Saturday, November 21, 2009

mint me please

I'm a mom now which means I must do many things I did not do other words, lazy isn't going to cut it. The only human on the face of this planet who is not subject to my extreme bouts of laziness is Hudson Bear. He is exempt, because he's got a smile prettier than sunshine - and it makes me want to do everything for him. That's not even cheesy, because it's fact.

I speak now specifically about Christmas cards. I had no problem getting them done last year, but this year I come loaded with roughly one million pictures of Baby Bear to choose from, endless design options, and the extreme lack of desire to address envelopes. Ick. You letter loving fools need to pay me a visit, because I'd rather text you our holiday cards. Don't roll your traditional eyes at me...a shower a day + hair + makeup is still quite a feat at my house.

This sweet site has got me smitten though, with graphics galore and I've narrowed it down to two cards. I've totally got a crush, a web-crush.

I can't give you a sneak peek because like with all things, I cannot make a decision.

Christmas cards '09. Check.

Want one?


Kyndal said...

Umm, yes please. There will definitely be tears shed by the Bralys if we don't receive a sweet Christmas picture of Hudson Bear. But no pressure. :)

Casey said...

We just ordered ours from there too! I don't know if I can stand waiting for them to arrive!

Meant to be a mom said...

I understand what you mean. I'm quite the lazy mom now that I am a mom. I used to be better but these days my focus is always on my little guy. No time for anything else.
Good luck picking your card. You'll have to post a pic of it once you decide.

The Taliaferro's said...

yes the t's want one.