Thursday, January 07, 2010


This is the second time JR and I have been to Uruguay together---the last time though was quite different.

I was his bride-to-be, with nuptials only 5 months away.

Our time at the beach was spent plugged up to my Ipod, mind-dancing all of my awesome moves to the coolest Britney song {don't judge me b/c I'm a Brit fan}. She may be one poo of a mom, but that girl has the best studio-processed voice I ever did hear...and it makes me WANNA DANCE. You probably like me more, that I told you that. Maybe less, a lot less.

I no longer spend my vacation thinking about what a being a wife is like, how my wedding dress will fit, and how ever I am going to learn how to make casseroles. I've always associated 'wife' with 'casserole'. How 1950's of me.

This trip I think about how many bottles I need to prepare before the beach, if we packed enough toys for Hudson, and if my bathing suit smells like milk.

Much has changed in two years. We skipped out last year because I was with-child, and now my with-child is here..and he is ever so beautiful and perfect.

We are in a different chapter in life, and it's more fun. Way more fun.

I initially began this post to tell you about Punta, because it's a lovely place and I wish I could bring you here to have a cup of tea with me by the sea. Rhyming makes it sound so fun.

Bear loves it, and I think you would too.

The vegatation inland more closely resembles a forest, but upon turning around there is ocean.

Dinner is usually around 9 pm, but the true vacationers don't go out to eat until 11 or so. The bars/clubs/nightlife goes until 6am...with breakfast at noon.

Argentines and Brazilians galore. With some cruise ships as visitors now too. Hello, Americans!

Dinner isn't just a purpose to eat. We have asados here. Argentine BBQ. A 6-hr dinner, and I love it.

There is la feria at night, where you can buy local goodies like sheepskin slippers and local art.

My dad has been vacationing here since he was 10.

I hope Punta del Este will be as special to our babies as it is to me.

It's a world away from home, but it is a true joy to share this place with our family and these two boys that have my whole heart.


Kerry said...

such a beautiful family! I hope you had a great christmas and new year! xxx

Sherrie said...

What a wonderful place for a vacation. We just had a snowstorm here yesterday in WI so I am really envious of your beach right now! :)

Abby said...

A) You look amazing!
B) I looooove the pic of your boys at the end.
C) How did Uraguay become a family vacation spot?

The Taliaferro's said...

hey nat i love the pics of course of hudson. how in the heck do you guys get him to look so attentive. love the one where it looks like hes resting his chin on his arms. hope you guys are having fun. its only 7 degrees here in moore. just a lil something to look forward too upon your return.

Elizabeth said...

I don't think I have ever seen a more photogenic baby! Hudson is SO cute. Of course, he looks like his parents! Happy New Year!! =)

pocket full of pink said...

I just want to eat your little bear up he is so stink'n CUTE! And, WOW, I am sold - Punta del Este? I'm looking it up right now for vacay deals. SOLD!

Alison said...

Wow beautiful pictures! I've never really thought of Uraguay as a vacation spot but it looks absolutely beautiful!

Lisa said...

What a gorgeous place natalie! That bear of yours is just the most precious of all. I love his facial expressions!!!

The Neaves' said...

One day, friend!! We will join you, one day! I will be happy to drink some Mate and eat lots and lots of food. I'll even be your nanny!;)

Looks absolutely magical!! So glad you guys got to go this year!

phone date when you get home??

Single Mama said...


I'd just like to say you look amazing and skinny and beautiful. In your 2 piece. With a teeny baby.


Erin said...

Chickadee, I love your music. I left your page open just so I could listen to it. You and I share some favorites! Have a great day!

E. Williamson said...

HOW FUN! What a gorgeous place! I'm so glad that you guys got to take Hudson with you this time. It will create such special memories of his childhood!

the wardlow's said...

Ive been following your blog for some time now and just wanted to say you and your family is so dang cute!!!! Little Bear is the cutest boy I've ever seen!

Kristi said...

Your pictures make me want a vacation so bad!! I wanted to let you know I have an award for you over at my blog. Http:// Come check it out!

Reynie said...

How the heck do you look so good if you are eating six hour BBQ dinners? I'm gettin' on a plane just to go have a six hour dinner--sounds like paradise to me! Your little one is so adorable in that hat! I'm sure he had a blast!

prashant said...

I am really envious of your beach right now!

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