Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Thank you, thank you!

I want to say thank you first to Nancy and all of JR's family and Cody & Holly for making my "farm" birthday so special! It was so nice to spend time with everyone and to have such a great weekend with my second family :) You all mean so much to me and helped make that one of the best birthday's ever! This past weekend we were busy once again, surprise! We had Scott and Brandon in on Friday night, along with my brother. We went and saw a movie, not one Alex was very fond of, ha! JR either! We spent most of Saturday with my family, helping my mom do some stuff then had our family dinner out in Frisco. JR finished off my amazing birthday with the most stunning diamond cross necklace, WOW! I couldn't believe it! I can't wait to show all of you! It's going to count as a bday/anniversary gift! I joked that it was so beautiful that it would continue counting until next Christmas, ha! Now, how do I top that?? We're leaving for Miami on August 31, so that's kind of our anniversary gifts to each other. It is almost exactly one year to the day that we went last year, and fell in LOVE! Haha, JR's gonna love that! It's going to be a really special trip for us. *I must make a important announcement* Last night for dinner.....drumroll....I made Nancy's fried potatoes!!!! AND THEY WERE SO GOOD! Yay! I did it! I'm really proud of myself, HA! I had to throw that in there. Okay, sorry. Yesterday was JR's first day with Henda, and he worked all day with her and it seems like this is really a good place for him. We've been out looking at some beautiful homes together, it is so fun! He'll probably order his online courses within the next week or two, and I'm probably going to study along with him. I got a little long-winded this time! We may be up this weekend, but we won't know until later on in the week. Miss you all so much! LOVE!


Holly Thrasher said...

I am so glad you had a great a birthday... That is what friends are for...
Can't wait to see the necklace..
Hope you have a great time in Miami!!! Take lots of pictures for the scrapbook..
Talk to you soon!!

Love ya!

Kourtney said...

Hey J.R. & Nat,

We just got back home to Weatherford and I love your website-especially pictures!!! We had such a nice weekend with you guys and can't wait to see you again. We heard you guys might be coming to Mom's this weekend and Joe has some golf day planned for Saturday. I don't know what you guys had planned (Mom said something about a rodeo??)but Joe thought J.R. might want to join him. The golf is in Ft. Cobb. Natalie, you and Mom could possibly come to Weatherford for the afternoon if J.R. went to play golf. It is just a thought and we totally understand if you guys just want to rest or have other plans. Let us know.
Love, Kourtney