Tuesday, September 07, 2010

diaper rash - a recommendation

This actually from our end is far more than a recommendation - rather a true life saver/sanity saver/sleep saver...

A few weeks back, we were battling some of the more atrocious diaper rash I've ever witnessed, I'm talking baby blood. It was gory, sad, and every diaper change made us both cry. I hurt for my Bear. After a trip to his pedi, and some calls to triage nobody could give me any solution to our problem. I knew some pedi's recommended some prescription type ointments, but mine {grr} wouldn't nor claimed to know of any product outside of the usual Desitin, etc... fail. Huge fail.

So, as most angry and desperate mommies do, I googled {which to be very honest, I've sometimes found more answers via google than the dang doctor - I'm kind of a self-diagnoser, and quite accurate I might add :)}. Lo and behold, I came across review after review after review of Triple Paste and immediately ordered a tube online crossing my fingers that maybe this would provide some relief for my baby.

I was at Walmart that very same day, and my eyes lit UP, when I saw it in the baby aisle!!!! I likely peed myself, and bought the LAST tube they had left. I now pick one up everytime I go.

It really and truly worked baby butt wonders, and after TWO days he was cured. He had been going on a week of every cream, ointment you can think of and this stuff was miraculous in it's healing powers after only two days :) Hudson has had a very rough go at teething, and at the first sight of any redness or irritation we lather on some Triple Paste at night before bedtime and prettystarsabove, the next morning it's gone!!!

I don't often do recommendations because I always fear that what works for me may not work for you - but I can guarantee that if you too have diaper rash episodes, this will save your life and that precious tush of your babe's. A few places you can find it at are:


Lindsay said...

OH my gosh! We were JUST going thru the same thing Natalie. THank you so much for this. I am off to buy some!

Sherrie said...

My boys are older, but Triple Paste was a fave of mine and I used it all the time!

Mama Dub said...

We have yet to have a diaper rash, but I actually do have some of this stuff on hand. If and when we get a diaper rash I know what to run to first! Thanks for the post!

Ps. my Word Verification is "Bleed"... hmmm.