Wednesday, November 04, 2009

the pettijohns: found

Bet you thought we went missing, huh.

I haven't been home in TWO weeks. Our Texoman vacation was all that, and then some. Hudson Bear is down for a nap, so I'm down for a recap----one especially for you.

Here goes {best served with a cup of coffee}:

I first went to mom and dad's mostly because I'm still a Daddy's girl, my Momma can still comfort me like no one can, and I just missed home. Bad. {Up until our move to PA, we lived across the street from them and I worked with my dad.} and no, I have no separation issues. I'm just a baby like that, and not ashamed to admit that in the least.

Beyond my needs, was that Hudson was in dire need of some time with his MiMi and PaPa {abuelos}. The i-miss-you's were mutual at this point, and every morning they whisked the babe upstairs for breakfast together and one morning I came up and my heart melted a thousand times over.

Two of the men I adore most in this world, and I don't quite know that words could ever explain the joy I feel when I see how very much my parents love our sweet baby and how much love I know he will have for them.

In a house where the last baby was around 23 years ago...they had the whole place BABY. Ready for us, the minute we walked in the door. We were able to keep Hudson Bear all in routine, huge relief for ME.

Extra spoiled I was, because I got an extra long visit from my dearest, Hudson's Aunt Sissy. She came to stay with us a few days and got a lesson in Baby 101 :) If you want me to delay your baby desires, I'll offer you the 4am feeding we've got at our house. It's hard to make friends with 4am. We're still not getting along.

Sometimes you just need girl time, lots of it. I got it too, from someone I so deeply care for and love love love. Do you have a friend like that?

Off subject, but not really---remember my husband's 29th birthday I posted about last? well. Ashley {Aunt Sissy} was selling her 2 door Tahoe, which Chevy discontinued in '99. Have I ever told you that I have had a mad crush on this car since we were 16. I told Ash, if she ever sold it to please give me the chance to buy it first. I have endless memories in it {first car I drove to OU in}, and it's a TANK. All black, spotlights, ENORMOUS tires. A dream. Especially for my husband. Ever buy someone a present but you sorta benefit? Don't lie. You have. So I bought it. Happy Birthday babe!!!!! and rest assured, he has already tested out it's capabilites...and then some. Our new toy.

Another thing that has kept me from blogging has been finally starting to work on Hudson's baby book. I could very well be, most likely am---the world's most unorganized person. Ever. I'm just an in the moment {take a picture} kind of girl. Not the notebook keeping, schedule making type. I would likely find more success in climbing Mt. Everest naked, than to be an organized write-it-down mommy. I kind of revel in my lack thereof, actually.

Uncle Alexander and Hudson Alexander

The Texas half of our trip was a huge success, and we were able to squeeze in as much as we possibly had time for before it was time to load up in our new Tahoe with Daddy and head up to the OK.

Our first stop, THE parade. and guess who got to be in it? does that bear look like Daddy?

The utmost priority for this leg of vacation was spending time with our family and very dearest of friends. Hudson has some cousins that are madly in love with him, and one specifically that absolutely adores him. I'm talking changes diapers, adore...and she's only 7.

The most nurturing and tender sweetie she is. Literally tends to him, rocking him, helps bathe him, feed him.

...and the best bath a babe can get around these parts is from Hudson's Aunt Kourt. Hands down, one of THE very best momma's I've ever known.

Hudson has grown into quite the alert and attentive little Bear; and during bathtime, he would just watch and watch and watch his Aunt.

From there it was back to the Farm, our favorite place in OK. It's the kind of place that when it's time to leave, makes me want to throw the biggest hissy you've ever seen complete with tears. I just want to look out and see this everyday.

...and when I turn around, he's there too.

There isn't a whole lot more I could ask for than the life we have been given. Our blessings have been endless, and despite a hard move we can come home and be forever grateful for a healthy family, amazing friends, and a happy and fully blessed life together.

Oh, and thankful for these. Pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. All homemade. by them:

Best cupcake makers I know.

A few paragraphs up----about her loving him. Wanna see?

..and he just sat there and snuggled with his cousin. He will always be her Hudson.

and my doll baby.

The few parts I didn't have pictures for, were frantic ones but so very special. Hudson got to meet his Uncle Tommy and Uncle Blake for the very first time. Two of Daddy's dearest of friends. It meant the world to us, especially to JR,to share his son with two guys that mean so much to our family. We all got to spend time together one night, and passed the babe around until it was time for bath and bedtime. Although it all came together last minute, it worked out seamlessly to all be able to hang out and introduce our son to our friends. They are the kind of friends you share life with, that love you no matter what, and always show care and concern for one another. Uncle Tommy is building a house as I type, and we got to see Uncle Blake's beautiful, beautiful, beautiful new home. It's all kinds of fancy and amazing and we had the pleasure of being their guests---and by guests I mean, Hudson turned their kitchen sink into his very own bath. Congratulations to both of you on your new home BUYS!!!

Our friend time was short, because it was then back for Halloween. Hudson Bear's very first Halloween. Bear went as a frog though, and the cutest frog I have ever laid eyes on.

We, no doubt had the best lookin' group of trick or treaters in town!!

Next year I'm dressing up. I felt left out. Maybe someone will offer to dress me as a frog and carry ME in a Bjorn.

um, and my almost 3 month old HOLDING his own bag. Genius baby bear :) frog.

In between all of that, we had some World Series baseball to watch---and even got to see John and Sonya who just so happen to be at GAME 6 TONIGHT. World Series. World.

and we're home. Home after one of our best trips yet. Thank you to all who made time for us, or for those who were able to squeeze in a kiss or two for the babe. Bye Texoma, we'll see you again soon.


pocket full of pink said...

What a great post! The pictures are PRECIOUS! What camera do you use?! Welcome back! At least while you have to be away from family, you can be in PA where all of the World Series action is right outside our door! Exciting! HUGS to your precious little froggy! (cutest costume EVER)

the rigdons said...

oh my gosh- that picture of hudson with emma made me tear up!! she's gotten so big and looked precious with her cousin! glad ya'll had fun- sorry i didn't get your gift to you... maybe it will be a christmas present for mr hudson! :o)

Courtney said...

I'm so glad you're back!! Pictures are wonderful and it sounded like you had a great time!
Hudson is starting to get big!

Abby said...

Aw, I missed your posts! But understand and appreciate all the family time.

Hudson is getting so big. I can't believe it's been THREE MONTHS! That's crazy.

Hope all is well :)

The Laughlins said...

okay, i'm in love with your picture taking abilities!
do you shoot in b&w or do you change that over in a photoshop program?
i think we have the same camera, d60, and i can't find a setting to shoot in b&w.

your little one made such a precious frog btw!

Elizabeth said...

Your baby is so precious...such expressive eyes :)

jenn said...

sounds like a great trip..he is so adorable

The Russells said...

I was thinking about you in the shower this morn...not though I even know you. I was missing your blogging.
Anywho, love it that you call Hudson bear...that's what I call William. INteresting thuogh because William looks more like a frog.
Glad you enjoyed your trip home :)

Envirocology said...

So glad you're back!! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip!!
The pictures of Hudson are just adorable, he is precious!

Cee said...

Glad you had a good trip! Hudson is so adorable...especially as a little frog!

Brooke said...

I always love reading your blog because of the way you write and your AMAZING pictures! You are really talented. I noticed in your pics that Hudson was on his tummy asleep. When did you start doing that and feel comfortable with it? Nolan has acid reflux and doesn't like his back but I am so scared to put him on his tummy because I have read too much on the internet. Any advice on this would be appreciated!!!

Alison said...

I love that picture of you with your glasses on! You're just adorable! :)

The Neaves' said...

Finally!!! So glad yall had a great trip! Glad we could stop by even if tt was for a moment! Love you and miss you 3!

Life at the White House said...

Loved reading this - mostly because I can very much relate to the desire to kick and scream when leaving home.

Glad you got to spend such wonderful time with what sounds like some very amazing people!

And you have one precious frogger/bear!!!!

Mandie said...

Welcome Back!! Ahhh... Texoma...there really is nothing like it!! Those two places will always have my heart! Glad you had fun!!

The Taliaferro's said...

We couldn't have been more excited for you guys go come and visit and we can't wait to see yall again. oh yeah there are some nice houses being built in the neighborhood. i can go and get ya'll's name on one. just a thought.

Kyndal said...

I'm so glad you had a fabulous trip. I know it was hard to come back, but I'm so happy you're here again! The Bralys want as much Pettijohn time as possible before you pack up and leave us again. :)

Sara said...

I love your blog!! My sister has the same Tahoe, and when she needed to sell it, no one in our family could part with it, so we have made it our hunting/farm truck! They are so fun!! Enjoy!

Sweet Simplicity said...

I just love all your pictures! I'm glad you had a great trip!