Friday, December 17, 2010

sand, surf, turkey {updated)

{I bragged on our stroller find, and never posted the name of it. I would. It is a Baby Jogger City Mini Double, and we love love love and love it.}

It's a cloudy, potentially snowy day in the OK--and I've started my morning quite early with Hudson and my espresso. Belle Monroe is our last to wake up, thanking the starry heavens above for babies that love their sleep.

It's quite early for this level of pep, so I'll seize the moment and give you a mini-recap of our Thanksgiving holiday at the beach. By now, my reader friend, know of our love of Miami and all that comes with. We're big fans, and after looking back thru our pictures it is quite obvious that my babies too, will be even bigger fans I hope.

I find it very important that my tiny's feel the sand in their toes at a very early age, I think it's an essential part of their development :) This is true.

There are few things I have found more precious and cute, than my babies tiny feet in the sand.

Hudson came from the womb, a rather fearless tiny tot, thus turning our relaxing days at the beach into quite the task as we try and keep our Bear from running head first into the blue Miami waters. ohmystars.

Are you still there? Probably not. I thought I'd post a few pictures, but a few is swiftly turning into millions. gah. I'll continue, in hopes, that you too are eyes wide open with your Hudson and your espresso and looking for something to read this morning. eh? yes.

See that double stroller above. I could be the spokesperson for it. I love it as much as I love food. We were at the Miami airport upon arriving, and we saw people like 'us'. I'm like stroller patrol. I'll check you out if your stroller fascinates me. There are so many doubles out there, but some weigh 475 lbs, others are too long, but this one----oh, this one. We asked the nice couple how they liked it, and they more or less told us it was do or die with two babies. Ok, done. We bought one in Miami, and left our now lesser-loved stroller, the Chicco in the great state of Florida.

Every month I get teased by JR, because it is every month that Hudson and Belle turn one month older that I find myself saying, "this is my favorite time with him/her, he's/she's so fun at this age!"...but how can it be? how can every new month with these babies be better than than the one before? I'm baffled I tell you. Baffled by the boundless love and obsession I have with these babies we've made.

I'm derailing off of my original post, but it is now 9:52 pm, well beyond the appropriate time for an espresso. This is how long it really does take me to post in one day.
I often go back to look at my pictures, and when I see the faces of my happy babies I know I've done right. Now, before you think this is a toot-your-own-horn moment---wait, wait, wait. I've done awholelotta things wrong in my days. Oh, eesh. So very many. I'm wildish of sorts. So, I used to wonder if my love and desire to be a mother, would and/or could translate into actually being a good mother.

Now, good in my book does not mean feeding my tiny's all organic, hand-picked vegetables from my very own garden that I've sown from grainy seeds--dress them in the finest of hand pressed linens--sing lullabies to them with my beautiful voice, and read to them only the classiest of tales.

Good in my book means, making sure my babies are nourished, loved, cared for, kissed, hugged and kissed and hugged more than they would even like. That they feel the endless love their daddy and I have for the both of them. I'll pull out some frozen nuggets for dinner, or shovel some peanut butter sandwiches two days in a row...there is no garden I sow, our pup would have already eaten it--there are days, the finest linens we all get dressed in are walmart sweats, and although I do sing and read to my babies everyday, it is with something very far from a beautiful voice. They will know though, one day how much we have enjoyed giving them as wonderous and blessed a life that they could ever hope for.

That being said, when I see my babies smile---I know for all the wrong I've done in my days, them I've done right. Finally. The very best thing I've ever done are the two faces of Hudson Alexander and Belle Monroe.

Every beach trip gets more and more fun with Bear, as he starts to understand more of this world and the fun it offers :) It is a joy to watch him discover more and more of his surroundings. Not much slows him down, ever. Thanksgiving morning though, he woke up with a rash covering his whole entire tiny body so off we went to the ER with our itchy, rashy, sad Bear. This slowed my Hudson down, and covered every little bit of him. Ugh.

Upon arriving home post-ER, we had family in and Mom of course, whipped up a most delicious Thanksgiving dinner---one JR said, was one of the very best he'd ever had. She's quite talented, my Ma.

I never asked JR if I was allowed to post a picture of him in an apron, but he was the official turkey cutter for the family and Mom wasn't going to give him the honors without an apron. So, as his wife and bearer of his children--I get the honor of posting the picture.

I told you...there was sand, surf, and turkey. All in one post.


A Wedding Story said...

Holy moly, I don't know if babies come any cuter than this! Great photos too...I absolutely am giddy over those beach photos!

Brandi said...

What cute pics! Your kids are soooo stinkin' cute!!!!

the rigdons said...

ok, so that last paragraph totally made me cry. love it!!

Elizabeth said...

Your entire family is simply precious, that goes without saying! :)

But seriously... WHAT IS THE NAME OF THAT STROLLER? Priorities woman!

Meant to be a mom said...

Beautiful pictures Natalie. I'm so glad your sweet family is doing good and that Hudson's rash is gone.

I hope you guys have a very merry Christmas!

Abby said...

Beautiful, beautiful family. Glad you're back to blogging, sister!

Ashley Kate said...

love the one of jr carrying hudson over his shoulder.. looks like you stole it right out of a magazine! :)

Anonymous said...

I love your pictures!!! They came our great!!!

The Neaves' said...

precious picture of Al and Hudson!!