Sunday, January 31, 2010


OK got some snow. Just enough snow to help introduce Bear to the puffy white snow that falls here.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Walrus CRAWLER and did I just hear "MAMA"????

I'm not much of a video poster, but in the last three days, our baby has sprouted into a walrus and has officially started babbling. My sweet tiny, is 'talking' and a magic word was said...

I turned my back and he was halfway across the room, CRAWLING! The video I have is not of his first time, but without further wait---here is Hudson the Walrus doing his walrus crawl!

I'm not sure if he quite realizes that he's saying the most precious word I have ever heard said to me, but we repeat it to him often------and as of this morning, at any point of frustration of tiredness, he babbles and says something VERY close to MAMA!

I couldn't believe my Momma eyes, BAH! 5 months has been quite the month for us :) Lots of changes in our baby BEAR.

Friday, January 22, 2010

a shower a day

We're there. Hudson and I.

I'm at a shower a day, finally. You take for granted--your pre-baby self, that you can shower at your own pace, shave your legs {both of them}, and even double condition your hair.

Even sing.

Because that's what I do. I now sing though, to Hudson Bear, if he has neglected a nap and so desires to hear his Momma sing shower songs. Most of my shower songs are Christmas songs, too. I'm sure he's over that. I am.

We've been busy with our house, and setting up our new life back in Oklahoma. It hasn't been that hard, to be very honest. My brother lives an hour away, our niece and nephew---an hour away, The Farm--an hour away. OU--5 minutes away. You get it.

Life just feels good right now. The kind of good that makes your skin tingle.

Hudson has now 'learned' or rather, heard the word, 'no'. It is said quite frequently now, our Bear has swiftly morphed into an active {and by active I mean in the realm of maniacal}. He is VERY close to crawling, and yesterday did a frog-leap. A true toadfrog leap.

Pulled his arms forward and his two little legs jumped. Daddy and I laughed til we hurt.

His mobile, is no longer, as you can see above. I heard a clicking sound via monitor, and this is what I saw. One of the funnier moments I've walked into, in parenthood. He looked very perplexed at the fail of his mobile.

Maybe next week, if you're good, I'll tell you about my Craigslist addiction and I'll showcase my purchases.

I'm sure you're on the edge of your seat. I can tell.

...and I may even talk to you about how I've managed to sqeeze into my skinny jeans and the number of lunges I have to do around my house to zip them up---not my skinny skinny's. Just the skinny ones.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Mommies of Graco Strollers:

{My dad sent me this article today, and although we are Chicco owners---I know many of you are Graco momma's and I wanted to send this your way in case you had not yet read/heard.}

About 1.5 million Graco strollers sold at Wal-Mart, Target and other major retailers are being recalled after some children's fingertips were amputated by hinges on the products.
The recall by Graco Children's Products Inc. includes certain model numbers of its Passage, Alano and Spree Strollers and Travel Systems. The Exton, Pa., company received seven reports of children placing their fingers in a stroller's canopy hinge as the canopy was being opened or closed. Five children had their fingertips severed and two children received cuts on their fingertips.

The strollers were made in China by Graco and sold at AAFES, Burlington Coat Factory, Babies R Us, Toys R Us, Kmart, Fred Meyer, Meijer, Navy Exchange, Sears, Target, Wal-Mart and other retailers nationwide from October 2004 to December 2009.

In announcing the recall Wednesday, the Consumer Product Safety Commission said the strollers pose an amputation and laceration hazard to children when opening or closing the canopy. The government advised consumers to stop using the strollers and contact Graco to receive a free repair kit.

The recall involves strollers made between October 2004 and February 2008. The model numbers and manufacture dates are on the lower inside portion of the rear frame, just above the rear wheels.

This is the second major recall in recent months of strollers that led to fingertip amputations and injuries. Last November, about a million Maclaren strollers were recalled after there were 12 reports of children's fingertips being amputated by a hinge mechanism.
The safety commission is now examining all strollers with the designs that have caused the fingertip amputations, said spokesman Scott Wolfson.

"CPSC is taking a larger look at the entire product line to determine what steps need to be taken to keep children safe in and around strollers," he said.
For more information about the recalled strollers, consumers can call 800-345-4109 or visit

Thursday, January 14, 2010

please help me!

We are in full out teething chaos. I say chaos, because my angel baby turned into a full-time crab and both he and I have had the most exhausting week in his whole precious 5 months.

We are hands-free, NEVER. He wants to be held at all times, and even then isn't fully satisfied. He has a red tush, swollen gums, and there's nothing this Momma can do to make it all better. Teething is welcome to leave our house, so my sweet tiny can feel all baby better. I'm about to kick teething in the {bad word}.

A shower a day is sparce, and I type now in my pj's--from last night. Ick.

I come to you. Trusting you know way more than me.

Do you have any teething remedies, suggestions, {Happy Hour}, advice?

I just ordered Sophie the Giraffe, after reading blogs, ofcourse---but any other help would be so very appreciated.

Thank you,
one very tired Momma

Thursday, January 07, 2010


This is the second time JR and I have been to Uruguay together---the last time though was quite different.

I was his bride-to-be, with nuptials only 5 months away.

Our time at the beach was spent plugged up to my Ipod, mind-dancing all of my awesome moves to the coolest Britney song {don't judge me b/c I'm a Brit fan}. She may be one poo of a mom, but that girl has the best studio-processed voice I ever did hear...and it makes me WANNA DANCE. You probably like me more, that I told you that. Maybe less, a lot less.

I no longer spend my vacation thinking about what a being a wife is like, how my wedding dress will fit, and how ever I am going to learn how to make casseroles. I've always associated 'wife' with 'casserole'. How 1950's of me.

This trip I think about how many bottles I need to prepare before the beach, if we packed enough toys for Hudson, and if my bathing suit smells like milk.

Much has changed in two years. We skipped out last year because I was with-child, and now my with-child is here..and he is ever so beautiful and perfect.

We are in a different chapter in life, and it's more fun. Way more fun.

I initially began this post to tell you about Punta, because it's a lovely place and I wish I could bring you here to have a cup of tea with me by the sea. Rhyming makes it sound so fun.

Bear loves it, and I think you would too.

The vegatation inland more closely resembles a forest, but upon turning around there is ocean.

Dinner is usually around 9 pm, but the true vacationers don't go out to eat until 11 or so. The bars/clubs/nightlife goes until 6am...with breakfast at noon.

Argentines and Brazilians galore. With some cruise ships as visitors now too. Hello, Americans!

Dinner isn't just a purpose to eat. We have asados here. Argentine BBQ. A 6-hr dinner, and I love it.

There is la feria at night, where you can buy local goodies like sheepskin slippers and local art.

My dad has been vacationing here since he was 10.

I hope Punta del Este will be as special to our babies as it is to me.

It's a world away from home, but it is a true joy to share this place with our family and these two boys that have my whole heart.

Monday, January 04, 2010

it's a new year

...and we're beachin' it. The temps around here hover in the low 100's so a rainy, humid day like our Monday is a welcome one.

That 'tummy bug' that plagued Bear in the previous post hit me on our travel day on the Miami leg of our trip. A 9-hr flight with a stomach flu could very well be, and I can actually proclaim that it is, the most heinous and revolting way to fly on a plane. We were in the middle section of an exit row, and I very much wanted to politely 'exit' myself off the plane.

Hudson needs a Momma, and even more so, I need him. Thus, my decision to stay put in my coach seat...was.

Upon landing, and once thru customs, Daddy said he wasn't feeling fabulous and wonderful.

The stomach flu won, and our little family of three missed NYE 2010. We laid in bed and recovered from the BIG BAD TUMMY BUG.

We were only 'out' a day, and by Thursday it was a-go. I've gained two pounds since arriving here, because the yummy deliciousness is plentiful. Those take place of the two pounds I lost via stomach flu, right? whatever.

The mornings start late, and the nights end around 1am which works out pretty well with our boy because we're four hours ahead Bear thinks staying up til '9' is a PARTY with Mommy and Daddy.

We're working on our tans here, and making sure Bear stays heavily sunscreened and has plenty of room to work on his crawl.

I have millions of pictures to share with you, and we'll leave you with a glimpse into what our days are filled with. Baby and beach :)

More to come....
but more importantly---we wish you the happiest of new year's and a blessed 2010.

Saturday, January 02, 2010


Under construction...check back soon!