Tuesday, February 23, 2010

....and I come to you again, for advice.

I don't know how new momma's survive without blog world. It gives me such relief and happiness when I can read about you sharing with me the same joys, wonders, and tribulations that come with parenthood.

So, I come to you now. This time about food. Baby food.

We are almost 7 months here, and were given the okay to start giving Hudson 3 feedings a day with bottles in between. I'm curious, and am asking you what your experience has been/is with your sweet babe at this age with meals, etc...

Hudson could really care less about eating, and has since the day he was born. He does love his bottles and eats very well off a spoon but has a 45 second attention span when sat in his highchair to be fed. I commited the ultimate Mommy sin, and have been feeding him in front of Yo Gabba Gabba or Sesame Street. I know, I know.

I will do WHATEVER it takes to nourish my Bear. I sometimes even dance for him as I shovel squash in his tiny mouth in the >1 minute he gives me. He breaks out a huge smile when I dance, which gives me the opportunity to throw some food in that precious smile.

Our day is still consisting of his same number of bottles, with sporadic 'meals' throughout the day. I usually get a maximum of 2 a day, if I'm lucky. I'm just having a hard time trying to gauge exactly how and when solids become more predominant over bottles. How was your transition from strictly bottles to a bottle/solids combo? Hudson may be right on track, but since this is quite obviously my first go-round I come to you, the experts :)

Thank you in advance for any and ALL help you can send my way!


The Neaves' said...

I don't know anything about food, but i DO know that I just gave you a lovely award:) Miss you!!!!

Marisa and John said...

Ok- Ty's doctor told us to give him as much as he'll take. She said the fear is that they will star rejecting the formula...which doesn't likely with Hudson. I would keep doing what you're doing...maybe trying him in his highchair. We have a garbage disposal on our hands. You should hear the fit he throws if we don't shovel it in his mouth fast enough. The grass is always greener. GL!

Brandi said...

Every baby is different. Don't feel guilty about what you are doing. Gotta do what works, right!!! As long as he's getting his formula, he's good to go on the nutrients. Just do what you feel your bear wants. Good luck!

Julie said...

My only piece of advice.. and you're probably already doing it... is to start with the baby food when he's super hungry and end with the bottle. Then maybe he'll eat more for you.
But I agree with the post above... every baby is different. There are lots of things that pediatricians say that are just guidelines. Like: 7 months is not too soon to give him 3 meals a day, IF he wants them. But don't beat yourself up if he doesn't want them. The formula has plenty of nutrients. Just keep doing what you're doing. And it's not a crime to feed your baby in front of the TV. Getting through the first baby is all about survival. If it works, go for it!!

Julie said...

There may be people who disagree, but I would say at around a year is when it becomes absolutely necessary that the food part is going well because that's when you'll phase out the formula and go to whole milk. But by then, depending on how many teeth he has, he'll have Cheerios as an option... or the Gerber Puffs or Yogurt melts... lots of stuff that he'll be able to feed himself as he wants them.

Kristi said...

I agree...every baby is different. My little girl loved baby food and could eat the whole thing. I babysit for a little boy who is now 10 months and he wasn't that big of a babyfood eater. He liked it at first andthen just became interested in other things. He has been eating lunch here everyday and taking one of two bottles while at my house in a 8 hour span. Its different with all kids and if he is taking his formula he is getting everything he needs. If he is hungry he will eat! Good luck! I hated babyfood stage! You can always try to give him something you have all mashed up. Like potatos or smashed peas since it has more flavor than babyfood.

Preemie Donna said...

You don't know me but I follow your blog, my daughter is a micro preemie so while she is 11 months she is more like a 7 month old. We started food months ago but she really was not all that interested in it. Just the spoon. Because we get to go to the doctor every month I think that allows me to get alot of the normal mommy questions answered every month.. And she meets with a nutristist every month. The nutristist advised that they really don't start getting concered with food until after a year old. We also meet with a ocupational thereapist once a month. Yeah another perk of having a micro preemie. She said what is most important at this stage is not the amount she eats but the routine of eatting. And learn to eat. Working with the spoon and what to do with the food in the mouth. If he is still taken the same amount of bottle you are just fine. And just wait the little light will click and he will love meal time. And I put Bella in her saucer sometimes just to get her distracted so I can get her to eat.. She is also only up to 2 meals a day.

The Bailey's said...

Well considering I have a 6 month old, I'm new at this too as a first time mom! What has helped me the very most is a great feeding chart my sister in law got from her pediatrician when my nephew was born (he's 3). I'm a numbers/black and white type gal so I really wanted something concrete to go off of. If you'd like me to send you a copy, shoot me an email at ebailey517@yahoo.com! Happy to help!

Sarah said...

Caleb is the same age as Hudson, and he is only taking two jars of baby food a day right now. I have reduced his formula to 5 1/2 ounces instead of 7 during the feedings with the solids. Every baby is different. Caleb will not eat his food unless he takes his bottle first, but he is a garbage disposal. I say don't worry about it. His body will take in what it needs.

Ange said...

You're not alone in this struggle! Here are my thoughts - hope they offer some help!
My daughter is now 8 months old and we have struck a good balance between milk & solids.
My doctor (and most of what I've read) has stressed that 80% of her diet should be breastmilk/formula until 1 yr.
I am still exclusively BF so here's our schedule:
7am: BF upon waking
830a: 3tbsp rice cereal with 2tbsp apple sauce
9a: BF & nap

1230p: BF
1pm: 2tbsp veggie & 2tbsp fruit (sometimes w/oats
130: BF & nap

430p: BF
530p: 2tbsp oats, 2tbsp meat/beans, 2tbsp veggie

7pm: full BF & down for the night.
Hope that helps a bit!

The Bailey's said...

I checked back to this and wanted to tell you that Clint is on almost the EXACT same schedule as Ange's daughter, with the only difference being that he is formula fed. It works well for us!

The Family of Three said...

My daughter was bf until about 1 year, I tried to give her food about 6 mos. She didn't really want it so I tried to give her a little every day and see what she would eat. Eventually around nine mos she started to show interest. I think if he gets full and sleeps all night with bottles, he should be fine. You know your lil sweety best! And if you feed him in front of the tv and he eats one bite, go girl! Do what works best for you guys and pray about it for sure!

Rob and Amy said...

I'm not a mom yet...but as a lover of all things baby- and from my nannying days I can tell you to start him on veggies and veggies only! The minute you put those fruits and sweets in his mouth, the harder it will be to get the veggies in. One of the families I nannied for started the babe on fruits first, and she wouldnt, and still doesnt eat veggies. Start with those...then introduce fruits!

Divo & Bryan said...

I'm a blog stalker SIL of Heather D's and wanted to give you some info. I am on baby #2 and each one is very different indeed. Leyton is now 8.5 months and he started eating solids at 4.5 months. He was not a fan of the cereals and pretty quickly lost interest in pureed baby foods. He loves table foods and only just got his first two teeth this weekend yet has been eating almost exclusively table/finger foods for about 2 months. Their little gums are very strong and he can handle just about anything.

Leyton LOVES: noodles with butter and parmasan or even with sauce, elbows or macaroni are a good size, otherwise cut them a bit smaller if you do others. He also loves turkey meatballs cut into small chunks, and even bites of rotisserie chicken. He likes some flavor to his food and the baby foods are very bland. Leyton is also a fan of blueberries and raspberries, cheerios and puffs, pears peeled and cubed, and also peas. Bread is also a favorite - restaurant breadsticks make for wonderful snacks!

Since he likely won't start with table/finger foods, why not try to blend up some of your dinner so its a chunky puree - he may just want a little texture and flavor!

If all else fails wait until he's interested - when he starts following each bite you put to your mouth with his eyes and reaching for your food then he's ready.

E. Williamson said...

Hey girl... Kyah is 6 months and we have had him eating solids for about a month. I think that it's all about the routine that you have them on and the practice they get. I have been told that Formula as everything they need until they are 1 year old. I assume if Hudson Bear isn't eating solids by then you might want to ask the pedi (though I am certain that he will be eating you out of house and home by then).
We haven't had any problems with Kyah eating solids, but I also make his food. The Gerber stuff was just too bland. I also wanted him to be able to taste the foods that I will eventually be putting in front of him to eat when we al sit down for dinner. That way the tastes wouldn't be THAT different.