Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ice, Ice, Snow!

I feel compelled to begin this post with an all of you looking for a witty, self-indulgent read, much like the blogs of many of my friends. I however, can never come up with funny, sarcastic, make-you-think style blogs. Our blog is designed to keep in touch with our family and friends dispersed throughout the world-literally. From Central High, Oklahoma-Weatherford, Oklahoma-Los Angeles, CA-Buenos Aires, Argentina, all the way back to Stillwater, OK...always with a few pictures to keep you non-readers at ease. So, there's my apology. My "I lack wit while writing our blog" apology. I hope you all accept, and remember how truly funny I am in person. wink-wink!!

Okay, now for our real life! Ashlee, has again notified me of my slack in posting lately--so once again--this post is dedicated to Miss Ashlee Blackstock.

Um, did you all happen to hear that Texas got SNOW?! Okay, all you Okies think we're crazy for getting excited...but we don't get snow, EVER! I love that the year JR moves here he gets a tiny bit of snow, to help him feel at home since Oklahoma happens to get the most extreme weather in the whole entire world. The most wonderful part of the Texas Snow Freak Out (it deserves a title, given how Texans act as if the world is coming to an end, when a tad bit of sleet comes down and hinders their usual 2 hour morning commute) again, the most wonderful part of the Texas Snow Freak Out is that I got to miss alot of work this week! Hooray! I love that! It's like my own little mini-vacation! I can only imagine how incredibly lazy I would be if I lived somewhere like Colorado where snow falls half the year! It would be sickening!

So, now you understand the severity of our winter storm. Tragic. Oklahoma though, has encountered a vicious cycle of this storm leaving so many people without power and well--most of our readers are in OK so I don't need to further describe your conditions seeing as how you are there prob right now. Soooooo, as I was saying--ADD. Um, oh yeah! Basically, this storm has made national news this whole entire week, and on every news channel they are telling people to absolutely not be on the roads unless it is an emergency. DUH! JR decides he wants to take his scheduled road trip up to go pheasant hunting. **Insert: disgruntled Nat** Soooo, we had a little "tiff" if you will, nothing out of the ordinary when JR does something I don't necessarily love. Fortunately, he did make it to the Farm okay, but I had to watch a little Oprah to help calm my nerves. I have no dare-devil in me. None. Nada. Void of it. I am slowly conditioning myself to not worry about him so much, but it seems like some sort of genetic pre-disposition to somehow, in some way, worry about JR. Nancy knows. I'm getting better a little bit every time. Am I? He hates it! But, what he doesn't know, is that for as long as I love him, I'll worry. The End.

Haha! Just playing! The boys have decided to go ahead with their hunting trip and if JR doesn't come back with 1,283 birds he'll be in trouble. By me :) I'm funny today! I very much wish that I would have been able to make it up this wknd, especially since Blake and Jenn's shower is on Sunday but it looks like I'm gonna have to join the Lone Star State in their Texas Snow Freak Out.

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