Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Our first BIG purchase together!

Our parents have so graciously furnished our house since we moved in a year and a half ago, but we found it to be time to start buying our own stuff! haha! Caution: My story is slightly inaccurate.

JR's version is as follows: We initially went out to purchase a TV stand and came home with some couches, b/c Natalie begged. A couch, a chair and an ottoman later, they sit at home covered up until the kitties get declawed on Monday :(---> that's Nat's sad face...b/c if they scratch the new leather furniture 3 of us will be homeless...(Nat and babies, well we'll atleast see if grandma will let us stay with her across the street, haha)

Regardless of our individual point of views, we are both thrilled to have our beautiful new furniture! We sat on it form the minute we both got home until it was time for bed. Which oddly enough happens to be around 10ish as of late, yeahhhh. JR has gotten into this wretched habit of waking up at 6am, grr, then wanting lights out (camp style) at 10, if I'm lucky. I'm one of those gotta-watch-the-tv-just-to-fall-asleep type. I now fall asleep to the roar of my purring kitty to lull me to sleep since I can no longer sleep tight with the Travel Channel. Oh, the things we give up as we progress into relationships/marriage/lifelong committment/insert other...hahah! What are things you've had to get used to with your significant other that has surprised you?

Oh! Pics of the new couches to follow shortly! Post-declaw!!


Ricardo and Lauren said...

Loved your couches!!!

Anonymous said...

Jay is the exact same way with the tv and going to sleep. If the tv is on, I will stay up all night watching it...I can't sleep through it. Many times I have to go get Jay out of his recliner (you know guys and it's always the ugliest one). It is funny the things you do for your other. Can't wait to see the new furniture! Hope all is well in Dallas!