Thursday, September 07, 2006

We're back to a land with no palm trees or ocean waves...we thought about just "missing" our flight home, but that was short-lived when we woke up and remembered WORK! Oh yeah! That silly thing called work that we have to come home for. I'm still banking on winning either the TX or OK state lottery! ha!

Our trip was so so wonderful! We beach-hopped, slept, shopped and ate a ton! All of that with our great friends, Lauren & Ricardo. We shared some funny memories, most spent while everyone was laughing at me, not with me :) Jk! We apparently don't wake up early enough for the Neaves' so every morning for them was an adventure on how they could wake us up. It eventually came down to some water on my face, and a ping-pong to the forehead. Oh yes, all happened to me. Miami is notorious for short-lived moments at the beach seeing as how it rains more than it shines in the so-called "sun-shine" state, so beach days were lovely yet limited. We'd get out there, get all nestled in with our coolers, towels and some drinks and sure enough the mother of all storms would roll in. I loved it though, because the rain makes me reaaaaaly nappy so it'd give me an excuse to go back, open all the balcony doors and sleep to the rain with my baby :) Moments I love! Miami this year, marked our one year anniversary and it was just nuts to look back over the last year and look at how many memories we've made, how many people I now consider family that I didn't even know prior to this year! I felt so lucky to have my best friends in the whole entire world there with me who have known me forever and can truly appreciate seeing me happy and in love (especially since I've seen them in love for 123,426 years now) It was an amazing trip overall, and a much needed one for all of us. Sometimes it's just necessary to get away, wherever it may be to relax and step back from all your daily worries and the routine that life demands. It allows for a refreshing start on things and a little excitement for what the next year holds!

We hope to come up soon to see you all, but I've come home with some sort of stomach flu so I may not be up for another wknd or so. Hope all is well wherever you may be! We send you lots of love!

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Ricardo and Lauren said...

I decided to go back and look at some of your old post. I want to go back to Miami NOW! We need to plan another trip out there. That trip was AMAZING!!