Friday, September 29, 2006


Today is a bittersweet day...we're taking Okie to live at the farm. We got Okie about a week ago, and quickly realized he wasn't buying the city living! Luckily, Nancy and Ronnie offered to give him a place to run around and play. It was love at first sight :) He is so precious, and the smartest dog I have ever seen. I know that we would have been doing him an injustice having him live in a crate while we are at work, etc. He completely stole our hearts and he for sure loves his daddy! He took to JR so quickly and that's his lil buddy. We'll get to see him all the time, and he'll continue being our little baby boy!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Our busy, busy weekend!

Okay! So, we finally entertained at our house! My friend Lauren Edwards was in town from California so we had all made plans to maybe go out to dinner or meet at Starbucks, but we do that all the time. We were ready to have our friends over, so we invited everyone home! I called JR at work oh, probably six times telling him what we needed to get at the store after work, what we needed to clean, etc...he then went on to tell me that I needed to take one of my "tranquilizer" pills that the Dr. gave me when I had my ulcer. Ha, yeah I was freaking out! Everyone helped out-JR did the burger with Rico, Lauren R. made the margaritas since she's the Margarita Queen ;) Lauren E. cut up the lettuce and tomato, Clint was in and out helping everyone, and I did the fried potatoes. I was most scared about not making the potatoes just right, because I've never made them for so many people! Ha, it wasn't really that many people (it was 6) but that to me is like cooking for a small village. Lauren and Lauren both called me throughout the day telling me how excited they were to try these potatoes I talk about all the time, and they loved them. Honestly, they weren't as good as the first time I made them, but we did have an empty bowl at the end! I blame it on the size of pan I used, I definately needed a bigger one, haha. Yeah, that's what it was :) I made sure that Lauren E. brought her game of Catchphrase, and we moved the party over to the living room and played for about 2 hours. We laughed so hard playing that game! I must now display the pics I have of everyone's game faces!
Needless to say we had so much fun! We can't wait to have friends over again! This pic--> is of Lauren's "oh-gosh-how-am-i-gonna-do-this-one-face"! So funny!

I know I've been really slow about putting up pictures of the house, so I finally took some for you guys, even though most of you have seen it by now. We've made a lot of changes! Mom and dad's king size fit great in our bedroom so the my beloved bed got put in the guest room, ha! I finally had to part with my bed! We went to Home Depot the day after I took these so even the pictures aren't fully up to date but atleast you get the idea...Hope you like it!

To finish off our weekend, we went to the Cowboy game Sunday night with my dad! Gosh, it was SO fun! JR laughs at me because I get kind of star struck with T.O.! I'm just that sucker that watches these guys on tv, and then when I see them in real life I go nuts! NFL games are so diff from college games because they are SO intense and way more aggressive. JR had never been to a Cowboy game so he was super excited! It was nice to be there with my dad too :) I'm sure you guys a pictured out! but here are a couple more from the game! Nancy and Ronnie are coming to visit us this weekend, then we're coming up the weekend after to take the babies to the Fall Carnival at Central! Hope you all have a great weekend! Love love!

Monday, September 11, 2006

He's coming home!!

We spent our first wknd apart in a LOOONG time! It was much needed time away, not because of anything bad, but we all need that time to ourselves every now and then. Before we moved in together, Holly told me cherish the time you have alone because you will understand later on how important that time alone becomes. I didn't believe her then :) but I do now. Although, I must say JR likes it alot more than I do ;) I'm good with a day or so, but after that I start to miss him very very much. I'm a sap...

I also am using this to make a correction---in my last posting of Miami pics, I mistakenly uploaded a picture of JRm and it came out really small. I'm not used to this thing yet and don't know how to delete pictures, so I left it only to come home to, " Why is the only picture of me by myself so tiny??" "Huh Nat?" Soooooo, to fix this: (see new pic)----->
HAHA! I love you baby! You are precious :)
I better get back to work now, hehe.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

We're back to a land with no palm trees or ocean waves...we thought about just "missing" our flight home, but that was short-lived when we woke up and remembered WORK! Oh yeah! That silly thing called work that we have to come home for. I'm still banking on winning either the TX or OK state lottery! ha!

Our trip was so so wonderful! We beach-hopped, slept, shopped and ate a ton! All of that with our great friends, Lauren & Ricardo. We shared some funny memories, most spent while everyone was laughing at me, not with me :) Jk! We apparently don't wake up early enough for the Neaves' so every morning for them was an adventure on how they could wake us up. It eventually came down to some water on my face, and a ping-pong to the forehead. Oh yes, all happened to me. Miami is notorious for short-lived moments at the beach seeing as how it rains more than it shines in the so-called "sun-shine" state, so beach days were lovely yet limited. We'd get out there, get all nestled in with our coolers, towels and some drinks and sure enough the mother of all storms would roll in. I loved it though, because the rain makes me reaaaaaly nappy so it'd give me an excuse to go back, open all the balcony doors and sleep to the rain with my baby :) Moments I love! Miami this year, marked our one year anniversary and it was just nuts to look back over the last year and look at how many memories we've made, how many people I now consider family that I didn't even know prior to this year! I felt so lucky to have my best friends in the whole entire world there with me who have known me forever and can truly appreciate seeing me happy and in love (especially since I've seen them in love for 123,426 years now) It was an amazing trip overall, and a much needed one for all of us. Sometimes it's just necessary to get away, wherever it may be to relax and step back from all your daily worries and the routine that life demands. It allows for a refreshing start on things and a little excitement for what the next year holds!

We hope to come up soon to see you all, but I've come home with some sort of stomach flu so I may not be up for another wknd or so. Hope all is well wherever you may be! We send you lots of love!