Tuesday, June 02, 2009

the thrift within

My thrifty-ness has had to flourish since moving, because I did away with my real job and took on the rewarding, yet equally demanding job of a housewife. The one that doesn't pay in monetary value.

My husband has had to remind me daily that my paychecks come in the form of hugs and kisses now, and sadly enough, online retailers don't take hugs and kisses for payment. How terribly unfortunate. That being said, I have had loads of fun being thrifty and finding good deals and it excites me to the n'th degree to find such low cost deals. Then it makes me want to buy millions of low cost things, thus turning into a contradicting process. Either way, I must share my finds {purchases} for the day!

This king size duvet in MOCHA, from Overstock.com for only $39.99!!!!!
I also added these striped pillows in MOCHA too, to match, because I love mixing stripes with prints. Cost: $15.99
All for a grand total of $58.93 {2.95 shipping}

A whole duvet set under $60?!?! It makes me giddy inside.


Rob and Amy said...

A) I LOVE that Duvet!!!!!!
B) LOVE the pillows!!!
C) LOVE LOVE the price!
D) Whiskey and Coke?! GIRL you are hard core!!! (well, maybe it's because I don't enjoy wiskey that much :)) A majority of the liquors I love are clear =)

Ricardo and Lauren said...

LOVE it!!! all of it!!

S. said...

sweet!! that is great! show us pics when you have it all set up.

Nat said...

Love the duvet, the price even more!

Abby said...

Get it, girl! Love mixing patterns too. Watch for a recent thrifty purchase of mine...it's rather hilarious ;)

Lisa said...

I love it! Good job momma =)
Please share it all.

Elizabeth said...

Cool Set! I love the mocha and the blue!
I got my Ralph Lauren set on Ebay for crazy cheap last year. Makes you happy to find great stuff for cheapo. Why pay full price if you don't have to?!?
Have fun moving your stuff to your new house today!

Mandie said...

That is EXCELLENT!!! Maybe I should take a look at overstock!!! ;)

Sweet Simplicity said...

I LOVE it all!!

Jeremy said...
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