Wednesday, April 28, 2010

short and sweet and stressed

My baby slept through the night, so when 7:40 {an hour earlier than his normal wake time} rolled around this morning I was eager to go see his squishy face.

He has cried/fussed/yelled in my face for the last 4 hours. I've tried it all, to obviously, no avail. Not a crier, my babe, this is a rarity in our house - and an event I am ill prepared for.

Does anyone have a non-alcoholic remedy for a stressed out morning of a cry-fest? oh my stars.

....on the plus side, good things are happening for our family this be continued...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

finally - i show you how humongous i am

First, I'll show you what you really want to see. My enormous 17 week belly. 17 weeks today, and in my defense this is after dinner at Red Lobster and a late night snack of Ruffles and dip. It's kind of this big all day though - that's what growing babies back to back will do to your muscles. They just give way, completely.

{grainy phone pic, too lazy to pull out the big dog}

We've been friends for awhile now, so I feel okay showing you what I really look like at the end of the day and 17 weeks pregnant. My pants and shirt don't match, but if you went to class with me in college, you'd know that I don't care too much for matching clothes. Getting dressed for an 8am pysch class in the dark didn't allow for a 'complete' outfit. That's neither here nor there, and Baby.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

it's the most wonderful time of the year {part 1}

I used to say the holiday season was the most wonderful time of the year - but lately, and pardon the sap, I'm finding it hard to narrow down my very very favorite. Our baby Bear is daily growing, and fast. Lightning speed, actually. Thus making, our whole entire year quite lovely.

Every month with him builds more excitement than the previous as he embarks on new 'talents' and 'tricks'. The warm weather has allowed us a lot of time outside, and even a visit from some of our very favorite people - my amazing parents, and Hudson's abuelos. I'll withhold the details of the laying out I've been doing and the subsequent heat rash I sported for 3 days. It felt like I had sat in a fire ant pile, for hours, and made snow angels in it. I took pictures of it and sent it to Lu, knowing a good laugh she'd appreciate. It's always good to have friends that find laughter in your rashes. Never had a rash in my life. Thanks, pregnant body. You're such a B.

To have them back in my favorite town in all the land, enjoying Sunday brunches, and my family - eeesh, makes this pregnant girl so very grateful.

I have so much, so so so so so so so much NEW and exciting stuff to share with you that I can't bog you down all at once with the happenings of our always busy, busy house. So, I'll leave you knowing that we have scheduled a 3d/4d ultrasound on Saturday morning to take a sneak peek at whether Tiny Two is a prince or a princess :) What's your guess?!?!?!?!?

Monday, April 05, 2010

my easter bun bun

Our baby bunny had a weekend full of Easter egg hunts, courtesy of The Russell's and of course a Farm Egg Hunt with his cousins. I ate more deviled eggs in one day than I consume in an entire year.

Hudson took his 'hunts' with quite the serious face, and although completely unaware what the large basket and colored eggs were all about, we had a darn good time plopping him down on some green grass for a few pictures of our beautiful baby boy.

It baffles my mind that our next Easter will be spent chasing him around. I've googled ways to keep them babies longer - but have yet to find any successful and/or safe search results.

I hope you all had all the deviled eggs you could handle, and enjoyed your Easter weekend - Hudson sends you some bunny kisses.