Monday, July 06, 2009

mighty monday

Following suit of beautiful Abby, I'm joining in on her Mighty Mondays...

In her words:
Then I guess it's time to list the things I might have done since, well, last Monday! If you want to play too, simply make a list of things that you might have done and leave a comment so we can visit your blog and feel a little better about our own list ;)

I might have tried to sneak TWO boxes of cupcakes at the grocery store only to have been caught by my husband who made me put one back.

I might have not even felt guilty about trying to polish off a dozen cuppies solo.

I might need to take a break from looking at my son's wardrobe {I end up in his closet just smelling all the tiny wear, because the Dreft smell is so baby and so delightful}.

My previous admission might make me super weird.

I might be worrying too much about how our two kitty babies are going to react to their new human brother.

I might have made the appointment to meet Hudson's pediatrician tomorrow. That might have made it so very real that our baby boy is fast approaching this world.

I might have realized that I wear nothing cute anymore ever, and I don't really care :)

I might promise to change that after Hudson comes, because he wants a cute mommy and some milk.

I might have washed our sheets today in Dreft so that I can smell baby all night.

I've been cooking quite a bit lately, and that might make me super dang proud of myself.

I might think that my husband's necessity to do his own fireworks might be the cutest thing ever.

I might love just looking at all of the pics I take of him...
This was our last 4th of July just the two of us. Knowing that next year we'll be celebrating as a family of three might be the most AMAZING thing ever.

I might have watched the two-hour E! True Hollywood Story on Home Improvement while eating Ruffles and French Onion Dip, the whole time. Might.


Sarah and Mike said...

I love the picture of all his little clothes!! I can't believe he is going to be here soon, you will be in my prayers!

Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

Oh my goodness....And I thought Luke had a lot of clothes when we came... LOL

Word of advice....Make sure you put those clothes on him and not just leave them in the closet. I have ALOT of stuff Luke never wore...

Last year we were doing fireworks at the farm and Luke was just a tiny (well kind of :) Next year, your tiny will be here and mine won't even be close to being tiny!!!

Time Flies when you're having fun!

Sarah@VintageChic said...

What a fun post, Natalie!

Lea Liz said...

Love these posts!!
Looks at all of those clothes, trust me you will never get thru them all because they grow so fast so cherish each day!!! I love that you washed your sheets in dreft!!

The Denove's said...

You are sooo cute

Stephanie said...

Awww, you're life is too precious! Your blog is the sweetest!

Adventures in Newlywed said...

So the fact that I watched the SAME Home Improvement special while eating Lays and Spinach dip the entire time... sad, because I am not eating for two and therefore have no excuse. :)

Ricardo and Lauren said...

I might just love this post! I can't wait for little H to arrive.

PS i know you still think it's crazy, but you need to try watermel with a little salt! tasty treat!!

Sweet Simplicity said...

Hudson has quite the closet full of clothes! Lucky boy! I love this post! Your hubby is such a cutie. I'm glad you all got to shoot off fireworks even though you live in the big city now! :)

Meant to be a mom said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog.
Congrats on 36 weeks. Your so close to full term, I bet that feels great.

I will keep following your journey also. And how exciting your having a boy too. His wardrobe is amazing. I love it. We still have some buying to do for ours.

ekrisdinger said...

Hi Natalie!
I love love love your blog, youre just about the cutest mom-to-be ever. And dont worry about the dreft, my favorite thing to do when my friends and sisters have babies is to go wash dirty clothes...and when no one is looking...i take a big whiff of fresh baby gowns and onesies. If i lived near you, I would be ready to volunteer to be Hudson's launderer. :) I hope he gets here soon, i bet your cant wait!

All the best luck,
Baton Rouge, LA

Lindsay said...

Just found your blog a week ago-adorable! I believe we went to the same high school-I was a 2000-er though. It's such a fun blog, even as a non-mommy. It does remind me of nanny-ing full time from 2months-3 years. It's such a fun time! I'm going to post might monday's ever so often too. Congrats on a gorgeous family :)