Monday, September 11, 2006

He's coming home!!

We spent our first wknd apart in a LOOONG time! It was much needed time away, not because of anything bad, but we all need that time to ourselves every now and then. Before we moved in together, Holly told me cherish the time you have alone because you will understand later on how important that time alone becomes. I didn't believe her then :) but I do now. Although, I must say JR likes it alot more than I do ;) I'm good with a day or so, but after that I start to miss him very very much. I'm a sap...

I also am using this to make a correction---in my last posting of Miami pics, I mistakenly uploaded a picture of JRm and it came out really small. I'm not used to this thing yet and don't know how to delete pictures, so I left it only to come home to, " Why is the only picture of me by myself so tiny??" "Huh Nat?" Soooooo, to fix this: (see new pic)----->
HAHA! I love you baby! You are precious :)
I better get back to work now, hehe.

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