Tuesday, June 26, 2007

dates to be excited about

7/1/07: Leaving for Red River with JR's family!


Okay, that's it for now! These upcoming events get me thru the work week :)

Do you have any thrilling dates to anticipate?!

I miss our babies :(

*sigh of relief* Our kitties had their de-claw surgery yesterday, which I knew was inevitable, and even more so...since the arrival of our new leather furniture. First off, I wasn't totally excited about their surgery (and yes, it is surgery to me) JR thinks I'm nuts for getting so overwhelmed by their "procedure" but the day I went to fill out their paperwork, there was a cat in the back, WAILING. Not just a cry, but some sort of kitty-type-screaming. It was rather daunting as I was about to subject my sweet little babies to this torture, ahhhhhhh. (anyways) I got the check-up phone call post-surgery yesterday to be notified that they would be ready on Friday! Friday?!?! All week with no kitties :( soo sad without my boys.

They can be annoying and Charlie won't give me one minute to myself, EVER...but they're our babies and our house feels weird and quiet and hairless and empty without them. I'm having kitty-separation-anxiety. I'm weird, I know. JR never fails to remind me, BUT he was def missing them last night too! No kitties to snuggle with at night. We felt like two parents whose last kid had left for college and we were now alone with no one to interrupt or bother :) What to do!??! haha! We did what any parents would do...got a good night's rest of uninterrupted sleep!!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear DAAAAD! Happy Birthday to you!!

The wedding! no, no...not ours :)

Nancy and Ronnie renewed their vows this past weekend and had a beautiful ceremony with lots of family and friends!! We did it at the farm on Saturday and started early to avoid the hot hot day. Everything went perfect, from the ceremony itself to all the people who came to be with them on their special day, even down to the brisket and sausage that Ronnie had smoked :) My favorite.....it was especially neat for JR and I because we brought my parents up to the Farm for the first time finally!! So neat to have them there with me! Now they know what I'm always talking about! The pics also turned out great, showing what a wonderful day it was to all be together! Congratulations Nancy and Ronnie!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Our first BIG purchase together!

Our parents have so graciously furnished our house since we moved in a year and a half ago, but we found it to be time to start buying our own stuff! haha! Caution: My story is slightly inaccurate.

JR's version is as follows: We initially went out to purchase a TV stand and came home with some couches, b/c Natalie begged. A couch, a chair and an ottoman later, they sit at home covered up until the kitties get declawed on Monday :(---> that's Nat's sad face...b/c if they scratch the new leather furniture 3 of us will be homeless...(Nat and babies, well we'll atleast see if grandma will let us stay with her across the street, haha)

Regardless of our individual point of views, we are both thrilled to have our beautiful new furniture! We sat on it form the minute we both got home until it was time for bed. Which oddly enough happens to be around 10ish as of late, yeahhhh. JR has gotten into this wretched habit of waking up at 6am, grr, then wanting lights out (camp style) at 10, if I'm lucky. I'm one of those gotta-watch-the-tv-just-to-fall-asleep type. I now fall asleep to the roar of my purring kitty to lull me to sleep since I can no longer sleep tight with the Travel Channel. Oh, the things we give up as we progress into relationships/marriage/lifelong committment/insert other...hahah! What are things you've had to get used to with your significant other that has surprised you?

Oh! Pics of the new couches to follow shortly! Post-declaw!!

Happy Father's Day!

We did something special this year! We got to celebrate Father's Day with both of our families together! Well, the parents atleast!! Nancy and Ronnie came down Friday night and had dinner at Matt's in Lakewood. We spent the wknd out at Lake Ray Hubbard to see the new Bass Pro, ofcourse and made a quick stop at the Farmer's Market for some fresh fruit and veggies :) Saturday night we had dinner at Maggiano's together for our Father's Day dinner then came back to our house for the gifts! It was a wonderful wknd with our dad's! We love you both very very much!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

I have the sweetest boyfriend :)

I had a stressful day at work yesterday so JR surprised me by taking me out to Lake Lewisville to Sneaky Pete's! I'd never been! It's a casual restaurant out on the water at Pier 121 out at the lake! He's been before and loved it, and knew it would cheer me up! We had dinner and walked around, so relaxing. Just what I needed I just wanted to tell him thank you!! for being so sweet!

Thank you babe! You made me feel so much better! I love you so much!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Our Perfect Wknd!

It really was perfect :) We decided to do a little wknd getaway to Canton, TX. It was so last minute that we really didn't know if we should just stay in a hotel or take a chance on a Bed & Breakfast. We got so lucky! We found the cutest B & B just a couple minutes down the road from the trade grounds. It sits on just a couple acres, but it's out in the country so we got some much needed peace and quiet, ahhh! At one point JR and I looked at each other and laughed b/c it was so quiet out there! We loved it! Here are a couple pics of our stay at the Azalea House:

This was our first time staying in a "hotel" together, since Miami doesn't count as a hotel!!

The house has 8 different suites. The one I picked was the Lodge Room, obviously decorated in the rustic, lodge theme and happened to be the best suite! It's attached to the main house by a huge deck but separated enough for some privacy! Each suite has their own bathroom too! And ofcourse the bathrooms are themed as well!

We got to Canton around noon on Saturday and spend the next several hours just walking the grounds getting ideas for the stuff we wanted to buy. JR's main concern was leaving with some good homemade salsa! haha! Don't worry, he got it! He tried every single salsa sample on the entire 200 acres of trade grounds, no lie! We got to our B & B around 5:30 or so and showered up, because it'd been so hot that day. There's a section of Canton called "The Mountain" that looks straight out of a movie. It's an area up on a hill really, with tons of trees and little shops and diners all with that old western theme. Super cute! We walked around there Satruday night and had dinner up there too!

Sunday morning we woke up at 8:30 for breakfast! We had french toast casserole, fresh fruit, any kind of juice you wanted, coffee, eggs, and bacon! It was delicious! We'd heard there was pretty good storm coming thru, so after breakfast we headed back up to our room and went back to bed and listened to the rain until it cleared up around 11:30. Our checkout was at noon, so it was timed just right! For lunch we stopped in the town square at Val's for some great Italian food! We spent the rest of the afternoon scouring the grounds for the stuff we wanted to get last minute and headed back to the city around 5. Overall it was one of the most fun wknds I think we have had together! We enjoyed each other's company so much and were able to relax and just have a good time together! The only pics we really took were of the back of the house, so take a look!

Boo! I love you!!