Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I miss our babies :(

*sigh of relief* Our kitties had their de-claw surgery yesterday, which I knew was inevitable, and even more so...since the arrival of our new leather furniture. First off, I wasn't totally excited about their surgery (and yes, it is surgery to me) JR thinks I'm nuts for getting so overwhelmed by their "procedure" but the day I went to fill out their paperwork, there was a cat in the back, WAILING. Not just a cry, but some sort of kitty-type-screaming. It was rather daunting as I was about to subject my sweet little babies to this torture, ahhhhhhh. (anyways) I got the check-up phone call post-surgery yesterday to be notified that they would be ready on Friday! Friday?!?! All week with no kitties :( soo sad without my boys.

They can be annoying and Charlie won't give me one minute to myself, EVER...but they're our babies and our house feels weird and quiet and hairless and empty without them. I'm having kitty-separation-anxiety. I'm weird, I know. JR never fails to remind me, BUT he was def missing them last night too! No kitties to snuggle with at night. We felt like two parents whose last kid had left for college and we were now alone with no one to interrupt or bother :) What to do!??! haha! We did what any parents would do...got a good night's rest of uninterrupted sleep!!!!

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Ricardo and Lauren said...

Dangit, why weren't they gone last week when I was dying?! J/k, I know you miss them!