Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It's not Friday yet?

Exciting news for all of our visitors!! We now have a bed in the guest room for you! YAY! We got my parents' king size for our room, and moved our queen to the office, making it into the guest room once and for all. Our new bed is HUGE! We're not quite used to it yet, our new Texas size bed! I think JR likes it more than I do, because he finally has room to sprawl out. *I'm a snuggler* I'm still getting used to the idea that he's half way across the room. The mattress was so firm that we didn't sleep well the first night (our other bed is like a big poof) so last night we went and bought a new poofy matress topper, THEN on top of that we found a memory foam topper for half off!!! That dang foam though is weird, and it is currently in it's "unmolding" stage. It does what those little toys do that you put in water and wait for them to expand, except without the water part. Bad analogy, sorry! But, you get what I'm trying to say! It should be done "growing" by tonight. Ha, how weird. I will post pictures of the new bed tomorrow, so you all can see the new gargantuan bed. Also, you guys now have no reason to come and visit since we have that other bed for you!! We expect many visitors after this posting :)

Okay, enough about beds! JR is still really liking his job! Him and Henda really clicked personality-wise and hopefully he'll get on here soon so I can let him tell you about the job in more detail. I got a raise yesterday to $12/hr. It's still not even what JR makes, but it's gonna really help us out! Hopefully by the end of the year I'm eligible for another one! We will be staying here this weekend, probably just hanging out with friends. My parents will be up in Stillwater visiting Alex. JR and I are hoping to make it up there soon to see his new house. Okay, I guess I'll get back to work now! Hope you all are having a great week! We send you guys lots of love!


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