Monday, January 28, 2008


Life is lovely. Our weekend was nothing out of the ordinary, but it was so nice, that it stirred up my man-I-am-truly blessed moments.

In the midst of wedding planning, jobs, life,'s so easy to not stop and take the time to be thankful and amazed at how wonderful life is.

Friday night, I went bridal shoe shopping with my mom. My parents have gone above and beyond to give me the most beautiful and spectacular wedding I could have ever imagined, really. It's as if I compiled every pretty picture of a wedding, dress, shoes, invitations and flowers I grew up seeing in magazines and on t.v. and they put it all together and are creating this magical evening for myself and my future husband. There are not enough words to explain my gratitude, and just picking out shoes with my mom and trying to find jussst the right pair...makes me realize just how out of this world blessed I have been. She will sit all night with me and help decide one over the other, and they both are that patient with me in all of this. My whole life, they have made my dreams come true.

We had great friends over Saturday night, some new friends, Scott and Kat. Some wine, good friends, and 4 hours of just chatting! It's so nice to be able to spend night's like that talking about nothing and laughing about everything...

Sunday was a special day too. A very special one. JR and I went and picked out our wedding bands. From our engagement even to my wedding band, he has made this whole experience the most unforgettable, beautiful, and romantic 9 months of my life. There were two bands I had in mind, and he told me to pick which ever one I wanted the most....I did. The band is just as amazing as my ring :) I am beside myself with excitement and amazed at his unconditional love for me. On July 5th, 2007 I wished to be his wife, and one hour later he asked me to be his wife at the top of a mountain in Red River, NM with no one around but us. He too, has made all of my dreams come true.

To celebrate, we went and had dinner with Lauren and Rico. We share life's big moments and small moments with them, and it's always so refreshing to spend time like that. Happy 2 year anniversary to them!!! We love you.

I woke up this morning thinking about my ring!! It is stunning. When I put them both together, I can't even believe it's my own hand :) eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! I can't show you though, it must be a surprise!

Sometimes, you just have to stop and be thankful for a healthy family, a happy home, and a Blessed life. We don't do it often enough, but when you do, you quickly realize just how much there is to be thankful for.


Ricardo and Lauren said...

YAY for a great weekend!! Love you Thanks for the anni wishes!!

Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

Congrats on everything. The days after the wedding are even more spectacular than the ones before!