Monday, December 20, 2010

december happenings/major catch'n up

The only appropriate way to follow up a Thanksgiving post the week before Christmas is to do a recap December post. Can you tell I'm frantically trying to fill you in? I should get an E for effort.

The day the tree goes up is a big day at our house, officially marking the beginning of Christmas---this year, there was a little extra anticipation for JR and this is the first year to see Hudson notice a Christmas tree for the very first time. His reaction was as magical as I had wished for.

All of the holiday season is infinitely more exciting and wonderful through the eyes of my babies.

It's also the perfect excuse to outfit my babes, in their Christmas gear. Seriously, how fun!

oh! and the most perfect excuse to PARTY! Baby party, that is. We have a few college friends, all of whom have had babies within the last 3 months---so we hosted a college reunion/baby party and called it our 'Show Off Your Baby Party'. Brilliant. We had a slew of food, a slew of babies, adult beverages, more pack n' plays, diapers, and bottles than you ever did see. It was plain awesome. {Tommy holding Belle Monroe, JR & Aspen Sage, Ryan & Reyd Parker, Blake & Camden Russell}

Our Christmas celebrations have been many, with a few more to go. I have no complaints, and neither does Hudson. He was bewildered with the decorations at his Nanny's house. The lights, the toys, the tree...oh my.

We've had the chance to hang out with some friends that we don't often see {what a treat}, and Hudson never minds hanging out with some pretty girls---these red headed beauties, he is quite fond of. We happen to be quite fond of their parents, too :)

No Christmas is complete without the meeting of Santa. This is how ours went this year:

Bear turned 16 months old, and Baby Belle celebrated her 3 month birthday.

We are currently in transition of removing Hudson's 'bopper' {aka, pacifier} as he's learned how to shove the entire thing in his mouth. Hello, scare my pants off. It is not going well. Any recommendations? He thinks it is a part of his anatomy, and I am not sad to see it go as it inhibits us from seeing those big teeth he's got sprouting and hearing the few words he's building in his baby vocabulary. For the record, he calls me 'mama' only in moments of need---but overall, I am referred to as 'gaga' by my baby boy. Yes, yes. Gaga.

I have a tendency to spoil my babies. There is no way I can help it. Their grandparents, too, seem to have the inability to help themselves either when it comes to these babes.

A few early Christmas presents have been opened, and Hudson got his very first Christmas cupcake from his Abuelos. We ended up with chocolate reindeer cupcake, in every room of the house. If there's such a thing as a cute mess, this was it.

These babies have parents, I know you don't see us much. We do exist, and we actually have 7 pictures together from all of 2010. More or less. Here are three of the seven. I'll let you guess which one is the most 'jr & nat'.


It's now Tuesday, the week of Christmas, and I have not one present wrapped. I have high hopes of accomplishing this maybe tonight. Maybe tomorrow? I'm kind of obsessed with trying new recipes lately, thus delaying my gift wrapping. Excuses, excuses. I know. Don't hate.

This ain't even it, y'all. There's still all of this week! My new curtains just came in, I'm still working on Belle's room---so stick around'ish, check in on us---so that I can continue sharing what the rest of 2010 bears for us.


Erica said...

I loved this post and your Christmas tree is TO DIE!

Bear and Belle are so stinkin cute!

Brandi said...

Your posts are always too cute! Your kids are precious! The tree is beautiful! And not having one gift wrapped, crazy!!! I would be freakin' out. Merry Christmas!!!

Abby said...

I love the showing off the baby party idea! Too cute! And your tree is amazingly gorj.

Lindsay said...

about the pacifier...I have a friend who for a week talked about how the paci would be going bye bye. On the day they agreed on, they got a balloon, tied the paci to it and the little girl took it out to the front yard and watched it go away. They didn't have a problem at all after that b/c she saw it go.

The Varner Family said...

This is Kyndal's friend :)

What we did with the paci is cut the end of it off. We would still give it to Brody but there was nothing to suck on. We said it broke and that we were so sad too but that there was nothing we could do about it. He would sleep with it in his hand. He was 2.

the single mama said...

Paci: My Goddaughter had the ''paci fairy'' come to her house. And in exchange for a very awesome present...she had to give up her pacis to give to all the new little babies. Before nap, she put all her pacis in a bag, put them outside, and went to sleep. The paci fairy came, left her a new elmo doll with glitter sparkled all the way around. That night she asked about a paci...but she quickly remembered she had her new dolly and the new babies needed them. She was 2 at the time.

Another idea...if you're going to get rid of them, destroy them. Cut the nipples off, because you will be tempted to give them back but can't if the nipple is gone!

Good luck

BDT said...

Love all the new posts and the abundance of pictures!! The kids are adorable as always...and it is is precious how much belle favors big brother.

And nothing wrapped yet for me either :)

The Bailey Family said...

I swear this could have been a post written by me... with the exception of a cute little baby girl.

I have Clint's "I Hate Santa" picture posted up on my blog. He and Hudson are only a month or so apart I suppose, so the reaction was very similar!

We are trying to get rid of that binky by 18 months. He's lost all but two (or maybe I lost them...) and we figure we aren't buying more. When they're gone, they're gone and we'll all have to deal with it. Clint is down to only getting it for sleeping though, maybe that's the first step for Hudson? Good luck! Let me know if something works so I can try it!

SarahJarnagin said...

Oh, goodness. So many adorable pictures!
One, thing... Miss T could fit her entire paci in her mouth at all of 2 months - lips closed around it and all. That's how massive her mouth is. It completely freaked me out at first but now I'm over it... bad mommy. She doesn't usually do it in her crib - just when she's playing.