Thursday, November 30, 2006

All credit to Ashlee-One holiday later!

The way Ashlee does her pictures is she waits for the next , you know, "Big" holiday to post the ones from the previous "Big" holiday. That way I guess she's always giving you something to look forward to?! Um, sure......haha! Kidding, Ash! Still funny though----

So, I've decided to post some of Ashlee's pics from our Halloween Escapade in Dallas, b/c there were some neat ones that I didn't have!

The lovey-we-just-got-our-first-tree couple! (I'm just as excited about ours, can't make fun of others, te-he!)

JR looks like he's a part of the crew for the Haunted Houses with this creepy face he's sportin'! (I'm gonna get in trouble for this one)

Group shot :)

You see, Scott still looks composed in this one, it was before the tragic fall...just sit's coming----->

I couldn't help myself--small disclaimer: had he have really gotten hurt I would not be posting these--but since he didn't--Scott, I love you! You'll get me back one day! Here I'll post a pic of my latest and greatest fall to make you feel better---->

Lovely pic of the primos (cousins in Spanish)

Isn't he precious?? Haunted Houses make JR very excited!

We love you and we miss you Miss In-love! Wait! I'm in love too! Can that be nickname too?!

Here's us all creepin'! Weirdos!

In front of our very first house together! Awwww, I love you JR! Woo-hoo!

You can clearly see the progression of the night--how much I strongly dislike being scared. My eye makeup smeared, scared out of my mind.

The brothers and Brandon!

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Ashlee said...

Those are awesome! I am such a dork and am sitting here by myself laughing out loud!!! Gotta love pics a few months you another good laugh when you thought it wasn't funny anymore! Love ya!!!