Tuesday, January 08, 2008


We are back. Back, back, back. Our journey to and from Uruguay has been adventurous, tiring, and exciting to say the least but I will enlighten you first with pictures as we are recieving threatening emails to post or else....so pictures it is, until I get my bearings back. I am currently in a state of pure unelicited joy because only 3 suitcases we brought back arrived in Dallas yesterday. The 4th no-show had 4 of my new bathing suits my mom bought me for our honeymoon, some new clothes, and all of our shoes. Priceless. We were devastated.

We got a call at 7am this morning, that our precious little, army-green, rolly, suitcase has made it to the us of a safely. It will be delivered to us this evening. relief.

okay, here's the first round of pictures...I had to break it up as there are approximately 400 of them. So I present to you Miami (layover and New Year's Eve Day).

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Ricardo and Lauren said...

did my ornament break?! ha...how much do I owe you?!