Monday, December 04, 2006

Our Babies

I thought I'd post some pics that we've taken over the last couple of weeks because they are growing really fast! Mom feeds them too much!

This is Charlie sleeping on his daddy after he got home from work!

Sam loves to watch TV! Football is his favorite, because there's lots of movement!

This is a picture of the boys doing what they love to do most--fighting! It's funny how much their personalities are like their mom and dad! Charlie is the mama's boy who loves to cuddle up and sleep and is usually the initiator of the fights b/w him and Sam. Sam, the bigger one is most like his daddy--more independent, but when he's sweet he's reeeallly sweet. Ha!

I'm a bad mom b/c I have no clue who this is. Until we get colored collars, the main way we tell them apart is that Sam got into the fireplace and got soot all over his neck, so he's now left with a gray-ish tint to his neck. Can't see the neck here, therefore I have no idea which kitty this is!

Charlie loves his mommy!

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Holly Thrasher said...

Look at those adorable babies!!!