Friday, November 13, 2009


  • I could drink diet root beer til the end of time. All day, everyday. The possibility of this happening is very likely.
  • I seem vain starting every sentence with I, but I will continue doing so. Judge me not.
  • Our house is starting to look a lot like Babies R Us.
  • I wish you earned frequent flier miles with every dollar spent at BRU.
  • I'd probably be on my 4th trip to Italy by now.
  • I'm not losing any weight. I have no loss to report.
  • In continuation, I have flab that looks more like I belong in the frozen Pillsbury section of the grocery store rolled up into one of those pop-open cans. Dough ball.
  • My husband tried to teach me how to do squats last night but Real Housewives of OC came on and the squats went awry.
  • I was embarrassed to ever tell you I watched Real Housewives of Atlanta, but even more so admitting that I watch the OC one now, too.
  • Pretty durn ashamed to admit too, that I thought squats and lunges were the same thing.
  • I'm one step ahead of my a$$ though. One quick glance and you'll know immediately it knows no such things as squats or lunges.
  • Sometimes I feel like I'm a man trapped in a Botox-loving, hair coloring, girly fool.
  • If left alone to fend for myself I could eat mac n' cheese and hot dogs for days. Gross.
  • I would never put up my laundry.
  • Much less, do the laundry.
  • I'd rather go buy new things, than wash what I do have. It worked in college.
  • Finally stopped wearing bras from my pregnancy. Spare yourself the thrill and excitement...they're still the same size minus the nursing flap. Eeesh.
  • I sing daily to my son knowing full well he will one day realize his mother sounds more like glass breaking than Mariah Carey. Until then, I will continue rocking it out.
  • We dance, Hudson and I. I danced a lot pregnant and he LOVES music, so we now dance together {I dance, and he mimics me in his bouncy}. Probably one the cuter things of his time...
  • His favorite song right now to dance to: Hey, Soul Sister by Train...and by his, I mean mine.
  • I cannot stop buying Baby Bear more and more Christmas gifts.
  • I assure myself that I do it only because it's his first Christmas.
  • Next year though, I have a feeling I will justify because it will be his second and so on.
  • He hates his car seat all of a sudden. This makes going anywhere about as fun as taking the SAT's 47 times.
  • If I'm back there with him, he's great. Alone though, SAT's 47 times.
  • My parents say it's payback, because they knew a little girl 26 years ago that did the VERY same thing.
  • Payback's a B.
  • I feel comfortable in motherhood, though. Like, we finally got our rythym and it feels SO good.
  • He knows me, I know him.
  • I don't remember much of life before him. Well, I do but this part is way better ♥
  • I purposely want to wake him from his nap to try out his new Exersaucer :)
  • and know I shouldn't do that.


Abby said...

Loved this post. So real. Glad you're back writing again! Post pics of Baby Bear real soon :)

Alison said...

Great post! It's interesting to learn more about you. :)

Erin said...

We would love together so well with the mac and cheese and hot dogs!

Ange said...

I love that Train song too! We always dance to that and I've Gotta a Feelin by BEP!
Cute list!

Rachel Cobb said...

What a cute post! I thought I'd comment and let you know that my daughter loved her car seat until one random day she started screaming every time I put her in it. I loosened her straps a little bit and she stopped. I guess she grew and i kept her straps the same and she was mad at me for it. you may try moving his straps up, or loosening them and seeing if that helps. Good luck!

The Neaves' said...

hot dogs. gross. but i love you in spite of your flaw! ha

Sherrie said...

It sounds like things are going great! Enjoy these moments, they go way too fast.

emily said...

haha loved this post...but to keep the random facts coming ha i left you a little something on my blog! :) have a great week!

Annie said...

you are the cutest mommy!!
i hope to be just like you some day.
oh and your babe, he is adorable!!!
mac n cheese and hot kinda gal! hehe!
love your blog beautiful lady!!
p.s. i want botox! ;)

Hen Jen said...

that was a really fun post! Left to myself, I would eat nothing but bagels all day, and maybe bittersweet choc. chips, and diet coke. or pop tarts, but they are banned forever from my house. Just stumbled over here looking at blog designs, you have a beautiful family!