Thursday, November 16, 2006

Our First Christmas

JR surprised me today with our very first tree!! I've had kind of a down week, and he knew this would help cheer me up! We spent the night with our Christmas CD's playing, in our sweats, drinking hot chocolate, candles lit, decorating our enormous and beautiful tree. It has been so special to enjoy this time of year together, and we just keep looking at each other and saying, "Wow! We have a Christmas tree together!" Haha, we still laugh sometimes! I hope you all like what we've done, because we LOVE it! Merry early Christmas!

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Holly Thrasher said...

You realize it isn't even Thanksgiving yet right!! haha I so wish ours was up. I am so ready! Is it terrible I already have our Christmas cards made out!! haha I will be putting our up the weekend I get back from Dallas after Thanksgiving. I still have to get Shaylee her own ornament!! Awww!!
Love you lots!