Tuesday, November 28, 2006

In response to Joe...

**Read Joe's comment on the last post before you read this**

Dear Joe,

Please do not impose the "oops-got-a-pet-here-comes-baby" thing on us!! HAHAHAHA, we laughed so hard when we read that. Well, I did atleast...not sure that JR did. He may have let out a small chuckle/sigh. If the pet thing works out for us like it did for you and Kourtney, we may have to take one back, just in case. Ha! You know--precautionary measures.


JR & Nat

In honor of Christmas and missing family I thought I'd post JR and I's favorite picture of the Victery's. It's one that's up in our house!


Holly Thrasher said...

Awww.. That is a great picture of the Victery's!! Hey girl don't worry about the kids part. Look at us. We have 2 dogs and not one kid!! haha

Ashlee said...

How funny is that!!! Great pic of Kourt and Joe. ok, so I gotta be honest...I just realized you could leave comments and read other people's comments....serious blond moment there!!! Love ya!