Wednesday, September 14, 2011

and...I'm back. Please, contain all that excitement.

I was asked a couple of times during my self-imposed blogging hiatus, if it was because we were just 'too busy' that I stopped. Yes, but yes and no. I got quite lazy. It's not that I didn't miss the sound of the keyboard and such, but what little time I have left in the day for me - tends to end with me watching my murder mysteries. That's totally embarrassing to admit, but honest nonetheless.

Confession above, I can tell you that there are things in our life that are for certain:

That my Bear and my Cupcake have grown. Immensely. He now a full TWO years old. He's a sweet little muffin. Still a lover of 'lammy', his bff - and his 'bopper' the pacifier that we've finally started to wean him of. We didn't even know the mouth full of humongous toofies he was hiding in there....and that smile. Oh, that smile. It's rare to catch him with a big grin, but when you get it, it's quite possibly as pretty as sunshine. He's a handsome little soul. There are favorites of his - his grandparents and Daddy, take precedence over just about everyone but Lammy. It is an adoration worth sitting back and watching. Babies can love completely uninhibited, and his big heart sure knows how.

Cupcake is a week away from her very first birthday. There are days I'm still in disbelief that she is mine. It may have something to do with the silliness that I always 'knew' I'd have three boys. I don't. We were blessed with her tiny little self. So generous, joyous, gorgeous, and feisty. All girl, she is. Every morning, when I get her from bed she squeezes my neck as hard as she possibly can and hugs me until one of us eventually has to let go. She loves her momma something fierce, and the love I have for her and for what she's brought to our family is totally and absolutely inexplicable.

There are days when I have to laugh out loud, because I'll catch myself telling someone that 'I've finally got it!'. That I've mastered motherhood. Oh, the LIES. I do believe it sometimes, that I at last got the hang of it. Quickly though, I am humbled when Cupcake has a new 'thing' where when you change a dirty diaper she tries to snatch it and throw it before you've even cleaned her up. Seriously. Or, when the two year old fits seem like they last all day - or sometimes even for an entire week. I find myself in prayer often, hoping to make it thru nap time or that I get dinner on the table before 9pm. I've learned in my journey of having two babies of the ages of two and under - that motherhood has mastered me. It will on certain days, swallow me whole, but on most - it is a swell in my heart so full and overwhelming that above all...I know of the utmost certainty that I am blessed in ways I know, I do not deserve. That I was given the babies to be mine, and to have the responsibility of showing them the good, preparing them for the bad, and protecting their innocence for as long as is possible, is the greatest honor there ever was.

My favorite time of year is shortly upon us, and with mine and Bear's birthday's behind us - we now begin the celebrations of Belle, JR, and of course the holidays. I go a bit overboard with pumpkin spice syrup in my coffee, we play tirelessly outside, and I plan on a new recipe 3-4 nights a week. These are a few of the things that dominate our 'fall'. I started and took Hudson out of a mother's day out program. A wonderful one, actually. It seems though, that neither of us was quite ready to be away from the other. I missed him. He cried for me. We were just a mess. So, we wait until next year. By far, my hardest 'parenting' moment thus far.


After a much needed blogging break, I happily invite you back into our home as we enter the very best time of year. I must go for the day, as I have grocery shopping {ugh} and Pinterest :) to do. Happy Wednesday, friend.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

in preparation

there is no such thing as too early, for them to know. for my babies to know that Jesus died on the cross for them. he loves them more than they can understand. i'm preparing a few crafts for Hudson to do this year. projects that reflect the reason why we celebrate Easter. He is the Reason.

this is the jellybean cross activity. my preparation of it.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

life via the iPhone

If it weren't for iPhone evidence that we're alive and well, then you'd think we ran off to Miami and never returned :) not true, well atleast not yet!

Here is proof we've just been busy and busy and even a little more busy than that.

Monday, February 21, 2011

giveaway winner!

The winner of the Opolis Clothing Giveaway is...............

Danielle L of The L Family!

She said: I'd love a sooners shirt for my little guy. super cute.

Danielle, please email me {natalie(dot)pettijohn(at)gmail(dot)com} your choice of shirt for you, choice of shirt for your baby boy, and your address please :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

life is...

...putting flowers in her hair.

marry you

i love you, i love you, i love you. and so happy to be your wife. life is so good.

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Monday, February 14, 2011


I get excited about much. So very many things. One thing that brings happiness to my day and life is sharing 'things' with you. This giveaway holds a special place in my giveaway heart because Opolis Clothing Company was started by two fellow Sooners. I will always support that which comes from the land of crimson and cream. You betch'a. They came up with a solution to a problem I know you've had if you're as die hard about your school as I am (all college gear looks the SAME). In their own words:

Pat and Zac met in Middle School in 1995. They went to college together at the University of Oklahoma. Pat and Zac were both taken into the college life…classes, fraternities, friends and of course, sports. It was then that the guys noticed a lack of quality vintage looking college t-shirts. They were determined to find an old Oklahoma vintage tee to wear to the next football game. After searching stores, websites, even thrift stores, nothing could be found quite like what they had pictured. They knew it was time for a change.

Pat and Zac wanted a vintage university t-shirt that was soft, comfortable, and made of good quality material. They wanted to create the old times of university life. They fell in love with the old mascots, chants, lettering, and styles. While creating their designs, they knew throwing an old design on a brand new shirt, or putting a brand new design on an old t-shirt just wouldn’t cut it. That’s why they took the best of both and created the unique style that you find at Opolis today. They had a few designs here and there and showed them to their friends. Everyone they showed loved the styles and wanted to buy the tees immediately. The guys knew they were on to something.

Their idea became a reality as they decided to come up with their own line of vintage tees for people of all ages from seniors to alumni, to students, to fans and even to babies. Their goal is to create the vintage style that so many people had expressed an interest in. This was the beginning of Opolis Clothing Company!

Ok! So this giveaway is for ONE women's t-shirt OF YOUR CHOICE and ONE baby t-shirt or onsie OF YOUR CHOICE!! Humongous!

To enter...
for one entry: become a follower AND tell me which of the items you would like to win
for two entries: become a follower, 'like' Opolis Clothing on Facebook, AND tell me which of the items you would like to win
for three entries: become a follower, like 'Opolis Clothing' on Facebook, post about this giveaway on your blog, AND tell me which of the items you'd like to win

Below are the schools they currently have designs for and the ones you can choose from! Arkansas-Kansas-Missouri-Oklahoma-Oklahoma State-SMU-TCU-Tulsa

Check out their website for their full line of vintage college apparel! This giveaway closes Thursday February 17th at 6pm!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

are you busy, too?

We've got company this evening (a friend of JR's), company tomorrow (one of the prettiest families I know) you might know of them! We have a birthday party celebrating a one year old in this most precious family this weekend, too. That's how we do :) busy, busy, and busy. We love it. I think our calendar is full into the middle of March. A calendar, hahaha! It always makes me laugh when my girlfriend's and I, 'put' each other in our calendars. Lame! I have to do that or I'll forget to shower, even. Lame! Do you have a calendar for your family?? Please tell me you do. I definitely have some blog world friends that I would LOVE to put in my calendar one day! Cheers to the totally creepy world of blogging!!

I was going to do one of my '10 things you should know about Natalie' posts, but I always think of them when I'm in the car listening to Kesha or something else horribly inappropriate for a mother of two to be jamming to. Alone. In the car. I then forget by the time I'm actually at the computer.I'll tell you one since I've already built you up with such anticipation.

#6 thing you should know about me: I use really cheap makeup. I read all of these blogs of girls who use high-end clothes, shoes (I do share in this, shoot - can't resist a nice shoe), makeup, toilet paper. Whatever. I've got two tiny's, a home I like to decorate, a dog that has some toys more costly than my clothes, and maybe one day a week that I actually wear it. My only splurge is Bare Escentuals eye shadow. They're stellar and shiny. Outside of that, my face is courtesy of whatever they stock at Walmart and Target. I hope you can't tell, and if you can just don't tell me.

Before I leave you with some fun and excitement tomorrow, I'll leave you today with two pictures I posted a few years ago of JR and I as tots. I'd say our babies are a pretty fair blend of the both of us, with more a lean towards JR :) I'll take that, he's hot.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

do you like color?

I love all white, but if not that, I'm starting to come around to the bright side. I'm loving homes with bold colors, but really have no idea where to start. Shoot.

If only JR would let me paint somewhere in our house this color:

Orange Bedroom

Like a burnt mango color. Mmmmm. I love. Against that white. I die.

Do you have color in your house? where? tell me!!! please and please :)

Friday, February 04, 2011

the little things

I always tell you about how fast life goes, especially mine. There are days that after changing 17 diapers, washing bottles 3x in one day, and throwing food in the crockpot - those little things slip by. The ones that make you grateful to be alive. Like these...

That 'family' sign above, was a gift from some of the people that share a gigantic part of our heart - Lauren and Rico - I believe it was a gift from them on our very first Christmas as married's. It's traveled from Texas, to Pennsylvania, and it now is home in Oklahoma. Everytime I look at it, I think of them. That's a little thing that makes me grateful to be alive.

I love my husband. He knows it. There are days though - that after changing 17 diapers, washing bottles 3x a day, and after throwing food in the crockpot that I forget...I forget to be sweet. I do. I'll 'fess up. Sometimes he comes home and I nag, about many things. In lieu of my lack of sweet, I've set up '30 reasons why I love you' all around our house. Some funny, some real. A reminder that I'm not always a nag, and I really do love you. Even when you leave your wet towels on the floor...even when. *sigh*

Leaving JR notes, that I know he appreciates...that's a little thing that makes me grateful to be alive.

I used to make us meals that came out of boxes when we first started dating. That was a long way from the ramen and hot dogs I ate while in college. I didn't even know Food Network existed. I didn't really care. Thankfully, things changed. I now cook, and I now love it. It doesn't scare me like it once did. I almost caught our Dallas apartment on fire. Really. What's even better is that every meal I make, I have JR rate on a 1-10 scale. We like games like that, keeps it fun y'all.

We're snowed in. We have been for a few days now. There's only two things 'people' do when you're snowed in, right? We won't name them here, publicly. As all are calling for a baby boom, I'm COOKING. Holed up in my kitchen. Our house will NOT be contributing to the snow day baby boom. Instead, I made you bread. If only I could blog the smell the bread gave my house. This was with no breadmaker, sister. Just me, flour, my kitchenaid, flour and flour. Did I say flour? It turned out delicious. The recipe called for six loaves, I ended up with three. What??? Either way it was fun to make, and I am dang proud of myself. It's so delicious and even nutritious! Beat that. Can't.

Being able to gift it though to your friends, is one of the little things that makes me grateful to be alive.

...oh, and these two faces. my angels. (my toddler-tempered baby boy, and baby belle). angels, 98% of the time. we're working on that other two percent :) oh, my heavens.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

where i come from

When thinking of this post, I had/have no intentions of this being a sap of a story...but I'm not sure that I can talk of my parents without it being somewhat of an emotional (happily-emotional) way of words for me.

Most that know me outside of blog life, know that both my brother and I were adopted. I've thought much of revealing this, only because I don't know that this is such a huge part of who I am. To me, adoption and being an adopted child play such a monumental and at the very same time, a very small role in what made me.

There is a 'thing' that I think wanders the minds of those blessed enough to be adopted - at least for me it did - that the idea of mothering and giving birth to your own children seems somewhat a suspicious thing. A curiousity. How can a parent that did not give birth to a child, love that baby as it's own? I was two days old when I was adopted. Two. At the age of seven I found out about my story, both my brother and I. My parents never hid the fact, and even encouraged us to seek out more about ourselves if wanted.

I chose to never know more of the two days before I was my parent's daughter. I had a mom. I had a dad. Two people that in the twenty seven years of my life have not once waivered their love me, their care for me, and the inexplicable bond I share with them as my parent's daughter.

I was theirs, I am theirs. They chose to love me, and although it is a strange thought to feel gratitude for the love of your own parents...I do, and it sometimes overwhelms me the life they have provided for both my brother and I. They are the two best people I know. There is no better. Both are my best friends, and have supported the both of us in anything and everything that's ever come along our way - ever. I know that must have been hard with me!

They now share the overflow of love in the lives of my babies. The roles shift in life and I now know the feeling of being a parent. The joys, the fears, the triumphs, the tears, and the true true happiness that a child brings. I have yet to find a greater experience personally, than to share the babies with my parents.

They love me, the same way I love my babies. The very same way. I say adoption is and isn't a big part of me, because my parents made it that way. It was never to make us feel different, nor to define us. It never did for me, and I rarely - if ever, think of where I came from. My life started with my parents. Didn't yours?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

long distance love

They haven't met yet, but between families we've arranged a baby love for these two...

meet Porter Knight Braly {how many kinds of cute/precious/omgaw is he??}

He's the newest babe in a family so so so very dear to us, these folk. 'These folk' happen to be the kind of friends that are family, you have some like that. We don't share them, though. Mine. Porter was born only two weeks after our Belle Monroe, and they share a baby love they are just not quite aware of yet.

You see, shortly after Belle made her grand debut we received a package in the mail from Pittsburgh. Inside, was a sweet little dress for our baby doll and we told her it was from Porter. So, this is her personal thank you to her baby boyfriend. Don't think we haven't been way presumptuous and envisioned these babies to be roaming Soonerland one day with their older brothers...Belle Braly? How CUTE is that? omgaw. They're sweet, smart, handsome, and DANG cute. She can date a Braly.

She was so excited to send her message to Porter, that she forgot her BOW! We quickly corrected that situation and she was ready for her shot.

Dearest Braly's, if relaying messages via our babies/phone calls/texts is how we stay connected we'll take it. Counting down the days. We love you! all FOUR of you!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

want to come over?

My most precious Bear is very very sick with an ear infection and sat with a 102.9 degree fever in my arms all day yesterday :( break my heart. eesh. to shreds. I can say now that it is fact that seeing your children sick or suffer is the worst thing ever.

JR is home too, today with a stomach bug--so I'm playing nurse to both of my boys today. I sent JR upstairs in hopes that the wicked bug stays clear of me and my babies. I've been whipping up some rice the way my mama makes it for me when I'm sick, and loaded up a tray with some crackers and a big glass of 7up in hopes that I can nurse JR back to health, soon...

Doesn't my house sound SO fun and SO germy. Ick.

----on a happy note, I could dedicate an entire post to my love of Bruno Mars' voice. It makes me happy, and this song I leave you with I cannot stop playing over and over and over and over. Since you can't come over and play today, I'll share the song with you.

Friday, January 21, 2011

house shuts down

If it weren't for my ma-in-law, our house seriously would have shut completely down. I have been out of commission since last Sunday. I had an epic night last Saturday, having been within 5 feet of Sam Bradford (whom we named our pup after). If you aren't in the world of Sooner, I'll inform you that he is my athletic crush-- a former OU quarterback and currently the Rams' QB. He is dang cute, and I about lost my marbles when I came upon him. Here's phone evidence of this epic moment in my life.

I think the intensity of that situation shot my immune system, and I've been sick now since last Sunday. Fail. I then passed it on to my both of my babies. JR woke up sneezing today, and I know he's next...JR's mom has rescued us all and helped me care for my babies. Thankthestarryheavensforher.

Upon return of my healthy self, I'll be back to catch up on blog life with you. Hope your house is virus-free...

Thursday, January 06, 2011

it's a new year

It's two thousand eleven. Wow. It's so hard to believe that 2010, came and went. That fast. I can barely keep up.

I'm sure you were awake last night in the wee hours of the morn' wondering what my New Year's Resolution was...

Worry not, I'll tell you. There is no appropriate way that you can keep me accountable so you'll just have to take my word for it, that I vow to hold true to my resolution this year.

I resolute to not get pregnant in 2011. I do remember that I previously gave you permission to slap my face if I did in fact bear another child anytime in the near future. I'm not quite sure that resolute is the correct word, but you catch my drift. No babies. I'm going to raise and thoroughly enjoy the tiny tots I've got currently roaming my house. All bets are against me.

What's your resolution? Do share.