Tuesday, February 23, 2010

....and I come to you again, for advice.

I don't know how new momma's survive without blog world. It gives me such relief and happiness when I can read about you sharing with me the same joys, wonders, and tribulations that come with parenthood.

So, I come to you now. This time about food. Baby food.

We are almost 7 months here, and were given the okay to start giving Hudson 3 feedings a day with bottles in between. I'm curious, and am asking you what your experience has been/is with your sweet babe at this age with meals, etc...

Hudson could really care less about eating, and has since the day he was born. He does love his bottles and eats very well off a spoon but has a 45 second attention span when sat in his highchair to be fed. I commited the ultimate Mommy sin, and have been feeding him in front of Yo Gabba Gabba or Sesame Street. I know, I know.

I will do WHATEVER it takes to nourish my Bear. I sometimes even dance for him as I shovel squash in his tiny mouth in the >1 minute he gives me. He breaks out a huge smile when I dance, which gives me the opportunity to throw some food in that precious smile.

Our day is still consisting of his same number of bottles, with sporadic 'meals' throughout the day. I usually get a maximum of 2 a day, if I'm lucky. I'm just having a hard time trying to gauge exactly how and when solids become more predominant over bottles. How was your transition from strictly bottles to a bottle/solids combo? Hudson may be right on track, but since this is quite obviously my first go-round I come to you, the experts :)

Thank you in advance for any and ALL help you can send my way!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I robbed this photo from our cousin Ash, but I just had to share a most precious capture of Hudson with his Great-Grandpa {PaPa}. The love is clearly mutual...

We're not all blessed to share moments with our great-grandparents, so any chance we get for Hudson to live some baby days with his PaPa, are very special to his Daddy and I.

gifting a half-year old

I use just about any excuse to bedazzle my babe with new toys. I'm fully convinced he loves toys more than any other tiny in this whole green world.

Thus, when the day came for his 6 months of life---the perfect gift I was in search for.

I found this GIANT fleece ball, on Etsy, here. I knew right away, when I came across the 'farm' theme, this was THE gift for our Hudson Bear.

There are several theme options to choose from, and can of course be personalized.

Bear loves his giant fleecey, and it doubles as an awesome floor pillow for Momma.
{Pay no mind, to his mis-matched outfit nor the enormous life-size bear in the background. We play all day, and there is no toy that doesn't end up, front and center of our living room.}

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

strawberry delight

...that's what we call it around here. I'm a lover of fruits.

Our store had the fattest, juiciest, red strawberries so I bought THREE cartons. You may not love fat strawberries as much as I do, and if that happens to be the case for you---a solution, I give you.

First, cut up your berries and put them on a pretty plate so that you can first marvel at the delicious fruit.

Secondly, serve yourself two large scoops of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream {I buy GV, b/c I'm cheap like that, and it's very delicious}.

-Now mix the two, and voila!!! Strawberry Delight. If you've ever had Sweet Cream and Strawberries at Marble Slab, this is a delightful homemade substitute.