Tuesday, June 24, 2008


We are working on our second month of marriage and things have finally seemed to settle down, just a little.

In Pettijohn news, we recently decided to spruce up our sweet little balcony with some flowers!! So, we bought two hanging planters for the railing and we got an assortment of pretty pretty buds to brighten up our outdoor living :) Now I can see my mini-garden from our bed, ahhh. I'll have to post pics once we have it all done, because it looks so so pretty! JR was reluctant about the planters, but he was very much surprised when he saw how awesome it looks! He was super husband too, because the planters didn't quite fit the railing and he worked on them until they did! I would've just taken them back...

We've also put our oh-so-fabulous Kitchenaid mixer to good use!!! So far, I've made peanut butter cookies, chocolate cake, and homemade mashed potatoes!! Lu, aren't you proud?! It truly is an amazing little cooking machine, though I still have much to learn.

That's our exciting little married life! JR has been working very very hard at work, and things are going very well for him in the land of U.S. Steel! He gets to go to fancy dinners, and trips, and I think is going to Pittsburgh in a couple of weeks...while I sit at home and miss him :)

We are also in discussion about getting a new vehicle...mayyyybe. We'll see where this one goes, don't hold your breath. We can't decide what we want....

That's the newest Pettijohn news! Happy Tuesday!


Cody Thrasher said...

You better get ready to put that mixer to good use in a couple weeks when we head to D-Town! :-)

You might even have to whip us up a couple of waffles with that handy dandy waffle maker of yours.

Good times.

Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

Look at my hubby posting!! I'm impressed!!

I agree though on the waffle maker!!
He practically took the words right out of my mouth!! :)

Oh the things we do as a wife and ruler of the home!! hahahaha

PS. Container Store... Enough said! :) haha

Ricardo and Lauren said...

I am so proud! I need to come have some of your yummy taters!:-)

The Chases said...

I'm so glad to hear how well your domestication is going! I hope it's stays awesome!