Wednesday, July 23, 2008

do the shuffle

I've decided to downsize. It was time.

My pink iPod of two years long, has a)gone missing--b/c my husband organizes things and then I don't know where they are, so instead of searching, I just go buy a new one b)it's too big for my always consistent and extreme levels of exercise that I do c)b is partially a lie, I'll let you figure out which part.

It was time to upgrade my iPod. It's been weighing heavy on my mind, as I make decisons very slowly...let me start out by saying that I am "old-fashioned" and Apple just hasn't swayed me over to the white side. It's all so clean, and simple, so they say. Simple, whateverrrrr. I'm not ashamed to say that all things Apple confuse me, and I'm lazy, and I stick to what I know.

The iPod however is fool-proof. Even I can manage. This past week though they came out with the mega iPhone or something insane like that, there were lines. Lines, people. For days. What??? Not to mention I am a die-hard Blackberry fan, only recently realizing that I can't type for the life of me on the beloved iPhone.

So, I walk into the Apple store and it's buzzing with Apple go'ers---I feel lost and confused and make a bee-line to what I know, the iPod's. I want to make it over there quickly before they realize I'm not one of them.

Alas, I find the teeniest-tiniest cutest sweetest little iPod in silver nonetheless, and I ask an orange-shirted Apple'r and she gives me the look and quickly brings me back my treasured new piece of technology. As I'm walking to the register, she stops me and says that'll be $53.05 and I respond with, "Uh, yeah I'm going to pay over there", no no. She whips out this device, asks for my card and I pay her. Genius, really. That's how they avoid lines at the register, just pay one of the Apple'rs. I'm overwhelmed at this point.

I make it outside, and a guy stops and asks me with unusual excitement if I got MY phone. He just assumed that's what I was there for. I said the wrong thing clearly, by telling him I actually am a BB user, and that I was only there for the pod. He called me a traitor. Yes, yes he did.

Judging me, he then looks down at my feet (I'm wearing my cute OU polka-dot flops) and calls me again a traitor, pointing so stupidly to his hat that bears a giant longhorn. yuckkkk.

I chuckled, and said, Boomer Sooner. Enjoy your iPhone, you dirty Longhorn you.



The Jarnagins said...

I'm laughing at this! Too funny - you're a traitor! We're a house divided since Dusty has a blackberry and I love,love my iphone so far. Enjoy your new ipod!

Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

You people are all too high tech for me... I will stick to my little LG!! :) hahah

Maybe I am just scared I won't know how to you use on of those thingys!!

And you should have kicked that guy in the butt with your OU flops when he walked away!!!

Ricardo and Lauren said...


red30067 said...

i agree with holly why didn't you kick him? seriously! you need the ipod touch it's sooo fun..