Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Yesterday was a day of great accomplishment for me! Therefore I thought I'd dedicate a post to my glorious day of achievements.

The first news is that I am scheduled to get ALL of my braces off in 3 weeks!!!!! Yeah, you heard right! Can you believe that? I am paying the price for it thought, b/c they have tightened my teeth so much that I can't hardly eat. My ortho had made a pretty significant gap in my lower teeth to help accomodate some shifting teeth in my last appt, and yesterday they closed that gap with some extra-strength wiring. Needless to say, my mouth is in serious pain :( They look good though, haha! I never thought I would ever go thru the process of braces, but for once in my life I decided to do something like this on my own which in my book registers as a great achievement!! YAY! So, mark your calenders for March 5th! There is a chance that on that day we see some movement that must still be made which would delay the removal another week or two. So keep your fingers crossed!!

My second news is that....drumroll....I RAN A WHOLE MILE yesterday! I did it, I did it, I did it. I know you are all probably laughing at me right now, b/c it's pretty standard that most people have no problem in being able to run miles at a time. I however, could not previously run to save my life. I don't like to run, in fact I might hate it. My body tells me NO, when I try. Yesterday though, I really didn't feel like going to the gym but I went reluctantly, telling myself I'd do a light workout. Little did I know that I would conquer the treadmill!! HAHA! There was one open treadmill which at 6pm is a miracle at our gym, so I started my little Ipod and started jogging to my planned 1/4 mile. I got to a 1/4 mile and realized I wasn't dying so I tried a little more and soon enough I reached 1/2 mile!! I was so in shock/tired that I ran and told JR how excited I was! He was so proud! So he told me to try one more 1/2 to see if I could run a whole mile. I walked away thinking he was out of his mind, so I got a drink of water and got back on my "special" treadmill and did another 1/2!!! Although, I must admit that on this one towards the end I thought I was just going to fall over and die. I literally had to go find a corner and sit and talk myself out of my near-death experience. I DID IT! I ran one whole mile. Again, I must reiterate while you all are chuckling about my silly accomplishment but in my world this is huge, and has given me some much needed motivation! Yay for me!

Also, JR is getting really "muscle-y" and tan! Well me too! Yay for us!! Okay, thanks for listening about my great day of achievements! Hope your day was full of success as well, haha!!

In closing---these are some sweet pictures of Em and I that we took together over the wknd. I truly cherish every moment I have with her and I think these pictures show what a neat relationship we have! Love Love.

~My princess~

I'm a thinker...

She's a thinker!

We were Who's!!

Some fun with the self-timer, ha!

My angry face...

Her angry face, how cute is that?!?

Emma, I love you so much!!

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