wks pregnant and I'm getting progressively slower at everything I do??
-We also did the ol' switcheroo on our stroller/car seat/pack n'play...that deserves another post entirely.
-It took us two days to choose and order Hudson's custom made rocker. I made my husband sit in every single chair and "rock" for two days. He must really love me...

Now that I've vented {bored} you with my pregnant grumblings, I leave you with a few funny pics of life at the Pettijohn house...

A 32 week belly and the stroller that Daddy HAD to have. We are now the owners of the Peg Perego Aria. Bye bye Graco. Can you tell Daddy is very proud of his womb child and the Peg?
...this picture is important because it is beyond fun to get to park in this spot. It made us both laugh all the way into TX Roadhouse! WE FOUND A TX ROADHOUSE in PA! Some hot rolls with cinnamon butter and BBQ! Texas we miss you.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

it's ORDERED!!!

Where our sweet tiny will lay his little head to sleep...you just can't imagine my excitement at this moment. Cannot.
{The Marlowe Crib by Restoration Hardware} This guy turns into a FULL size bed, thus my long-term love with it. My tiny buttercup baby better love it, because he'll be sleeping in it 'til his feet hang off the edge.

We'll also be spending quite a bit of time I hear, over at this dresser/changing table...also courtesy of RH Baby.
I wanted something classic with a modern twist; both in espresso {not sure why the pics show a difference in color}, and both very lovingly given to Hudson by his TX grandparents

We are now on the hunt for the perfect glider, and something for the 3rd wall of his room...Our new place is a whirlwind mess of boxes, because we just moved into our townhome yesterday...so as soon as his furniture comes in and the nursery is in place, I promise you pictures of tiny's room.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

the thrift within

My thrifty-ness has had to flourish since moving, because I did away with my real job and took on the rewarding, yet equally demanding job of a housewife. The one that doesn't pay in monetary value.

My husband has had to remind me daily that my paychecks come in the form of hugs and kisses now, and sadly enough, online retailers don't take hugs and kisses for payment. How terribly unfortunate. That being said, I have had loads of fun being thrifty and finding good deals and it excites me to the n'th degree to find such low cost deals. Then it makes me want to buy millions of low cost things, thus turning into a contradicting process. Either way, I must share my finds {purchases} for the day!

This king size duvet in MOCHA, from Overstock.com for only $39.99!!!!!
I also added these striped pillows in MOCHA too, to match, because I love mixing stripes with prints. Cost: $15.99
All for a grand total of $58.93 {2.95 shipping}

A whole duvet set under $60?!?! It makes me giddy inside.

Monday, June 01, 2009

what to appreciate

When the weather is nice, it really is hard not to appreciate the landscape up here...well, that and the baseball games, parks, and days out in the sunshine. The weekend started off with a major treat because one of my dearest, Julie, was up for a visit to see her sister so we did dinner Friday and met up with them too, at the Pirate's game on Saturday.


Mr. "Pudge" Rodriquez joined us for the evening.


I asked him if he rembered me back from his Texas Ranger days. Clearly not.


What's a summer baseball game without peanuts and a very classic Pirate's shirt?



You always are supposed to sneak away with your husband to check out the view, right?!



Now that I've drained you of baseball, I show you our favorite part of the weekend. Sunday we headed north a bit to a most beautiful park called, Hartwood Acres. I have never in all my days seen a park with so many beautiful trees, deer, and strollers with babies.


This makes it hard to not be happy/okay with where we are.


The deer probably didn't love my whistling at them to "just look" at the camera. I already feel sorry for Hudson.


and then, to come up on this guy in the middle of the park. We asked if we could rent out one of the rooms and they said no.


JR did get to enjoy a little football in the front yard.


Look who we brought with us?


The garden behind the property was filled with gardenias, roses, and some flowers I need to school myself on.




and lastly, kisses for momma and baby. Little does Hudson know we may do his 1st birthday out here :)