Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the key

No one had clued me in on the miracle that is Gerber Biter Biscuits. They allowed for lunch at Cheddar's and an hour long shopping trip at Target with Aunt Jen.

We had biscuit in our hair, on our face, feet, hands, Mommy and Jen. It's so worth being covered in what looks like a wet dog biscuit.

Miracle. They are the key to MY success, as a mommy.

{grainy photo courtesy of my iPhone & of course Jen}

fried steaks & egg hunts

I don't quite know that anything makes me happier than warm weather, this face below, pizza, and cereal. The latter two, being a fault to cravings.

I 'mind-write' blogs while I shower. I'm most creative in there, and that is so weird to me. Atleast, it's not while sitting on the pot. That would be inappropriate. It's probably the boiling hot water I bathe in - must mess with my mind. It's too bad I can't 'save now' as I condition my hair.

I've just now wrapped my mind and thighs around the fact, that I again will be bearing a child. We've run a few names by each other, but I have one that keeps pulling me in - not one for keeping surprises, the thought that JR wants to keep atleast the name a secret is a monumental task for me. I can't even give you a hint, because I love it so much. The name.

Double strollers are out of the question for now. I'm not ready to be that mom. High praises for you, if you are - but I'd rather carry Baby in a basket and stroll Hudson before you see me attempting to load a 400 lb double stroller in the back of my Yukon. I'm short, it's tall - I look ridiculous trying to lift anything into that car. You're already staring me down, wondering if I've heard of 'the pill'...watching me lift a stroller would send you into a tizzy.

Tonight in celebration of the start of Easter weekend, we're having the Taliaferro's over and I will attempt for the very first time, a meal that really gets my heart happy and full of grease - Country Fried Steak and gravy. I get nervous just thinking about the flouring and frying. I have a terrible habit of making meals I've never made before the nights we have friends over.

We have been successfully sleeping thru the night at our house for over a week now. I've been fearful to even type that sentence out, knowing that could quickly change back. It hasn't though, and after a two-night-cry-it-out we are all night sleepers. I even type faster, I'm so well rested. He was never really that bad because we stopped feeding him in his 1 or 2 night wakings a few weeks back, so that then led to him just waking up out of habit. We have broken that now too, and does it feel good. There was a sense of urgency, with thoughts of TWO babies up during the night, I made an executive decision and told JR it was time.

This wknd too, is JR's 10 year high school reunion and I'm dang excited because I've always wished to be an honorary member of their town. It's one of my favorite places on this green earth. I've done some shopping this week, in hopes of finding a few outfits for this wknd to shield my 14 week doughboy 'belly'. We wish you all a happy Jesus filled-egg hunt-food-family-cute dress Easter weekend!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

thankful for this day

{my favorite tree, the bradford pear, Shannon Springs Park yesterday afternoon}

"I thank you God for most this amazing day; for leaping greenly spirits of trees

And a blue true dream of sky; and for everything which is natural

Which is infinite which is yes." — e.e. cummings

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

no words needed, well maybe a few

I get asked often, as many of you do if you're a momma - what the best part is about having a baby, my baby? My answer is this:




These snapshots of my life, my husband and my son, I guard with all my might and all the fight I have in me. Them being mine, and I theirs is the best part about having a family. Ours.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

baby sunshine

He is my sunshine, every single day - and this is why:

He got my moves and rhythm.

...and the most infectious baby giggles that are the sweetest sounds of my life.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

can't do without

I hope you don't ever do anything I 'tell' you to do. This time though, please make an exception. It will bring us closer, I can guarantee that.

This is a recommendation, but even more so, a plea to you to get off of Facebook - run to the store and indulge in this...because it will make your life happy in all sorts of places. It did mine.

Brianna's Blush Wine Vinaigrette
Per their website: "If you’re into stuff that tastes incredible, you’re in the right place. BRIANNAS is the home of the most delectable, mouth-watering, and insanely delicious salad dressings to ever caress a leaf of lettuce."

...and I can proclaim they speak nothing but truth because I am into stuff that tastes incredible and delectable. Furthermore, I know you would be a fan, such as I am, of insanely declicious things caressing your leaf of lettuce.

That sentence alone sold me. Caressing lettuce leaves. Provocative salad dressing makers.

Monday, March 15, 2010

swing baby, swing.

We spent some time at the park, the day before my baby turned 7 months old. It is so true, when 'they' say how quickly our babies will grow. I am in awe at his ever changing capabilites and the wonder in his eyes as he accomplishes more in his tiny world, at only 7 months of age.

I sometimes though, get sad at just how fast he changes and that before I know it he will be a walking, talking little boy. As I begin to enjoy one stage {build anxiety} as he is now fully mobile, and the fastest crawler I ever did see - he is on to the next thing, and now pulls up and is going from furniture to furniture only preparing me of the walking that is just around the corner.

At church on Sunday, we were reminded to take life more slowly and to avoid the rush that comes with our fast-paced world. Being a mother, his, has taught me that very same thing. If we were to focus on our to-do lists, errands, laundry, etc...we miss the simple joys of playing at the park with our babies instead of nap time, reading to them, or just holding them a few more minutes.

I remember the day Hudson was born, and when JR handed him to me, I thought this was the most I could ever love. How wrong I was that day, because today 7 months later my love for our son has grown into something I find very hard to describe, much less put in to words.

Life before loving and knowing him, seems vague now, and one I don't go back to much because I've waited my whole life to be his Mommy...

...we've joined Gymboree classes and have music and art to look forward to this week. He's making baby 'friends', and we're finally getting out of the house since Spring is on the horizon.

Hudson Bear, how much I love my days with you. You make me a happy I never knew existed. you are my sunshine

Thursday, March 11, 2010

E for Effort

* Before I start this post, I must first thank you/laugh with you/hug you for the sweet/hilarious/and shocked comments y'all gifted me with on our announcement post. I threw y'all for one heckuva loop, now :) So many of you comforted me with stories of being Irish twins, yourselves and have told of the closeness you share with your siblings. That ladies, gives me great happiness and comfort, and one only this small and wild world of blogging can give. I owe y'all a cupcake tea party in return for the encouragement and joy you've given us in your kind words - if only we could ever all gather ♥ I'd wear my finest hat, just for you {because a pretty hat is key for a successful cupcake tea party}.

- and now to my original post.

As I've mentioned the last 11 weeks I have looked and felt the part of an Oklahoma bag lady, and I now miss my highlighted 'blonde' hair, Botox'd forehead, and makeup'd mug.

Now before, you get to judging my vain-sounding self - give me one minute to tell you what living in sweats and smelling Gerber food all day does to a pregnant soul for 11 weeks. It's vile. I feel sorry even for my husband who gets the pleasure of seeing the rotation of my ever growing wardrobe of jammies, and my ratty hair in a ponytail. I think even Hudson has noticed.

I'm on the horizon of approaching the end of the first trimester. I can see the light and it is so brightly shining on my face. That, and I can feel Spring nearing. Both are neat. If you've been with child non-stop like I have, you know the feeling when your body slowly feels normal again, food isn't your worst enemy and suddenly you open your makeup drawer, and your makeup bag is dusty and lonely because you've neglected her for so long. You finally want her again, want to reconnect.

For the sake, of all.

The Botox will obviously have to wait many, many moons but you better DANG believe I'm gonna highlight my strands here in a quick minute.

I'm not the competitive type, and that may pain some of you to know. I live with the man who might well be the most competitive man-creature to have ever walked this green earth. Thus, quite the opposite of him, my motto has always been, 'E for Effort", because I always feel like if I try I win!!! He feels quite the opposite. Haha, that makes you competitive folk chuckle with sarcastic glee, doesn't it? Never pick me for your team, unless it's for sideline encouragement. I got sidetracked.

My effort is now devoted to showering, makeup'ing, hair do'ing, and attempting a look-good weighing a good 35 pounds plus. Yessssssssss.

To begin my efforts, which I will document, since you care {??} - I purchased this below, because the first step to feeling good is smelling good.

Give me your fragrance picks, what makes you smell pretty? give me suggestions aside from Lolita, please :)

Sunday, March 07, 2010

from three to FOUR ♥

The time has come. The time to finally tell you why I've been absent from blogging, showers, making dinner, makeup, etc...

I've lived in sweats the past few weeks, and my beauty regimen consists of brushing my teeth and a shower if the day goes just right. It's doubtful that my hair get brushed, just my teeth.

I feel way worse this go-round, than I did the first one. It's probably because I did it only 7 months ago.

We've sat Hudson down and explained that he is getting a baby. A baby brother or sister.

...and..............We're having a BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and that baby is swiftly growing and gaining speed inside the comforts of my womb as I type. Come September 28th-ish we will be a family of four, and after the initial {shock/suspense} our hearts are full knowing we are expanding {my waistline} and will have a baby-filled house.

I always wished to have all of my children by the age of 30. The rate we're at, we could have a bevy of tots by then. I kid. I hope :)

It is much more challenging to be with-child when your other with-child is a crawling, pulling-up, active 7 MONTH OLD who is currently spending his every waking minute perfecting his balance to WALK. Gone are the days, of laying around eating Ruffles and dip.

My energy levels are in the negatives, and my morning sickness lingers at night. Somehow I survive, and I owe that to some anti-nausea, the smiles I get in the morning from my Bear, and my husband whom I could not do without.

At only 10 wks in, I've already said goodbye to my skinny jeans. Goodbye, I love you. I hope this isn't our last encounter. You complete me.

All sickness and tiredness aside, we wake with very thankful hearts that we are blessed to have children easily, the luxury to share them and this time in our lives with our families, and a happy, healthy, baby-filled home ♥

So, I'm back. This time with Daddy, Mommy, Hudson Bear, and Sweet Tiny Two.