Friday, June 06, 2008


This week has flown by! It's already Friday again! wooo-hooo! Last night we had couple's night out :) We had dinner with the Brock's and the Neaves' at Chili's then back to our house for some So You Think You Can Dance! It was our first time out together as all married couple's! How neat is that?! The Brock's even made us a special treat!! Homemade Kettle Corn, oh was soooooooo good! I had some for breakfast :)

We've been friends for so long, and it's just so awesome to see us all grown up, starting our new lives as wives, and seeing what the next chapter of life will bring each of us :)

So, Friday again....yessssss! JR and I are off to meet Nancy and Ronnie at the lake!! We're staying in a cabin with them, and enjoying some fishing, sun, and good food!!! Lake days are our favorites!! We can't wait to get up there tonight!

We hope you all have a super super Friday! Hopefully I'll come back with some pics from the weekend!


Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

We'll miss seeing you this weekend! Have fun in the sun!! :)

And be careful... My dad said the lake was crazy windy!!

Ricardo and Lauren said...

and what about my cookies?!?! I'm hurt. Okay, the kettle corn was pretty amazing! Had fun with you guys. I think next time I will sit in between JR and Rico though. Be safe and have fun! Call me when you get home:-)