Wednesday, July 23, 2008

the home land

I come from the beautiful land of Argentina. You wouldn't necessarily know, because my past bleach blonde 'do doesn't necessarily scream out Buenos Aires. Fortunately for you, my new darkness will help you more easily associate me with my people.

Anytime, I or my family come across an Argentine it's instant gratification. Much like when JR runs into a fellow Okie and exchange stories of.....what could possibly have brought you here away from the most fabulous and glorious state in all of land...that's my take on their love of Norman, need not be discussed.

We've found 99% of all Argentine restaurants, seen most of the Argentine movies played at the Angelica so when we meet a fellow A, it's very exciting.

So my Dallas Find! An Argentinean couple met and married here, and long story short, have opened a company called Estilo Argento. They import all of their product from Argentina, and they seem to have kept things very rustic (which JR and I love) and very Argentine. duh.

A few pieces I have my eye on:


Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

Ooooo.. I love that picture frame!!

Ricardo and Lauren said...

Take me there please!!! And to Argentina too, while you're at it!