Thursday, September 30, 2010

week one of parenthood x 2

I really have to use the term 'parenthood' lightly because we've had an army of help--it's more like parent/grandparent-hood. I wouldn't have emerged from my cage of nursing yet if it weren't for the help we've had since arriving home from the hospital, a family of four.

We only stayed one night in the hospital, due to a complication free delivery {minus one snafu, I will later tell a delivery story} and outside of coming home to the most precious Big Brother I've ever known--I too, came home to this...Aunt Lu.

My best. She drove all the way from Dallas--for the day--JR had known the whole time, only to surprise me and of course to meet her newest niece. We got to chat/hug/cry for all of 30 mins before she had to get back on the road, but to share that moment with my friend is a never-forget kind of thing in life. Thank you, Lu for somehow always managing to find a way to share in literally, all, of the huge moments in our life. We love you, big.

I only know one way to be, blunt. My blog is my blunt-ness outlet--therefore, I must keep it real and say that JR and I had many a'conversation about how on earth we could love this new baby as much as we love our Hudson Bear. With your first, it is as if your heart will burst if you could even fathom loving them anymore than you do...I sincerely worried that I wouldn't have enough to go around for both of my babies. I felt shamed to even think the thoughts of such, but it was a true concern of mine. How very wrong I was. How very wrong, we both were.

You, Belle Monroe are perfect. You were Made for us. You were meant to be ours--Daddy's, Momma's, and Hudson's. From the minute I heard you cry, and Daddy put you in my arms it was as if my heart quadrupled in size within an instant and my Mommy heart instantly fell in love, like, obsession and adoration with both of my babies. Your Daddy gazes at you, and is already wrapped around that itty bitty skinny pinky of yours. I'm not sure I've seen him gaze much, maybe at your Momma some :) but sweet baby, he is yours. All yours.

You've got a Brother Bear, whom has yet to fully understand who you are/what you are--but we've caught him a few times sneaking you a kiss and peeking over your bassinet when he hears you cry. Little do you both know, you've now met the best friend of your life. My two babies, you will both love each other more than your tiny minds can even understand right now--and that is a thought that brings me to tears.

Momma. I'm your Momma. A momma to a baby girl. Growing up, I always imagined myself a mommy to three boys. Why? No clue. Never, never saw nor could see myself a mommy to a girl. After growing you, and now knowing you I cannot bear to think back to a life without you. My daughter, you are a gift to me and to our family--but have opened up a whole new side of my understanding of being a mother and an even greater appreciation of my own.

You are beautiful beyond words, and my second Sooner baby. This time, a Sooner babydoll--one I can put bows on for gameday :) a small dream of mine.

I'm able to nurse you, and that in and of itself has been a miraculous time spent with you. I know now how quickly my baby will grow and I look forward to those moments I spent attached to you. Even the 3am moments, believe it or not...I love knowing that it is me, that nourishes you.

A week, documented of your first week of life Miss Monroe. What a week, and what a joy it's been introducing you to the world. On to week two of loving you, baby girl.

{and a last funny, of how I found you in the car after your first dr's appt}

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our Daughter

Belle Monroe Pettijohn
Born September 20th, 2010
7 lbs 7 oz
20 3/4 in
2:26 pm

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

38 weeks - 5 days away!

I'm rotund, and am growing a more burgeoning Belle belly daily. She must be packing on those ounces, because my sleepless nights are here and my lungs feel like I've run a marathon daily {which we all know ain't so}.

{pay no mind to my sausage roll arms, gag - my collection of OU hats, my 6 inch pre-preg heels, or my leopard slippers, what?}

My updating was delayed because after a night of what I was dang sure were 'Braxtons', I found out at my doctor's appt last Wednesday that I'm strolling around town 2 1/2 cm dilated and 75 % effaced. Like, whoa. {JR thought that would cause her to just fall out - I reassured him this isn't so although sounds much more appealing than the hoop-la it takes to really birth a tiny human princess. He then recalled August 5th, 2009 and realized there's no falling out involved.} That sent us into a baby-prep tizzy because this momma didn't even have diapers for my Princess Belle - I know, I know. Hey, I've got a melt-your-heart-kinda-precious one year old that demands much of his momma. Diapers and wipes for a teeny tiny tush have been far from my mind. Hello, denial? procrastinator? ohmystars.

I can now say proudly that after MUCH help from my ma-in-law and now my ma, we are 88% ready for her arrival should she decide to close up shop before Monday which is our induction date. In fact, after watching the Today Show this morning I'm hoping we make it to Monday because they prepared a pork chop/onion/apple meal that I'm planning on 'whipping' up this wknd for our family. Dang yum.

If you recall we were Pittsburgher's for a short while last year, and my nearest dearest and greatest from P-town- Kyndal, sent me some make-ahead recipes and I spent one night this week fixing batches of food to feed my family as we enter the unforseen world of parenting two babes 13 months apart. So far I've got Mexican Spaghetti, Chicken Broccoli Stuffed Shells, and Egg Noodle Casserole - food for weeks. I high-fived myself upon finishing. It really is worth spending a few hours in the kitchen to know you've got meals saved up. I'm lazy like that.

I've caught you up on our happenings, and as we enter 5 days to go - I hope to keep you all posted via blog on the updates of the arrival of our BELLE MONROE!!! Until then, many hugs and a Boomer Sooner :)

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

diaper rash - a recommendation

This actually from our end is far more than a recommendation - rather a true life saver/sanity saver/sleep saver...

A few weeks back, we were battling some of the more atrocious diaper rash I've ever witnessed, I'm talking baby blood. It was gory, sad, and every diaper change made us both cry. I hurt for my Bear. After a trip to his pedi, and some calls to triage nobody could give me any solution to our problem. I knew some pedi's recommended some prescription type ointments, but mine {grr} wouldn't nor claimed to know of any product outside of the usual Desitin, etc... fail. Huge fail.

So, as most angry and desperate mommies do, I googled {which to be very honest, I've sometimes found more answers via google than the dang doctor - I'm kind of a self-diagnoser, and quite accurate I might add :)}. Lo and behold, I came across review after review after review of Triple Paste and immediately ordered a tube online crossing my fingers that maybe this would provide some relief for my baby.

I was at Walmart that very same day, and my eyes lit UP, when I saw it in the baby aisle!!!! I likely peed myself, and bought the LAST tube they had left. I now pick one up everytime I go.

It really and truly worked baby butt wonders, and after TWO days he was cured. He had been going on a week of every cream, ointment you can think of and this stuff was miraculous in it's healing powers after only two days :) Hudson has had a very rough go at teething, and at the first sight of any redness or irritation we lather on some Triple Paste at night before bedtime and prettystarsabove, the next morning it's gone!!!

I don't often do recommendations because I always fear that what works for me may not work for you - but I can guarantee that if you too have diaper rash episodes, this will save your life and that precious tush of your babe's. A few places you can find it at are: