Monday, July 28, 2008

way way behind

I apologize for my delay in posting, especially this one.

Friday was Nancy's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a wonderful mom and ma-in-law!

Why we love her:

1) She can throw down some home-cookin' like no one can! Homemade anything! She can do it...I'm envious to the millionth degree. We have our own Paula Deen.

2) Within 3 years of knowing her, she's accomplished much in the world of communications---texting and emailing! I still need to teach her how to comment on the blog :)

3) She is there for us, no matter what.

4) Her flowers always look pretty and alive. Mine, never.

5) She makes me country-style ribs. That is love.

6) JR is her baby, always and forever. She shares with me now...I am grateful.

7) She taught my husband to be clean and orderly. For this I am eternally thankful, for I am a true slob. For this my husband, frets.

8) Her spontaneity is one to admire. It makes it really fun to be around her...

9) Her cooking. Did I say that?

10) Because she is husband's mother, and my ma-in-law.

Happy Birthday Nancy, we love you, love you.


Cody Thrasher said...

That Nancy Pettijohn is one great lady! I would like to wish her a belated happy birthday (she is my second mom no doubt).

So Nancy, if you are reading this, the Thrashers love you.

Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

Happy Birthday Momma Pettijohn!