Friday, June 15, 2012

such a tease

I left and then came back, and then left again. You probably haven't been teased like that since college. If you're still in college, then you're likely way too cool for this blog. There is envy in my words, too - if you are indeed in your college daze.

Don't fault me for missing the boundless freedom that exists only within those fast and furious years post-high school. I remember my Dad telling me shortly before my departure for OU, that the best days of my life were ahead of me. Like all things my parents told me, I believed it to be hog wash.

He was right. So right. I attended a few social gatherings :) that's what I told my parents they were. Gatherings. When they saw my grades, I had to renegotiate the word 'gatherings'. My cover was blown.

I loved college. Seriously. This is a ramble. You must have left by now. Don't leave. I promise good things.

Things are changing in my tiny 'ol space on the internets. Please, join me.

Oh, and I missed you. I did. I said it.

           {this is me, on my college football field, with small children running around me - one of them pictured is a child of mine - totally normal picture}


Brandi said...

Such a cute pic!! Welcome back..I think!! HEHE!!

the tichenor family said...

hip hip hooray! you're back! :)

mags said...

You're back!!!??? Yea!!!

Alison said...

Yay! I was just thinking about your blog recently and wondering if you would be back. I'm excited!